Da Lat Weather in December: Temperature & Things to Do

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Dalat, one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam, is an ideal destination for couples or anyone who wants to escape the busy city life. Not only beloved for the romantic vibe, but the city is also really famous for its chilling weather, and if you are planning to come to Dalat in December, let’s see how the Da Lat weather is during that month.

Dalat weather in December

December is known as one of the best months to visit Da Lat. In this month, the average minimum temperature (usually measured during the night) in Da Lat is 13°C (55.4°F). With an average of 36mm of rain, the amount of rain is normal (1.4in). During the day, temperatures will be very pleasant. The maximum daytime temperature is usually around 21.0°C (69.8°F). If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and love the sun, now is a great time to visit Da Lat, which has 211 hours of sunlight.

Min Temperature

Max Temperature

Chance of Rain



Rainy Days

Sunshine Hours

13 °C

21 °C




5 days

211 hours


Da Lat weather December

Pros: the weather is really supportive of travelling. December in Dalat is the time when the rainy season is over, and the cold air of winter makes the city is covered by thick fog all the time. During this time, not only is the scenery of Dalat stunning, but the food seems to become more delicious also. 

Cons: As everything is so perfect for travelling to Dalat in December, it must be very crowded. The peak season of travelling in Dalat makes all services more expensive, and things seem to run out really quickly. You have to book for transportations, accommodations and other services far in advance to make sure things are on schedule. You also need to be aware that all famous restaurants and attractions will be touristy, and you can hardly take pictures of the places without people getting in your shot.


Things to do in Dalat in December

The pleasant weather in December makes it really perfect for all outdoor activities you can think of when coming here. Let's see some best things to do in Da Lat below.


Go cycling in the early morning of Dalat in December, immersing yourself in the thick and chilling fog makes the cycling morning unforgettable. Low rainfall, high humidity and pleasant temperature make the city look so mysterious in the thick mist. Try your muscle by rolling up hills, and enjoy the excitement of slipping down hills together with the miraculous view and fresh, cold air of Dalat is the best of the best exercises we would recommend you to do in this city.



Atlanta, Elephant and Pongour waterfalls are all perfect for hiking and discovering the wild nature of Dalat. In December, Dalat weather is dry and cool, the sun shines all around and the wind is breezy. All of these factors are far enough to pull you out of the city and make an adventure into the stunning jungle of Dalat for a hike.

Hiking & Camping in Da Lat



Cool weather, blue sky, yellow sun and fascinating view makes people want to party. And nothing is better than a Barbeque party in the middle of the woods, on a rooftop of a random hotel, or in the yard of an uphill homestay of the romantic city. Enjoying food with the fire warms you up in the cold weather, and such an alluring view of Dalat makes it much more delicious.



Imagine you wake up in the middle of the pine forest, surrounded by cold, thick mist and a majestic view of the Dalat city. It's so wonderful. That’s the reason why Camping is always one of the most tourists' favourite things to do. If you are seeking some romantic thing to do with your beloved, a camping trip with a barbeque party is absolutely recommended.


Outdoor sports

Mild temperature, dry weather, long hours of sunshine and a great nature are everything we need to do fascinating outdoor activities like trekking, rafting, ziplining… At different times of the year, Dalat brings different vibes and atmospheres, and all of them are great. That makes tourists just want to come back again and again, making adventures to discover this romantic but enormous city.


Events & festival

December is the time of the Flower Festival in Dalat. Generally held in December and lasted for 5 days, the festival will present different themes each year. On this special occasion, Dalat will be decorated more brightly than ever before with colourful flowers from the plateau city. 

Hundreds of stunning miniature landscapes, flower baskets, and attractive plants will be strategically organized around significant tourist attractions and main roadways, such as Xuan Huong Lake, Prenn Falls, and Le Dai Hanh Flower Street - Ong Dao Bridge. In a nutshell, December is the best time to enjoy the splendid beauty of the sunny and windy central highlands city full of colourful flowers.

Dalat Flower festival


Tips for travelling Dalat in December

  • Pack both warm and casual clothes for different times of the day, as the temperature change between day and night is quite remarkable.
  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses as even when it’s cold, it’s still very sunny during the day.
  • Book tours, transportations and accommodation at least 2 weeks in advance as December is the peak season of Dalat travel.
  • In the peak season, buying a Da Lat tour package is sometimes cheaper than booking every single service yourself, considering it to have a reasonable budget trip. And don’t forget to contact BestPrice Travel if you care for any tours or services.
  • If you want to visit famous places, or do some interesting activities but don’t want to get stuck in the crowd, do everything very early, should be right at the opening hour.
  • Try Dalat street food and cuisine as much as possible, the weather of Dalat in December makes everything you eat much more delicious.

December can be considered one of the best times to visit Dalat. If you are planning to come at this time, just go because not every time Dalat is that nice, and the Flower Festival is not taking place every month in this highland city.

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