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Dau Go Cave Halong Bay

Looking for a great cave journey? Dau Go Cave is definitely worth your stop. Belongs to the karst form in the limestone massif, this cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay with its unspoiled beauty, associated with ancient legends in the heroic history of the nation.

About Dau Go Cave

  • Location: Dau Go Island, about 6km from Bai Chay, Ha Long and 3km from Tuan Chau Island
  • Area: 5000m2
  • Above sea water level: 27m

Dau Go Cave Halong Bay

Dau Go Cave Halong Bay

Dau Go cave was formed about 2 million years ago at the same time as Thien Cung cave, as an ancient architectural complex with an area of ​​about 5000m2 with a cave opening 17m wide and 12m high.

Compared to other caves on the bay, Dau Go is favored by nature with rich flora and fauna and massive and majestic architecture. When French travelers first discovered the cave in the 19th century, they named it "Grotte des Marveilles", which translates to "Cave of Wonders."


Legend of Dau Go Cave

The first legend tells that this cave was the place where spear-shaped woodpiles were hidden by Vietnam soldiers to build a battlefield and destroy Mongol ships during the war against their invasion in the 13th Century. Hence the name Hidden Wood (Giau Go). Later, people misread it as Wood Head (Dau Go) as the cave is called nowadays.

The second legend tells that the name of Dau Go cave originates from the story of the Dau Go island range - the place to avoid storms of native people. So they take the island's name for convenience in calling the cave.

The entrance to the cave

The entrance to the cave

The third legend explains that in front of Dau Go cave, there is a series of bow-shaped islands. This creates an airtight area, allowing fishermen to shelter from storms. During their stay here, they repaired their boats, so many wood samples remained, the name Dau Go also formed from this incident.


Why choose Dau Go Cave?

Dau Go Cave exudes natural and quiet beauty with many small stone pillars, stalagmites, soaring as if reaching the blue sky... Due to the wide opening of the cave, high humidity, plus the influence of sunlight, it is possible to immediately see the diverse development of flora, especially mosses, ferns,... This is a distinctive feature compared to many other caves in Ha Long Bay.

Breathtaking view inside

Stunning scenery inside the cave

From outside, the cave’s gate is filled with an emerald hue with the shape of a jellyfish. This entrance looks like a mysterious waterfall but with hundreds of stalactites instead of water. With the support of colored lights, a gorgeous and lively world of stalactites and stalagmites will expose to your eyes.

The cave is divided into three main areas:

  • The first area: You may find a system of stalactites with various images such as lions, pythons, cocks, etc. 
  • The second area: is described as a spectacular clearly depicted picture of rocky islands jutting out from the waves.
  • The third area: Visitors will be surprised by the sudden expansion of the cave with giant stone pillars. There is also a well of fresh water at the end of the cave.

In 1918, King Khai Dinh visited Dau Go cave. Amazed by its beauty, he once wrote a poem praising it and engraved it on the left side of the cave. So much to see in such a cave, isn’t it?


How to get to Dau Go Cave

The best time to visit Dau Go is from April to October for the best dry time and good weather. There are many tour cruises that include this cave in the itinerary. You can look for Top Halong Bay Cruise by BestPrice Travel as a preferred option.

Travel to Dau Go Cave

Travel to Dau Go Cave

The second way: you can travel about 13km from the city center to Tuan Chau Island ferry station (around 17 minutes by car). At the wharf, you can rent a boat to visit the cave along route 1 Ha Long (the route with Dau Go cave) with a ticket price of 11$/person.


Travel Tips

Thorough preparation before the trip to Dau Go Cave will help you have a more complete experience. Here are some tips for visitors when coming to this area: 

  • Because the cave is very large and humid, remember to bring water and apply mosquito repellent.
  • Prepare light, comfortable clothing and shoes to easily move in complex areas.
  • You should not touch the artifacts, do not litter indiscriminately to protect the natural landscape of the cave.
  • Fully charge your camera and phone batteries to capture beautiful moments!

Dau Go Cave Map

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