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9 Best Beaches in Cambodia [Must-go 2024]

January 03, 2024 - 806 views

While Thailand remains the most popular destination in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has nothing to envy regarding beaches. With over 400 kilometers of coastline, Cambodia's coastal resorts and coastline are full of crystal clear water treasures that will make you dream!

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1. Long Beach, Koh Rong

On Koh Rong Island, reachable by boat in 20 minutes, you will discover almost deserted white sand beaches with turquoise waters of the sea! The seabed will prove to be an incredible richness for scuba diving enthusiasts. These idyllic beaches will be the perfect setting for those who enjoy relaxing and sunbathing. You will walk on the long white sand beaches, watch the fantastic blue sea and enjoy the climate moderated by the surrounding rainforest. Don't forget to pass through a small forest with singing birds all day.

Another strength of Long beach is the affordable service that you only need to walk a short distance from the island's center. Tourism services are pretty developed, with motels and resorts along the coast. You can spend the night there with prices ranging from $20 to $150 depending on the quality of the service. The road leading to Long passes through beautiful resorts such as Paradise Bungalows, White Beach Bungalows, Tree House, and StarFish. At the end of this beach is Pura Vita - a beautiful and top-rated spa in the area that you cannot miss.

Long Beach, Koh Rong

Long Beach coastline 

2. Lonely Beach, Koh Rong

The Lonely Beach is famous on Koh Rong Island thanks to rows of coconut trees and white beaches mixed can see blue sea color to the bottom. All scenes make visitors immerse themselves in a space like a paradise. This place also has many exciting games such as parasailing, sunset cruise, and mermaid dress. At night, it's extremely lively with many bars. Guests often enjoy an excellent music club opening with a fire dance. This beach is supposed as the most beautiful beach in Cambodia.

Lonely Beach is known for its beautiful coral sands, crystal clear waters, and surrounding steep sandy shores. The site is famous for its clear blue water, the cliffs forming the archway, and the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world. It is easy to see dolphins swimming and jumping on the waves, circling the anglers' boats. Not only do you sunbathe on the beach, but they can also go swimming and watch schools of sea turtles.

When sunset falls, the whole sea is adorned with orange-red light on the horizon, making the scene here like a picture of a charming landscape.

Tourists can experience massage services and saunas in many hostels. There are also quality rooms with perfect views: mountains, sea, and garden.

Lonely Beach, Koh Rong

Activities area at Lonely beach

3. Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem

This property is one of the most beautiful places in Cambodia. It is an ideal stay in a quiet and peaceful place. Lazy Beach also offers water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. The area offers you a breathtaking view of the beaches from the private balconies of the traditional wooden bungalows. Shaded by pine trees, locals regularly clean this beach to make the most of its golden sands. Thus, sleeping in Lazy Beach is incredibly quaint and relaxing.

Lazy Beach is the perfect beach if you enjoy water sports or hiking. The waters around the coast have plenty of snorkeling options, and other areas of Koh Rong Samloem are favorites with divers and land fishing enthusiasts. Or, you can watch the deep pink dush from the beach with a tropical cocktail in hand. It is ranked second in the "21 most beautiful beaches globally" National Geographic magazine.

There is an entrance fee for a private beach, but you can treat yourself to a beach bungalow to watch the sunset. Spend a moderate budget to get an unforgettable experience worth a try. 

Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem

The sunbathing area at Lazy beach

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4. Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev

Coral Beach belongs to an unspoiled island. Thus, its extraordinary beauty is still preserved from mass tourism and becomes the perfect embodiment of island paradise. A day in paradise on beaches blessed with fine white sand and deep-sea, making visitors admire coral reefs and many species of tropical fish. Don't miss out on exploring the fantastic rainforest covering almost the entire island, waterfalls, mangroves sheltering an exceptional marine fauna, and its floating fishing villages.

Diving coral at the coast is famous for its journey of discovery for tourists who love to venture into the depths of the sea. It's proper to see coral for a group of teammates to explore together. You will see life below in many colors gradually revealing. Not only is it home to coral species with strange shapes, such as tabletops and deer horns, but also home to many species of small fish. Schools of barracuda seem to swirl around rocks and coral reefs. Blue starfish and brightly colored storks shelter the clownfish swimming below. In addition, there are many other species.

Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev

Overview of Coral Island

5. Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

Cambodia's largest seaside resort, known for its paradise-like beaches, is very popular with travelers looking for a getaway, a change of scenery, and some leisure. Otres Beach is the ideal destination in Cambodia for a summer holiday as the sign of relaxation. The 15 km-long series of beaches testify to the beachfront status of this resort, renamed in 1958 in honor of Norodom Sihanouk, the former king of Cambodia. Unlike the beaches of Serendipity and Ochheuteal are the busiest and liveliest, the beaches of Otres are quieter and more intimate. However, there are a few charming hotels to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

You can try to break out of the ocean's embrace and venture into the land. Besides, you can explore the vibrant local market Phsar Leu, the beautiful Ream National Park, and take a refreshing swim at Kbal Chhay Waterfall. In the evening, don't let the chance of enjoying the sunset over seafood be out of your reach. In Sihanoukville, everything makes your stay a memorable experience.

Otres Beach, SihanoukvilleOtres Beach sunset

6. Koh Tonsay Beach

Half an hour by boat from Kep province is the beautiful beach in Cambodia of Koh Tonsay, also known as Rabbit Island for its shape and not for the presence of rabbits, greets you with pristine and preserved beaches. This place not only captivates people with the enchanting natural scenery with the warm sunshine.

The seaside area possesses beautiful turquoise blue water that captivates anyone. Visitors can participate in swimming tours, skydiving from the high sky for adventurous people. Looking at the colorful coral reefs is also the most popular sport. This place has unique and delicious dishes from pineapple and coconut.

Unaffected by mass tourism, it doesn't have all the amenities, but it is ideal if you want a peaceful stay in nature. Sleep in a chalet, soak your feet in crystal clear water; it will only cost you 8 to 10 dollars per night!

In the evening, you should enjoy Cambodian cuisine. The dishes are often prepared with many ingredients, bringing a mixed flavor in harmony. The taste is challenging to recreate without a recipe.

Koh Tonsay Beach

Koh Tonsay Island

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7. Kep Beach

Once a seaside resort since colonial times, very popular with French settlers and Cambodian society, Kep is a delightful vacation spot to enjoy seaside pleasures. Couple or a peaceful family. Once destroyed by the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot's regime, Kep has regained its former glory and greets you with friendliness while resting on the beach during your travels to Cambodia. Kep is a quiet, human-faced beachfront resort with an idyllic setting between the sea and verdant hills. You'll appreciate the long sandy beach, the lively market where you can enjoy famous crab cooked with your favorite Kampot pepper, and the hotel's service caters to every comfort requirement.

The seaside resort of Kep is a great invitation to leisure as it offers several exciting activities both sea and land facing. The city's dominant national park offers hiking trails through splendid nature and breathtaking viewpoints on the coast. By bike, it's fun to ride in this vast seaside resort to discover vestiges of French presence, temples, and village activity. The sea and sky invite you to admire when the sun goes down, painting shimmering, fanciful colors in the evening.

Kep Beach

Swimming at Kep beach

8. Sabay Beach, Kampot

Kampot is a province known for its fruit and pepper quality. Push a little further, and you will have the opportunity to see Kampot pepper plantations, national pride, salt marshes, and vast rice fields dotted with sugar palm trees. Besides, this province also owns Sabay Beach –the place offers a unique sunset viewing spot. Kampot Beach Resort is free to enter and offers all the amenities you could want on the beach.

You can relax as the palm trees blow in the island breeze close to the water. Head towards the center of one of the major islands, and you can hike through dense rainforests and experience stunning waterfalls. Don't forget to dive in the water and scuba dive near the coral reefs.

Come and try the green pepper cuisine after an afternoon of sunbathing and swimming in this best city to visit in Cambodia!

Sabay Beach, Kampot

Bungalow at Sabay beach, Kampot

9. Saracen Bay

Off the coast of Sihanoukville are countless ocean paradises that you can explore on a day trip or pocket for a few days. Saracen Bay is among these marine treasures, where you can spend precise blue hours lounging on the vast white sand beach. Green leaves and rows of coconut trees reach for a soft shade conducive to a nap. Sounds like heaven, right?

The cuisine is also diverse as cultures of all countries are incorporated into the local cuisine. The main tourist beach creates a lively party atmosphere, with plenty of hotels, bars, and nightclubs. Besides, a bustling entertainment district and an old town steeped in traditional culture is a thing for you.

Saracen Bay

The relaxing area at Saracen Bay

Above is a list of beautiful sea paradises that BestPrice Travel would like to introduce to readers. What could prevent you from thoroughly one of the above paradises to enjoy moments of complete relaxation and a getaway from all the pressure? Seeing the clear blue water, white sand and inhaling every taste of the sea is a beautiful thing!

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