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Hanoi Airport Taxi: Complete Guide to Book a Right One

June 20, 2022 - 2799 views

When traveling to any tourist attraction, means of transportation plays a crucial role, exclusive of accommodation, bag and baggage, and many more. Sometimes one finds it a little bit tricky to choose the best methods of vehicle for his whole tour because they vary greatly from brand and price as well. There is no doubt that every avid traveler desires to rent a high-quality scooter, for example, in their hopes of enjoying content trips. Don’t miss this writing on Hanoi airport taxi which may help you plan your journey well.

When you get off the plane, you usually find a vehicle that is readily available and convenient to get you into the city center. There are a variety of means of transportation to move to the city center from Noi Bai airport such as buses, taxis, even motorbikes. However, buses or motorbikes have their own inconveniences. The bus is a type of public transport, there are many passengers traveling every day, causing crowds and crowds as well as potential risks of epidemics. 

Motorbikes are not very feasible because the distance from Noi Bai airport to the city center is far, as well as motorcycles can hardly carry all your luggage. Therefore, the airport taxi is the optimal solution for you when you want to move from Noi Bai airport to the city center.

Noi Bai Airport is about 30km from the center of Hanoi. Travel time from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi city center is about 40 - 50 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle and the route. There are three directions from the airport to the center of the capital: the direction of Nhat Tan bridge, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Thang Long bridge, or Highway 3 leading from Chuong Duong bridge to the intersection with Highway 2 to Noi Bai airport. In which, going in the direction of Nhat Tan bridge is the fastest, only about 26km. 

Hanoi airport taxi

Hanoi airport taxi


Hanoi airport taxi types & brands

Normally, taxis will be parked in a designated area within an airport. After a long flight journey, once you get off the plane, you will easily catch a taxi outside the parking area. Generally, taxis in Hanoi are divided into 2 types of 4 seats (suitable for solo or couple travelers) and 7 seats (suitable for a family of 3, 4 persons). Depending on the number of people and luggage, you should choose a suitable kind of taxi. There are a variety of car brands for you to choose such as Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Honda, Limousine with many car segments from popular to high-end for you to choose from.

There are several private taxi companies doing business at Noi Bai airport for you to choose from such as G7, Mai Linh, Airport Taxi, Taxi Group with an unlimited number of routes per day.

Hanoi Airport taxi

Hanoi Airport taxi


Hanoi airport taxi fare

Book an airport shuttle taxi for the best convenience for you to pick up your loved one. Not everyone can drive themselves to the airport to pick up their loved ones, while passenger cars and buses are quite troublesome and time-consuming, and traditional taxis or grabs are quite expensive.

That is why the airport shuttle service of Noibai taxi is being chosen by many customers because of its economy and prestige. NoiBai Taxi is a new transport service provider, helping passengers easily book a luxury car - bargain prices on routes moving around the city, between bus stations, Hanoi to Noi Bai, Noi Bai to the provinces or rent a private car under a contract.

We rent a car with a driver or rent a family car on a tight contract that benefits our customers. NoiBai Taxi operates with the criteria of a bargain luxury car - The cheapest price in the market - Commitment to the private car - Punctual transportation - Polite driver - drive safely.

Hanoi airport taxi fare


Average taxi fare from Noi Bai airport to the city center you can refer below:

Drop off places

Distance from Noi Bai Taxi


Hoan Kiem Lake or Hanoi Old quarter

27 km

300,000 - 350,000 VND

Temple of literature (Dong Da Distric)

29 km

350,000 VND

West Lake

24 km

250,000 - 300,000 VND

My Dinh District

26 km

300,000 - 350,000 VND


Tips to travel by Hanoi airport taxi

As mentioned, a taxi is one of the perfect methods of transportation to make a Hanoi tour. Your trip may be beyond your wildest dreams if you know several tips. Google map app, as well as taxi one, are must-have things on your smartphone. Determining where you will go is primarily to navigate your route in case that you reach a tourist destination late.

Transfer to Hanoi airport by taxi

Transfer to Hanoi airport by taxi

Taxi is only your number one choice if you are not carsick or else it will adversely affect your health and make you under the weather. Price plays an important role in purchasing something and taxi fare is no exception. Make sure that you know exactly the price of each and every taxi brand to avoid inevitable troubles.

  • Prepare well your bag and baggage
  • Make sure that you bring enough essentials and indispensable things for a whole tour
  • Do not bring cumbersome things which a taxi may not allow
  • Try your best to depart early to avoid overcrowding and noise
  • Pick up night clothes and garments that fit seasons
  • Take a raincoat or umbrella with you in case that it might rain spontaneously
  • Bring with you a map which can give you a hand to find the way sometimes
  • Determine where would you go so that you can make a trip plan well
  • Don’t forget personal items such as passport or visa in case of necessary   ·       
  • Determine the price in case of being imposed

Not only is Hanoi well known for places of interest in the inner city, but also in the suburbs. Hence, the Hanoi airport taxi will give tourists a chance to fully enjoy your Hanoi tour with your beloved people. If you want to know more information on this means of transportation, don’t hesitate to contact us via this website:

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