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Hanoi Spring: Season of Festival & Flowers

March 29, 2021 - 968 views

Hanoi is a civilized capital with ancient relics, lyrical natural landscapes, and quintessential and unique cuisine. If you have been to Hanoi once, come back when Spring drops in! Hanoi tourism, with many other attractions, is waiting for you to explore! The text below will show you something new about Hanoi! Let's find out about Hanoi Spring: Season of Festival & Flowers!

Hanoi Spring Weather Overview

Hanoi weather in Spring usually lasts from February to April with an average temperature between 15°C - 25°C. The most distinguished feature of Spring in Hanoi is probably the drizzling rains everywhere. The climate is clear, chilly, and gets warmer after the Lunar New Year Holiday. The climate is quite erratic - cold in the morning and at night, but warm at noon.

If you prefer the weather not too cold and not too hot, more dry let's try to travel to Hanoi end of spring about the end of March and early April. Let's see how the temperature comes in each month of spring.

Month Lowest temperature Highest temperature Everage rainfall
Feb 15°C 25°C 26.2 mm
Mar 20°C 30°C 50.5 mm
Apr 25°C 33°C 90.1 mm


Hanoi Spring with dizzily

Hanoi Spring with dizzily


Special festival & flower season in Hanoi Spring

Not only is the season of a multitude of flowers, but Spring in Hanoi is also the season of many festivals. Every year, Spring comes, people all over the country flock to the Capital to participate in famous festivals. Let's see what we've got for you!

Lunar New Year Holiday - the biggest festival in Vietnam

Have you ever celebrated the Lunar New Year Holiday in the Capital of Vietnam? If not, let's get the convergence of the Vietnamese cultural quintessence by hanging out. Whenever the Lunar New Year comes, interesting activities will immerse you in the extremely bustling atmosphere of artistic shows such as firework illustration. Welcoming New Year's Eve on the pedestrian streets is a chance to meet different people from all around the world as Vietnamese and foreigners also happily experience the extraordinary space.

One place that you shouldn't miss is the Spring Fairs - traditional fiestas of Hanoi. Hanoi Spring Fair promotes and propagates the cultural beauty of the Capital and exchanges with regions across the country, thus contributing to tourism in Vietnam. Spring Fair has an abundance of goods offering you to purchase at affordable prices and is also a site to organize music shows and local celebrations. Participants in this fair are all enterprises from many fields such as fashion, cosmetics, handicrafts, street food, and regional specialities.

Besides, the Old Town is waiting for you with fancy to discover what it got when Tet comes. You can shop for decorations, flowers, or any kind, so walk slowly around to explore them all. If you want to enjoy the traditional dishes like spring rolls, candied items, heading to the North of the Town area is a fine option.

Lunar new year in Hanoi spring

Lunar new year in Hanoi spring


Amazing Scenery of Flower blooming

The gentleness in Spring makes all things good, and hundreds of flowers bloom. So, what could be more exciting than a year-end trip to the scent land of many flowers?
When the Spring comes back, every region of Hanoi wears a new colour. Although the areas are somewhat different, it is indispensable for the brilliant beauty of the flowers. The cold of winter has paved the way for plants to bloom and give off a scent to life.

The most attractive spring flower viewing spots in Hanoi are Tay Ho flower valley and Quang An flower market. Forest peach blossoms exude a wild beauty characteristic of high mountains, while French cherry blossoms have fewer petals, lighter colours but bring a very Western style. The sweet pink colour of cherry blossoms nestled in the warm sunshine of the first days of the year, alternating with the green background of the foliage, making Hanoi more attractive and passionate than ever.

Besides peach blossoms, Bauhinia variegata with pure white is another element that attracts many travellers walking under the picturesque scene of Hanoi. Nothing is more wonderful than enjoying the feeling of peace.

Amazing peach flower blooming in Hanoi spring

Amazing peach flower blooming in Hanoi spring


Season of traditional festivals

Dong Da Mound Festival

Dong Da Mound Festival occurs annually on the 5th day of the Lunar New Year at Quang Trung Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi. This is a victory festival, held to commemorate the glorious merits of King Quang Trung - a historical hero of fighting against foreign invaders of the nation. At the festival, there are many healthy games, clearly showing the spirit of martial arts. From the communal house, the crowd will perform every stage to celebrate the victory. As the parade line moves slowly enough, you can see the monumental statue of the festival meticulously.


Celebration of Trung sisters

In the minds of the Vietnamese, the image of the Trung sisters leading the battle force and defeating the Han dynasty's army for independence is a miracle. On the 6th of the first lunar month, the local people will hold a festival in the Me Linh district of Hanoi to commemorate the tribute of these women. You will see the carnival taking place jubilantly in brilliant fan flags with the sound of drums. After the celebration, other activities such as folk dances, wrestling, old games of the nation can dazzle you at the highest level!

Trung Sisters festival

Trung Sisters festival


An Duong Vuong festival

Like the Celebration of Trung sisters, every year, on January 6, the Vietnamese hold a festival to commemorate An Duong Vuong. It is a way to remember an ancient tragic timeline associated with a lesson of being vigilant. The rituals of the ceremony are just like the great festival. The villages around the temple of An Duong Vuong hold a happy dining party. Everyone together enjoys the holy fortune to reclaim for a year of doing business with lots of hope.


Tips for travelling in Hanoi Spring

  • Bring raincoats and umbrellas.
  • Download the Tbus application to look up the route in case you take a bus
  • Make a deal before buying at local markets


Although Hanoi is not as big as other sites, it contains many wonders to fulfil your wishes. Many dishes to try, many landmarks to conquer, then don't be reluctant to return to Hanoi in Spring! Modern lifestyle mixed with ancient and gentle features will impress any person. We hope that the information above has brought you the most hints to explore Hanoi without regrets!

Let's find the best Hanoi tours for you to travel in spring.

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