Hanoi to Hue: Complete Guide to Travel 2024

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The route from Hanoi to Hue is not short and requires proper preparations before you travel, among which choosing which transportation to go is the most important. If you are about to get to Hue from Hanoi, keep reading as we will give your a complete guide below.

The province of Hue is formerly the capital of Vietnam. So, a trip from Hanoi to Hue is not just a simple transfer from the vibrant Hanoi to the peaceful Hue, from modernity to antiquity but also a trip from the current capital to the used-to-be one of the country. 

For detail, it is known as the capital during the Nguyen Dynasty, which is the latest dynasty in Vietnam's history. Therefore, many of its legacies and ancient sites remain intact till nowadays located in central Vietnam with many interesting ancient sites to explore.

Coming here, you will have a chance to explore the historical values of Vietnam as well as many interesting traditional customs of the country. If you have been interested in traveling to Hue already, then pack your back and go. 

From Hanoi, there are several ways to get to Hue. Among them, which is the most suitable for you? Let’s have a quick look at the guide below to find out how to have the best experience in the tranquil capital of Hue.

Hanoi to Hue Distance & Travel Time

The route from Hanoi to Hue is about 700 km long and through several other provinces like Hung Yen, Phu Ly, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Ha Tinh, Dong Hoi, and Quang Tri. Due to such a long distance, the time you have to spend on traveling is considerably lengthy. On this route, you have three main options to travel:

  • The first and also the fastest one is by air. Usually, a Hanoi to Hue flight will take you around an hour and 15 minutes.
  • Additionally, traveling by train is another recommended option. This way is much longer, about 13 hours to get to Hue from Hanoi.
  • Besides, you can get on a sleeper bus which also takes 13 hours.

Some adventurous travelers can also get on a motorbike and ride from Hanoi to Hue, which is quite a good idea but lasts for much longer and sometimes incurs risks. Which one fits you the best?

Best Ways To Travel From Hanoi to Hue

From Hanoi to Hue, there are several ways to travel. You can go in the air, by bus, train, on your motorbike, or even ride a bike throughout the route. 

To our recommendations, if you don’t have much time to get around and prefer a completely comfortable experience to be ready for the trip right after reaching there, traveling by flight will be your best choice. If not, then traveling by train or sleeper bus is great, especially for those who like slow experience, admire the stunning sceneries of both sides through the window, and take some artistic background pictures.


1. Hanoi to Hue Flight

Traveling from Hanoi to Hue by flight, you can have a lot of time during your trip, just about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Usually, flights to Hue from Hanoi will pick you up at Noi Bai International Airport and let you alight at Phu Bai Airport. Every day, there are about 7 direct flights.  

There are 2 flight operators which are Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air, you can easily find the one that fits the bill without hesitating. For you to choose the flight operators more wisely, we recommend that if you are seeking a high-standard experience, then Vietnam Airlines will be the most suitable. If not, VietJet Air will be a worth-considering option with its low price and acceptable service. 

In particular, Vietnam Airlines is the national airline, which has come into operation for 20 years and serves millions of passengers every year. The airline itself, with its 4-star service, has received quite a lot of good feedback from passengers, both locals and foreigners.  Vietnam Airlines prices for Hanoi - Hue flights are from $38.04 to $83.63 per person.

Hanoi to Hue Flight

Some of this airline’s strengths are perfect safety, great convenience, professional service, and information transparency. Vietnam Airlines are now using Boeing 787, Airbus A350, and Airbus A321 for transportation, all of which are cutting edge with modern amenities and can ensure your safety as well as comfort.

Another option is VietJet Air, which is now one of the most popular budget carriers in Vietnam. Passengers often highly rated VietJet for its cheapness and adequate service. As the budget airline, VietJet Air provides tourists with money-saving flights. Price is between $8.20 and $46.07 per person.  However, one thing that will annoy you when traveling on VietJet Air is the high rate of flight delays.

To book a flight from Hanoi to Hue, you can come to the operator’s website, fill in your information (departure point, destination, due date, number of people, etc.) to find out if the flight is suitable, and then finish booking by paying for your flight. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket at flight agencies. If you don’t have time for booking, just call or contact us through our website and we will do it for you.

Recommended flight time is about 09:30 - 010:00, then you will arrive at Phu Bai Airport at 10:30 - 11:00 which is the ideal time to catch a ride to the hotel and check-in.

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2. Hanoi to Hue Train 

Train is also a common choice to travel from Hanoi to Hue. The ride takes around 13 hours. You can book a ticket that leaves in the afternoon or evening so you can spend a night on the train. By doing this, you can save money on accommodation as well. The train tickets range from $31.2 to $39 and you can get a comfortable bed in a berth cabin.

Hanoi to Hue train

There are always more expensive options for tourists if they are looking for trains from Hanoi to Hue. These options are offered by private companies that provide luxury berth cabins. Tickets for these cabin beds cost about $53.73 per person. The prices are more expensive than other normal cabins, but you get a more comfortable and clean bed with strong WIFI and supportive staff.

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3. Hanoi to Hue Bus 

Lastly, if you want to save money for your trip, traveling by bus from Hanoi to Hue is the option that you should take into consideration. Bus tickets cost $15.6 per person for a 13-hour ride. To buy a bus ticket, it is recommended to buy it directly at the bus station. You can also book it through the bus operator or pay for it when you get on the bus.

There are a few bus companies that provide night buses with convenient travel times for tourists. During the bus trip, you will have a chance to get close to the locals. Bus trip also offers the opportunity to admire the stunning sceneries of trees and houses on both sides from the window.

Hanoi to Hue Bus

However, you should take into consideration the following disadvantages. Firstly, a bus or sleep bus is quite small; hence a great environment for the coronavirus to spread out. This can be dangerous. Though the pandemic may come to an end in the future, the fact that the bus is usually overloaded (one sleeper for two people and many others lying on the floor) will still be so annoying. Therefore, think lucidly when you decide to travel by bus.

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Local tips to get from Hanoi to Hue

If you travel during the day, a flight might be the best option. However, taking an overnight ride on a train or a bus will be a more cost-saving option. Riding a motorbike is also possible, however, it’s not recommended because the route from Hanoi to Hue is quite long, and traffic in Vietnam is usually hectic.

When traveling by plane, you should book your ticket in advance and constantly check the information about the fight online. On department day, come to the airport 1 to 2 hours earlier than the due time for the check-in procedure to occur well.

For booking tickets, you opt to come to the website to flight/ bus/train operators or have a trustworthy travel agency help you with this to avoid being scammed. It is Bestprice Travel that offers to help tourists book their flights.

Above are our recommendations for traveling from Hanoi to Hue. For more detailed information, please contact us through our website or call. We are always here to help you to get the best experience during your vacation in Vietnam.

If you are still hesitant about how to get from Hanoi to Hue, you can book one of our Vietnam package tours, which offers you all the transportation during your time in Hanoi and Hue. Come to our website and see some tours of ours, you can find the best one that fits the bill perfectly.

BestPrice Travel wishes you a great vacation in our beautiful country!

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