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Dinh Cau Temple Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau is the most sacred destination associated with many legends handed down by fishermen. It is also famous for its architectural design located next to the coast on a cliff. Let's discover this temple with us in the article below.

Dinh Cau Temple is located 200m west of Duong Dong Town. It is one of the most famous spiritual attractions in Phu Quoc. Dinh Cau Temple lies on a cliff facing the sea. To visit this temple you need to step through 29 stone steps.

History of Dinh Cau Temple

According to locals, Dinh Cau was built a long time from the 17th century. People said that when the first inhabitants settled on the island, many people did not return when they met the big waves on the sea. Suddenly they saw a rock emerge out at the mouth of the sea then they could go ashore. They thought that stone is sacred and started to build a temple to pray for protection from sea disasters. After that every trip out of the sea they would meet calm waves & sea.

Dinh Cau Temple has long history since 17th Century

Dinh Cau Temple has a long history since 17th Century


Dinh Cau Temple architecture

Dinh Cau's architecture is not too sophisticated. However, its outstanding color combination with the location makes it look like a fortress protected by rocky beaches, mountains, and sea.

Dinh Cau Temple was designed following a neoclassical style, built-in modern and solid materials. It has North Vietnam's temple architecture with the red tile roof layer, the pillar gate with boat-shaped curved eaves, and a picture of "two dragons worshiping the moon" on the roof. Coming inside you will be amazed by impressive decoration, clean ceramic tiles in the front porch, vivid flowers, and couplets on the wall.

Dinh Cau Temple architecture

Dinh Cau Temple architecture


Best time to visit Dinh Cau Temple

You can visit Dinh Cau Temple at any time of year. However, the most beautiful time to visit here is between November to March or April to June when the weather in Phu Quoc is the most pleasant with sunny, no storms, cool temperatures. You should visit Dinh Cau at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the romantic scene with the beautiful sky reflected on the calm sea. Let's plan to visit it now.

Best time to visit Dinh Cau Temple

Best time to visit Dinh Cau Temple


Travel tips when visiting Dinh Cau

  • Opening time: 7:00 AM - 20:30 PM so you should plan a suitable trip.
  • Pay attention to your dress, it should be neatly, politely, and comply with the regulations at the temple.
  • Pay attention to temple rules: no filming or taking picture insides, do not throw rubbish in common areas.

You have read all the details regarding Dinh Cau Temple in Phu Quoc. To visit this temple you should plan a trip now with a suitable itinerary and hotel stay. Let's visit our Phu Quoc package tours page to find a suitable one.

Dinh Cau Temple Map

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