Cap La Area

Cap La area is famous for Cap La fishing village and Cap La cave.

Ha Long Bay has 4 floating villages and Cap La is the smallest one. There are 80 families with about 200 residents living in the village. They live on fishing and aquaculture. The floating houses are tied together and the image of fishermen at work are the reason why tourists are interested in visiting this area. The fishermen only pay attention on the sea and ignore all the eyes of tourists. The locals have hard living condition, they are difficult to reach the education, healthcare, clear water, etc. Children only go to school until 12 years old, then they will become fishermen like their parents. Therefore, the government decided to support them moving to the mainland for a better life.

Cap La

Cap La

Located on Cong Do island, Cap La cave is considered to be one of the most beautiful and newest caves in this area. The cave is about 150 m in length, divided into 4 areas, 2 gates 5 m apart. In the cave, the system of stalagmites is very diverse and unique. There are some stalactites like pillars against arches of the cave; many blocks of stalactites look like clouds, waterfalls, streams, etc. The cave walls look like reliefs with fancy color such as: golden brown, bright white ... Large stalagmite system with many different shapes such as bell shape, rod shape, vivid comb shape, separating between areas. Especially, there are a small stream with cool and clear water inside the cave.

Cap La Cave

Cap La Cave

It is recommended for tourists to travel by boat or book a tourism cruise to take a look of this area. You can look for Ha Long Bay Cruise tours from travel agency as a preferred option.


Trip that visit Cap La Area

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Renea Cruise 2 Days 1 Night
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Renea Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights
Renea Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights
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If we travel by boat to Cap La island, how far on a kayak is the beach ? Is it suitable for someone who is not easy on the water ?


Normally the ride of kayak is about 45 min - 1 hour so it depend on your need to make a decision

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