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For those who visit Hanoi with a genuine desire to have a grasp of the city’s culture, Ha Noi Old Quarter is a must-visit spot that you definitely should not miss.

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Despite rapid development of a developing country’s capital, which results in constant changes everyday, Ha Noi Old Quarter remains its ancient beauty but with dynamic lifestyle. Most streets in the Old Quarter was named after each street’s original businesses dating back about 1,000 years ago. Isn’t it sound like a dream of tradition lovers?

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter

1. Architecture

This spot is ideal for travellers who are looking for rare sense of timelessness experience. Seeming to nostalgically resist time rules, the old-styled streets are full of antique brick houses. The Old Quarter still offers true local lifestyle, trying to adapt to the dynamic atmosphere that a modern city should offer, but in the ancient narrow street instead of buildings.

2. Activities

  • Shopping: The area was once as busy as a market district, where merchans or artisans gathered organizationally to sell their products. Hanoi Old Quarter is consited of meadering streets, which each bears of the goods that was specically traded. These are such as Hang Bac street (selling Silver products), Hang Ma (selling Paper products), Hang Go (selling Wooden products), etc. The name and some businesses remain the same, however, the area has turned to a tourism spot for travellers rather than a true market place once it were. If you are into immersing yourself in local shopping, Dong Xuan Market is located just right in the Old Quarter area for your desire.

Product selling in old Quarter

Product selling in old Quarter

  • Visiting the unique historical vestige, travellers will get lost in a whole different world in comparison with the rest of the capital. You are invited to explore the life of a dynamic market from hundred years ago, in which there aren’t any tall buildings, densed traffic or fancy decorated stores. Everything gets simplier, smaller in the Old Quarter, from the stores to the streets, but not at all less lively and vigorous.

Old House

Old House

  • Wandering around the area can’t never be boring. There are many interesting activities for you to try once. As a prevalently Buddhist country, there are some unique architectured temples and pagodas to visit, which of each comes along a legandary story behind. Through the stories, visitors can not only understand about religious belief but also the local people’s values. 
  • Water puppet show in Thang Long theater a fascinating combination of different kinds of traditional arts, from orchestra played from traditional instruments to the art of controlling colorful wooden puppers dancing on water surface, which can never be found anywhere else on Earth. The show is absolutely top priority for foreign tourists to blow your mind away. Just make sure you book your seats via trustd agents or buy tickets as soon as possible for good views and experience.
  • Try the amazing street food: Unlike other busy streets outside the Quarter’s area, the inside food vendors actually offer tourists or even locals high quality local street food with affordable prices. However, bargaining shall help foreigners pay fair price since the vendors often mark the price up a bit in comparison with selling to locals. After wandering around, you might want to rest a bit with cold beer in hand. Then go straight to Ta Hien street, where there are a crowded area selling Beer Hoi (a kind of homemade beer). Regardless of lacking tables, all the beer-lovers, from tourists to packbakers or locals, sit on small plastic chairs packed on street sidewalk to enjoy the buzzy atmosphere, feeling as if all came from the place, a true part of this vibrant city.

Trying Street Food

Hanoi Street Food

Unlike the old vibe inside the area, there are actually multi ways to travel to and around Hanoi Old Quarter. The Quarter is about 45 minutes car ride from the Airport. If you’d prefer travel by train, keep in my that Hanoi Train Station is 20 minutes walking from anywhere in the Old Quarter. Booking taxi a the fasest way to get to the place, but you will need to walk around the quarter to enjoy true local vibe. Tourists often choose cyclos as an enjoyable way to slowly swallow in the beauty of the Quarter. Several electic cars also run tours around the Old Quarter. Either way, you should ask and agree on the price before setting to jump in.

Hanoi Old Quarter Map

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