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Hanoi Airport Shuttle Bus: Schedules & Prices

January 12, 2022 - 4371 views

Methods of transportation are prime, conclusive of bags and baggage and other essentials for tours. Especially, when one travels abroad, he takes an interest in which will be the best means of traveling. Bus has been prevailing in recent years because of its outstanding reasons. If you are a big fan of new technology, then writing on the Hanoi airport shuttle bus will be definitely informative so that you can make a perfect trip plan.

Hanoi airport shuttle bus types

If tourists are on tour in a new country, every one of them desires to find a safe and convenient accommodation when their flight gets off. Nowadays, many foreign visitors indulge in making their tour by shuttle bus for some reasons. Shuttle buses connect with famous airlines to meet the travel demand of customers. They won’t have to wait for hours to catch a train or take a taxi. They only take a seat in a terminal to get on a shuttle bus instead of finding any taxi drivers somewhere. Besides, traveling by this means of transportation can minimize traffic jams during rush hour.

Passengers will have multiple choices to pick up their favorite bus types, such as the Vietnam Airline shuttle bus, Vietjet shuttle bus, or Jetstar shuttle bus Hanoi. These briefs will help you know exactly about Hanoi airport bus:

Vietnam Airlines shuttle bus Hanoi

Vietnam Airlines shuttle bus offers passengers comfortable seats as well as reasonable bus passes. This type of bus will bring passengers some benefits. The fare may be cheaper than the others. The bus offers a large space with 16 seats and state-of-the-art devices as well. Additionally, all staff is helpful and cordial.

Vietnam airline airport shuttle bus

Vietnam airline airport shuttle bus


Vietjet shuttle bus Hanoi

Like the Vietnam Airline shuttle bus, tourists complete a tour by Vietjet shuttle bus if they don’t take a seat on its flight. A bus will pick passengers up at 69 Tran Nhan Tong Street or 180 Pham Van Dong Street. They will find it exciting to experience impressive moments in the state-of-the-art city.

The bus starts from .5:00 am to 9:00 pm at a reasonable price, only 40.000VND/way. Like the Vietnam Airline shuttle bus, it also provides a nice space, along with a series of modern technologies.

Hanoi Airport shuttle bus operate by Vietjet

Hanoi Airport shuttle bus operate by Vietjet


Jetstar shuttle bus Hanoi

Only when you are passengers on a Jetstar flight can you travel by its shuttle bus? If you intend to behold landscapes around Hoan Kiem Lake, then this type of bus will be your number one choice. Jetstar shuttle bus gets into the Old Quarter, where visitors can contemplate ranges of ancient houses side by side.

The fare is affordable for all range passengers, just 40.000VNd for the whole trip. The bus can contain 45 passengers per way, however, only when it is packed with people does it run. Hence, you should consider carefully before making a plan.


Hanoi shuttle bus schedule and price

In general, all mentioned types of bus fare is reasonable for all passengers for long routes in the city. It is obviously cheaper than taxi or train because a visitor only pays for the whole trip. In addition, Hanoi buses to the airport can give one a hand to save his time and seem safer than the rest of the means of traveling.

The following board will detail the schedule and price of every Hanoi airport shuttle bus:

Types of bus



Parking slot

Vietnam Airline

Departure: From 4:00 am to 9:00 pm

Running hour: 30-40 minutes/trip

40,000 VND/way

No1 Quang Trung Hoan Kiem, Hanoi/In front of No11Gate in Noi Bai


Departure: From 4:00 am to 9:00 pm

Running hour: 30-40 minutes/trip

40,000 VND/way

National Circus at 67-69 Tran Nhan Tong/In front of No 11 Gate in Noi Bai


Departure: From 4:00 am to 9:00 pm

Running hours: 30-40 minutes/trip

40,000 VND/way

206 Tran Quang Khai, Hanoi/In front of No 1 Gate in Noi Bai


Hanoi airport shuttle bus

Hanoi airport shuttle bus


Local tips for transferring by shuttle bus to Hanoi airport

Transfer by shuttle bus to Hanoi airport is merely a piece of cake because of its bulk amount. Thanks to the development of applications and devices, customers have access to smart apps, including an app for searching shuttle buses.

Shuttle bus app helps tourists navigate their ways to make sure that they will enjoy a safe and sound trip. Additionally, Hanoi shuttle buses always park at terminal 1 (arrivals, first level, Hall C, and E) and terminal 2 (arrivals, first level, west wing, and east wing).

  • You should pay more attention to their schedule as well as route to avoid your trip will be on time
  • Determine where you and your beloved people would go
  • You had better check whether your bag and baggage is full of things which you need for a whole tour
  • The camera is an important item for your enjoyment on your tour
  • You should insert “Hanoi airport shuttle bus” on your smartphone
  • You had better focus on the weather forecast to make sure that your trip will be perfect
  • Choose the right clothes with you and your beloved family members as well
  • Make a tour with family members or groups of people share an enjoyment

Bus in general and Hanoi bus to the airport in specific have contributed partly to industrialization and modernization. Traveling by this means of vehicle can narrow tourists' plans for their trips. Your tour will be more wonderful if you choose a shuttle bus and explore the charming and elegant Capital. Please contact us via our website: if you want to know more about further information.

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