Bangkok Weather in June: Climate & Top Things To Do

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June is probably one of the best months to visit Bangkok aside from the peak season. Find out Bangkok weather in June in this guide and check out our suggestions on what to include in your travel itinerary to make the most out of your trip.

Characteristics of Bangkok weather in June

bangkok weather in June

In overall, the weather is hot and humid nationwide, and Bangkok is no exception. The average temperature of the city in June is around 30 degrees Celsius. Bangkok weather in June has gotten more pleasant compared to the past months since it marks the end of the hot season. Compared to November to February period, it is obviously less ideal for traveling, but you can still have a lot of fun.

You should expect some rain now and then, but rain in Bangkok usually comes in short downpours rather than all day long. According to locals and experienced tourists, the morning is the best time for an outdoor adventure as it is often sunny and pleasant. Aside from the rain, the weather is not oppressively hot to the point it may ruin your holiday. So worry no more, June is a great time to go and visit some of the temples and to explore nature around Bangkok.

What to expect in Bangkok in June

Amazing Grand Sale

A trip to Bangkok would not be complete without a shopping spree in one, or many shopping malls around the city. With various complexes and entertainment centers built to cater to the retail therapy needs of locals and tourists, you can find plenty of products to bring home. The annual sales event offers discounts of up to 80%, and various flash sales, an opportunity that should not be missed. The Amazing Grand Sale Thailand runs from mid-June to mid-August, making it the perfect time to travel to Bangkok for shopaholics. Going shopping indoors is also a way to shelter from the unexpected rain of Bangkok weather in June.

bangkok shopping center

Bangkok has more than enough shopping centers. Source: UKRID

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Floating Market

Bangkok weather in June also makes it a suitable time to travel a little further from the city center to one of the many floating markets that contribute to Thailand's tourism industry. Head towards the surrounding areas for a relaxing day of experiencing shopping in a floating market and observing local life. The closest market to Bangkok would be Taling Chan, a subtle, less crowded market than others, that offers a variety of goods at cheap prices. Other options include Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa Market, and more.

Join us on a half-day tour of the most famous floating market in central Thailand!

Travel tips for Bangkok in June

  • You can use your bargaining skills in certain places for a cheaper deal, but remember to keep a friendly and respectful attitude to the sellers. You might end up getting something for only 70-80% of the original price! Keep in mind that the department stores almost always have fixed prices, so bargaining might not work there.
  • Just outside of the shopping malls, there are vendors on the roads that sell clothes, accessories, and even street food. They are worth checking out for those who want to try local products on a budget.
  • Taking Bangkok weather in June into account, it is recommended to bring an umbrella and sun-protective clothing.

Those are some of the tips for you before coming to Bangkok in June. We hope you will find yourself the most suitable time for a trip to Thailand's capital city.

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