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Hanoi to Hue Bus: Top 6 Brands to Travel

January 12, 2022 - 1339 views

Hue City is an ideal destination for most tourists, especially foreign tourists. This place has some famous monuments and traditional festivals which welcome thousands of tourists per year. Unlike other bustling cities, tourists love Hue because of its peace and calm.  There are many means of transportation to visit Hue from Hanoi such as bus, train, or plane. It will only take them about an hour if they travel by plane. Traveling by plane seems to be the fastest way to go there. If you travel by trains or buses, it will take 12-15 hours on the trains/buses. This review will briefly introduce some information about Hanoi to Hue bus brands, schedule, and price to you. 

Hanoi to Hue Bus

Traveling by bus is still a good choice which is chosen by most tourists. There are many buses that run from Hanoi to Hue every day. Therefore, We will provide a lot of information about prestigious Hanoi to Hue Bus brands as well as their schedule and price. 

About Hanoi to Hue bus

It is about 668 kilometers from Hanoi to Hue. The travel time is about 12 - 15 hours. With such distance, traveling by bus is really a good choice because tourists only sleep one night on buses. And they will set foot in Hue the next morning. 

Understanding the need of tourists, there are many kinds of Hanoi to Hue buses including high sleeper buses and limousine buses. 

High sleeper bus

This bus type is loved by most people because of its affordable prices and satisfaction. It has about 34 - 42 berths depending on the size of the buses. You only use their own berths, some berths are equipped with thick cushions so it helps people feel comfortable when sitting or lying stretched. Besides, each berth is covered by a curtain so it creates a private space for tourists. They also supply free Wifi, wet tissues as well as water for tourists to use during the trips. The facilities of sleeper buses will surely make tourists feel satisfied.  


Limousine bus

This bus with modern facilities serves tourists the best way. These berths of limousine buses are not only bigger but also softer than others. They are covered by total leather so tourists feel very comfortable when using them. Besides, reading lamps which are installed fixedly on berths help them to work and read books easily. It seems to be a special thing that only exists in limousine buses. 

Toilets inside help them to solve their personal problems conveniently. Like sleeper buses, this bus type also provides free Wifi, water, and wet tissues for tourists. In general, limousine buses are very good. So tourists should try at least once to experience luxurious trips. 


Hanoi to Hue Bus Schedule & Price

Definitely, the schedule and price are some important points which most tourists want to know concretely. It is difficult for tourists to know which bus brands are grandiose as well as famous, especially foreign tourists. Let’s see the below table: 

Bus Brands



Hoang Long 

13h20 - 2h00; 2000h - 8h00; 21h30 - 9h30

330,000 VND ~ 15 USD

Camel Travel 

17h00 - 5h30; 18h00 - 6h30; 18h45 - 7h15

250,000 VND ~ 12 USD

Hung Thanh

18h00 - 6h00; 19h00 - 7h00; 19h30-7h30

300,000 VND ~ 13 USD 

Queen Cafe open bus

18h00 - 6h00; 18h30 - 6h30

280,000 VND ~ 14 USD

Duc Thinh

16h30 - 5h30; 17h00 - 6h30

280,000 VND ~ 14 USD

Nhat Tuan

16h00 - 5h00, 17h30 - 6h30

280,000 VND - 14 USD


Top 6 bus brands Hanoi to Hue

BestPrice will introduce the top 6 famous Hanoi to Hue bus brands which are chosen by most tourists because of their prestige as well as the quality of service. 


1. Hoang Long bus

Each bus is equipped with 3 televisions to serve tourists such as listening to music, watching films. You can relax comfortably because berths and blanks are very clean. Toilets inside are very convenient and clean which can help tourists to solve their personal problems immediately. Some buses leave on time. Professional drivers, as well as enthusiastic staff, will make them satisfied. 

Hoang Long Bus

Hoang Long Bus


2. Camel Travel Bus

All buses of this brand are new and they are equipped with modern and luxurious facilities. All berths are covered by total leather which makes tourists feel soft when they lie or sit. Free wifi, water, wet tissue, toilet inside. 

Camel Travel Bus

Camel Travel Bus


3. Hung Thanh Bus

Hung Thanh Bus is famous for good services such as USB mobile charging, free Wifi, and snacks. Besides, their designs are very luxurious. When getting on the buses, tourists will be amazed by the beauty of them. All buses are made from total materials so they can reduce the swing of buses. 

Hung Thanh Bus

Hung Thanh Bus


4. Queen Cafe Open Bus

In addition to some utilities like other buses, this bus brand always supports tourists who are elderly, kids to have the best berths. The staff team is very happy to help tourists during the trips. These buses go straight ahead from Hanoi to Hue so tourists don’t need to catch other transit buses. The buses often pick up tourists at many places including Hanoi Old Quarter, so they don’t need to go to the Bus Station. 

Queen cafe Open bus

Queen cafe Open bus

5. Duc Thinh Bus

One special thing about this brand is that buses support tourists to get on and get off at many places in the city. WiFi, televisions, free water, wet tissue,... Professional drivers and ensthussitics staff will help tourists have the greatest trips. 


6. Nhat Tan Bus 

Tourists can choose the position of suitable berths for them in the buses. The office of the bus brand is located in My Dinh district so it is convenient for tourists who want to visit Hue from there. Free WiFi, water, and wet tissue. 


Bus from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh travel tips

  • Always put an ID card and passport into a suitcase. 
  • Some important items are always brought along with tourists. 
  • Going to the bus station early or in time. 
  • Watch carefully the name as well as the number-plate of the bus they choose. 
  • If tourists want to get off early before arriving at the bus station, they should inform the drivers on the bus. 

This review helps tourists know some information about famous bus brands which run from Hanoi to Hue. They should consult carefully about their schedule and price in order to have suitable choices. In addition to affordable prices, choosing bus brands is also very important. A good trip is not only safe but also convenient. We hope that this review will be useful for tourists. In addition to affordable prices, visitors should consider some prestigious bus brands which have good services as well as professional drivers.              

Comfortable berth on overnight bus hanoi to hue

Comfortable berth on an overnight bus


We will support tourists to book tickets at reasonable prices. Besides, they can contact BestPrice Team if they need to have further information. Or they go to to know about some interesting experiences. We believe that Hanoi to Hue bus will bring visitors some great memories. If you need some Hue tours after the bus trip, please visit our website and choose a suitable one.

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Nhat Anh

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