Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang: Ultimate Guide

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Ban Gioc Waterfall located in Cao Bang province - North - East of Vietnam. Many people looking for a transfer from Hanoi and wondering how long does it take? How they could arrange a transfer? PLease follow our article carefully you will find all answers about transfer from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang.

Hanoi to Ban Gioc, Cao Bang

Distance from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, the falls are 30m high and 300m across, making Ban Gioc the widest (but not the highest) waterfall in the country. Nowadays it’s becoming a highlight tourist place in Vietnam which attracts many travelers from all over the world. Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. This is a must-see place for those who like to be in a nontouristic place. 

The distance from Hanoi to Cao Bang is about 332 km which takes you about 7 hours riding with an amazing mountain view on its way.

A ticket to Ban Gioc Waterfall is 45,000 VND/person. However, there is a mandatory insurance fee that bumps ticket prices up to 50,000 VND/person. Apart from the waterfall itself, the surrounding area also provides some interesting attractions, such as Pac Bo Cave, Nguom Ngao Cave, Thang Hen Lake, and Lenin Stream. The distance from Hanoi to Ban Gioc is 386 km and even though the transportation system is not yet developed, there are some ways you can consider for your journey to Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Hanoi to Ban Gioc cao Bang Route Maps


How to travel from Hanoi to Ban Gioc, Cao Bang

There are several ways to travel from Hanoi to Ban Gioc, let's follow us and learn about each option below.


1. Hanoi to Ban Goc Bus

Going to Ban Gioc waterfall by local bus is the best option for you if you would like to save money. And this is what travelers often do. Step one in reaching Ban Gioc Waterfall is to first make your way from Hanoi to Cao Bang City. The Journey from Hanoi to Cao Bang city is about 286km and will take about 8 hours. Now, there are 2 cases that seem to happen, take a traditional sleeper bus or a limousine van.

Traditional sleeper bus, the route is only from Hanoi to Cao Bang city, then you will have to go by taxi or rent a motorbike to make your way on a 90km road to Ban Gioc Waterfall. Going in this way, you should consider taking a night or two to stay in Cao Bang city to immerse in the local life and enjoy the amazing food with the wonderful Northeast Mountain of Vietnam before moving to Ban Gioc Waterfall. Traditional hot pot and the lively markets are highlighted in Cao Bang City. On rainy days, a taxi ride is definitely a top choice, but if the weather is fine and dry then a motorbike is totally recommended. Taking a bike ride from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc waterfall, you can see the greatest mountain views of North Vietnam and I’m sure you will adore it.

Luxury limousine van, you can have a chance to enjoy the best transfer service. Booking this sort of transportation, you can expect a professional service and a direct transfer to Ban Gioc from Hanoi. The luxury limousine van is equipped with all the bells and whistles, even reclining leather chairs! We recommend you book through your hotel in Hanoi and the shuttle will pick you up directly outside your hotel in the old quarter. Or you can try and contact an agency directly, but you might expect an English barrier.

Hanoi to Ban Gioc Cao bang  bus


2 Hanoi to Ban Goc private Car

Another good idea to go from Hanoi to Ban Gioc Waterfall is to travel by private car as it’s not a too expensive choice and allows you more freedom. This results in cars often being chosen for families or group travelers, and a decent car with an experienced driver is still needed to navigate the treacherous path. From Hanoi to Cao Bang city takes around 7 hours driving with a private car. Once you arrive in Cao Bang City, you are recommended to stay a night or two to experience this remote and off-the-beaten-path northern city. The road from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfall is quite small and dangerous, thus there’s no big car that can run this way. The road allows a maximum of 16-seats cars or minivans to travel on to ensure the safety of travelers.

You can see the price estimation in the table below, it can be different depending on the car brand, quality, and service included or excluded.

Type Car One-Way 2 Days 3 Days
4 Seater $180 $240 $270
7 Seater $195 $245 $335
16 Seater $215 $300 $370

For this price range, the service package normally includes:

  • Courteous and professional driver.
  • Modern vehicles with air-conditioning.
  • Fuel, toll and parking fees, and driver expenses.

Hanoi to Ban Gioc private car


Hanoi to Ban Goc Motorbike

If you are super adventurous you can choose to hire or purchase a bike in Hanoi and ride to Cao Bang City independently. The great thing about having a motorbike is the freedom of being able to go where you want when you want with an extremely affordable rental price range, only around 7-15 USD per day, the price is based on different types of bike you choose.

However, we would only recommend this journey to experienced and confident riders. Driving in North Vietnam can be dangerous if you are not prepared for the road conditions and the way traffic in Vietnam flows.

In order to drive a motorbike legally in Vietnam, you will need an international driver’s permit and motorcycle license from your country or a Vietnamese license. Although many travelers ride motorcycles without the proper licenses, we do not recommend such a long journey driving in the country.

Hanoi to Ban Gioc Motorbike


Suggest Hanoi - Ban Gioc Itinerary 

If you are planning to go to this wonderful destination, a Ba Be Lake & Ban Gioc Waterfall 5 days tour with BestPrice Travel will certainly satisfy you. In 5 days and 4 nights of this tour, you can spend time in 2 of the most attractive destinations in North mountainous Vietnam. 

Traveling from Hanoi to Ba Be and discovering the most outstanding attractions in this area like Ba Be lake, Dau Dang waterfall, or Dzao village cost you the first 2 days. The destination is so famous with not only natural beauty but also a tale of Ba Be lake's creation.

The third day will be spent transporting to Cao Bang city, visiting around and exploring local lives at a traditional village in the suburban area of Cao Bang City. 

Ban Gioc is the complex of several waterfalls with magnificent landscapes, which might be considered as a minimizing version of the famous Niagara Waterfall in the U.S. in the fourth day of the tour, besides visiting Ban Gioc waterfall, you can come to a special attraction named Nguom Ngao cave, where is so famous with its outstanding rocks and stalactite in diverse shapes.

The last day will be very relaxing compared to the other days as after the chilly breakfast, you can take your time enjoying the fresh air and atmosphere of the mountainous city before going back to Hanoi.


Tips to transfer from Hanoi to Ban Gioc

  • Never leave home without reliable travel insurance and a passport.
  • Prepare mosquito repellents and necessary medicines for flu, cramp or diarrhea.
  • Reserve an amount of food and drink – there are almost no food supply stores near Ban Gioc Waterfall.
  • Express respect for the ethnic’s habits and customs when staying in the village – some would prevent you from wandering around their own houses or touching their assets. It is advisable that you hire a local tour guide to get detailed instructions.
  • In addition to clothing  and personal items, you need to bring a warm shirt, some medications, footwear and soft sandals since you will climb a lot, candy as gifts for highland children, and a little food, water, raincoat, vehicle papers, flashlight, camera, backup charger, paper pen for use when needed.


You have just read all detail about travel from Hanoi to Ban Gioc one of our most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. If you are considering visiting this destination please do not hesitate to book our Vietnam tours which already included transfer, entrance fees & English speaking guide. you don't need to worry about finding a transfer anymore.

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