Bangkok Weather in July: Climate & Best Activities

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Bangkok is a tourist destination that never seems to get old, no matter how many times you have visited it. The perfect combination of cultural sites, exciting nightlife, delicious foods, and fun activities make Bangkok a great spot for any time of the year. This guide will provide information on Bangkok weather in July for visitors who are interested in traveling during this time of the year.

Characteristics of Bangkok weather in July

The month of July marks the transition into monsoon season and experiences a slight average temperature drop from June. The temperatures range from 26 degrees to 33 degrees Celsius, with 5 hours of sunshine every day. Bangkok's climate in July can be described as hot and humid.

We can see an increase in rainfall towards the end of the month, with short daily showers. The rain is not likely to last all day, and afterward, sunshine is pleasant, which makes July a good month to travel for those who do not mind the humidity of 75%. 

Bangkok weather in July

What to expect in Bangkok in July

In July and any time of the year, there are many indoor activities to discover. Those looking for ways to escape from the heat or the unexpected rainfall can check out our suggestions.

Cooking class

Choose from a variety of Thai cooking classes offered every week for a delightful insight into Thai culture and cuisine. This form of entertainment with a side educational advantage has become more popular among travelers recently, especially for couples. You do not need to know how to cook beforehand to experience a cooking class in Bangkok. At a cooking class, you will be able to learn about world-famous Thai traditional recipes so you can recreate your favorite dishes back home. The classes are usually held around lunchtime, so it is the perfect way to spend time indoors and overcome the early afternoon heat of Bangkok weather in July. Plus, you get to try your hands at every step, learn about ingredients and their alternatives, and finally enjoy a multiple-course Thai meal!

cooking class Bangkok

Take part in a cooking class for an unmatched authentic experience. Source: SO Sofitel Bangkok

Some of the most celebrated ones Bangkok has to offer are Chef LeeZ Cooking Class, Sompong Thai Cooking School, and The Market Experience.

Lumpini Park

A hidden gem in the heart of Bangkok, Lumpini Park is the perfect destination where you can unwind and escape from the bustling streets of the city. This spacious green space might not be a touristic spot, but could be one of the best options considering Bangkok weather in July. Choose to jog around or rent a bike down the Lumpini Path that will showcase Bangkok nature. Locals and tourists also come to this peaceful oasis for a picnic and swan-shaped paddle boats. This park appeals to a diverse demographic of visitors regardless of what they are looking for, so see for yourself the many outdoor leisures Lumpini has to offer!

Lumpini Park Bangkok

The vast Lumpini Park and its surroundings. Source: Hotel Muse Bangkok

Asanha Bucha Day

Asanha Bucha Day is a Buddhist holiday in Thailand that celebrates Buddha's first sermon. Like some other Buddhist festivals and holidays, Asanha Bucha is a day when local people pay a visit to local temples, where evening ceremonies will be held. The selling of alcohol is also prohibited on this national holiday.

Travel tips for Bangkok in July

  • It is recommended to pack an umbrella for convenience, but you can easily buy a cheap umbrella at 7/11 stores all around Bangkok. Also, bring light clothes for the most comfortable and hassle-free day of exploring.
  • A raincoat might not be the best option considering the heat throughout the day, regardless of the rain.

We hope that this guide has provided an insight into Bangkok weather in July and activities that might be interesting to you.

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