10 Most Beautiful Places in Cambodia [Must See 2024]

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Cambodia is the top travel destination for many travelers because of its tourist attractions, breathtaking coastlines, and beautiful countryside. It is perfectly suited for all types of travelers. If you have had Southeast Asia on your bucket list, it’s highly recommended to jump-start your trip by visiting a country rich in history and authenticity.  

Here are the top 10 Cambodia beautiful places you must see in 2024 for a life-changing experience.

1. Angkor Wat - Best Sunset Moment

Named one of the famous world wonders and heritage sites, Angkor Wat is on the top list of the most beautiful places in Cambodia. Built during the Angkor period, the Angkor Wat is still considered one of the world's biggest buildings. Because of its rich history, Angkor Wat temple is truly a breath-taking must-see attraction. The ancient ruins and archaeological beauty are an inspiring wonder. 

If you are planning to visit this wonderful place, it is recommended that you spend at least three days viewing the Angkorian ruins at sunrise or sunset. It’s the less crowded time when you can feast your eyes on the magnificent landscapes in the glow of the sun. 

There are 3 ticket options which are: the single-day pass, three-day pass or the seven-day pass. We recommend that you get the three-day pass so that you can enjoy the full experience of Angkor Wat. Go for an Angkor Wat discover tour or rent a bike/ Vespa to admire the cultural-historic site of Cambodia.

Beautiful Places In Cambodia - Angkor Wat

The monks are standing next to Angkor Wat's lake

2. Phnom Penh - Beautiful Aerial View 

Loved by many travelers, Phnom Penh is the buzzing capital city of Cambodia. For travelers who love to be in a city full of life and buzz, Phnom Penh is the perfect place to see. It is a fast-developing city with remnants of both French and Asian influences.  

This vibrant city offers a variety of activities, restaurants, temples, hotels, and historical attractions such as museums and the Royal Palace. Additionally, Phnom Penh has a bustling nightlife. If you are looking to have an enjoyable time on your holiday, Phnom Penh is exactly a beautiful place in Cambodia you want to explore. 

Beautiful Places In Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh at night

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3. Koh Rong Samloem - Amazing Sunset Beach

If you are a sunrise and sunset enthusiast, be sure to check out Koh Rong Samloem island. With breathtaking views and mesmerizing beaches, Koh Rong can be both a tranquil place or conversely it can be a vibrant place for tourists who want to experience the spirited nightlife and bars.  

Koh Rong is home to the world's most picturesque sandy beaches and coastlines, decorated with beautiful resorts that offer a true getaway experience. There are ample activities on the island, such as boating trips and scuba diving. Definitely worth a visit to this most beautiful place in Cambodia. 

Koh Rong Samloem - Cambodia beautiful places

Koh Rong Samloem Overview

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4. Cardamom Mountains - Wonderful Exploration

In ancient times, the trees and flora of the Cardamom Mountains were believed to be sacred. The natives believed that the forest had some angelic presence, so they dared not cut a single tree. This led to decades of the forest being protected and preserved, allowing it to blossom into the Cardamom Mountains we know today. Decades later, the consensus of its sacrosanctity may be lost with the times but the importance of preserving the mountains' beauty remains.  

The Cardamom Mountains are known to be the largest rainforest in Southeast Asia. Home to over 54 endangered species, it is the largest protected rainforest in Southeast Asia.  Visiting the Cardamom Mountains makes for an enthralling adventure, giving the chance to see some of the globally significant wildlife, hike through the mountains, or even explore the waterfalls.  

Cardamom Mountains - Most beautiful places in Cambodia

Cardamom Mountains Trekking

5. Phnom Sampeau - Unique Beauty of Khmer Temples

Phnom Sampeau is the perfect Cambodia must-see because it is a hill that has a slew of activities. The first attraction we would recommend you check out is the bat cave at the bottom of the hill. It is known for its massive display of bats flying around the cave. It makes for an enchanting and mesmerizing site.  

Just halfway to the summit, you can experience the humbling and somber history of Cambodia by visiting the killing caves of Phnom Samper. It is a memorial that displays the human bones and skulls of the victims who died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. When you reach the summit, you will be greeted by striking views of temples and nature. The views are truly breathtaking.  

Cave Of Phnom Sampeau - beautiful place in Cambodia

A tourism group is exploring a cave in Phnom Sampeau

6. Bokor Mountain - Incredible View across Vietnamese Island

Bokor Mountain is popular among Cambodia's beautiful places because of its captivating views. It was originally developed into a resort for the French elite in 1921 but stands as a protected national park today.

Popularly known as Cambodia's alluring national park, Bokor Mountain spans around 1,423 square kilometers. Tourists flock to see the Boko palace, abandoned villas, and places of worship. Visitors have the option to walk around and explore, take the minibus tours, take an organized bike tour, or rent a motorbike. We would recommend you hire a Vespa to enjoy the windy roads of the mountain and take in the views of the waterfalls, temples, and old monuments.    

Bokor Mountain cambodia must see

Buddha on Bokor Mountain

7. Kep National Park - Beautiful Tropical Jungles 

Kep National Park provides visitors with a wide variety of options to choose from. Prevalently, travelers visit the park in anticipation of delighting in crabs and relaxing on beautiful beaches.  

Beyond dining and relaxing, visitors can choose to enjoy the serene nature by hiking the trails. What could be more tranquil than seeing some wildlife inhabitants on your hike? A definite highlight when visiting this must-visit place in Cambodia is Sunset Rock, the scenery and breath-taking views make for a mesmerizing sunset view. Among the best places to visit in Cambodia, Kep and its national park offer a thrilling experience to an off-the-beaten-path part of the country. 

Kep National Park - must visit places in Cambodia

A traveler enjoys breathing fresh air in Kep National Park (credit @travelkiteadventures)

8. Preah Vihear Temple - Captivating Hindu Architecture

Much of the beauty of Cambodia comes from the allure of temples and their beautiful architecture, one of which is the Preah Vihear Temple.  

The Preah Vihear Temple is an ancient Hindu temple that was built during the Khmer era in dedication to the Hindu god Shiva. Built in the 11th and 12th centuries, this temple was one of the most sacred homes for the Khmer Empire. It lies just a few kilometers from the Thai border and has been kept in good condition. These ancient ruins are appealing things to see in Cambodia.  

Preah Vihear Temple things to see in cambodia

Children are visiting Preah Vihear Temple to learn about Cambodia's history

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9. Mondulkiri - Adorable Elephants Camp

Mondulkiri, a province on the northeast side of Cambodia, is home to amazing projects that help save, preserve, and keep Cambodian elephants safe. If you want to find yourself hanging out with some sweet elephants while giving to a worthy cause, we would highly recommend you visit the elephants in Mondulkiri.

The organizations are NGOs run by volunteers focused on helping rescued elephants who are ill, have some form of injuries or deformities, and have experienced traumatic abuse in their past lives. These NGOs focus on giving these gentle giants a haven to live out the rest of their lives.  

Your visit and donations to these sanctuaries go towards keeping the elephants safe and well looked after. A visit to Mondulkırı is a humbling and life-changing act. It is a place where you get to swim, play, and hang out with elephants while helping a worthy cause. A definite must-see. 

Mondulkiri Elephant Camp - places to see in cambodia

Playing With Elephant In Mondulkiri Waterfall (credit: @Backpackerstory)

10. Kirirom National Park - Mesmerizing Pine Forests

Kirirom National Park can arguably be said to be one of the most beautiful places in Cambodia. This stunning mountain resort is located in the Kampong Speu province. What makes Kırırom special is the unique pine tree forest. There are endless activities to keep you busy while visiting the national park, such as kayaking, boat rides, hiking, or even birdwatching.

Kirirom National Park - beautiful places in Cambodia

A traveler is sightseeing the green Kirirom National Park (credit: @karabaevkairat)

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