Chatomok River Phnom Penh

Known as the "Four faces" because of its location at the four-branched confluence of the Mekong River. The chatomok river is a riverine crossroads in the heart of Cambodia.

Chatomok RiverChatomok RiverChaktomuk RiverChaktomuk RiverChaktomuk River

The river flows through Phnom Penh capital where located at the flow of the Mekong, Bassac and Tonle Sap rivers forming four-branched confluence. Therefore, there was a timw when the capital was called Krong Chaktomuk with the officially name "Chaktomuk Mongkol Sakal Kampuchea Thipadei Sereythor Inthabot Borei Roth Reach Seima Maha Nokor" named by King Ponhea Yat bestowed on this town, meaning "The Four - Faces Town". In fact, the Tonle Sap river flows into the Chatomok and the Bassac river flows out of the Chatomok to Vietnam. During the wet season, the Tonle Sap river flows away from the Chatomok and carries water from the Mekong river to the Tonle Sap lake or the Great lake which is located northwest of Phnom Penh.

 Chatomok River

Chatomok River


As the researches, the confluence of those rivers is ecologically and economically important to Cambodia. It serves as the primary source of drinking water for Phnom Penh's citizens as well as a water supply for many industrial and commercial uses. Otherwise, the Chatomok river serves as a transportation hub for the region, there are cargo ships, high - speed passenger boats or small river - fishing boats can dock and transfer goods, people,.. at Phnom Penh Autonomous Port which is an international port of Cambodia.

Every year, the Boat Racing Festival orr Bom Om Touk Festival will be held in several places in the whole country and on the Chatomok River is not exception. The festival is held at the right time when the Mekong river begins its dry cycle. Although there are many places where boat racing festivals are held but the most concentrated is being held in the capital Phnom Penh on the Chatomok River, right in front of the Royal Palace.

 Cruise in Chatomok River

Chatomok River


Watching sunset on the Chatomok River will be an amazing experience for tourists. You will enjoy the special end of the day on the wooden boat, in an hour to watch the beauty of Phnom Penh capital when the night is rising and listening to fishermen's life when the sun is going down towards the end of the horizon. Taking a boat floating on the river, you will observe the scenery of the both two sides of this city, catch the fresh air and cool and relaxed on the immense river. In addition, if visitors love an appointment on the river, you should reserve in advance then immerse yourself with the melody and sound of traditional instruments unique Khmer people served right on the boat.

Dozens of large and small boats serve an interesting journey on Chatokmok River. Usually the boat will leave at 17:30 and return at 19:30, each trip lasts between 1 hour to 2 hours 30 minutes. The fares fluctuate for foreingers from 6 USD.

Chatomok River Map

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