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Hanoi Weather May: Temperature & Things to Do

May 14, 2021 - 520 views

Hanoi officially enters summer in May. Due to significant increase in its temperature and precipitation, May becomes hot during the day time. However, this time of the year, Hanoi has its own beauty which you cannot find elsewhere throughout the country. Keep reading this article: Hanoi weather in May to see how beautiful this this month is

Hanoi weather & temperature in May

Temperature: Hanoi weather in May with the temperature increases during the month with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature is 31oC, and the lowest temperature is 24oC. You will feel warm during the daytime but cool at night.

Rainfall: May is among the wettest in Hanoi when it receives around 190 mm of rainfall on average. This amount of rain is doubled the previous month.

Rainy days: The number of wet days ranges from 14 to 18 days. The rainfall increases from the beginning to the end of May.

Sunshine hours: Until the end of the month, the duration of hot hours is around 7 hours, from 8:00 to 15:00.

Humidity: The average humidity of this month is around 69%, which is lower than April and higher than June

Hanoi Weather in May


Many tourists are afraid of traveling to Hanoi in May because of the hot weather. However, the weather in May is not as hot as in other months such as June, July. Rain often in the afternoon can decrease the heat. Besides, you can join indoor activities to avoid the heat.

Moreover, you can take advantage of traveling in the off-peak season. The price tickets, hotels, flights are cheap, sightseeing places are not crowded, and you do not have to wait a long time to be served. Customers' service is excellent this time.


Things to do in Hanoi in May

There are many things to do in Hanoi in May let's learn the best one below.

Enjoy Peaceful Moments on the streets

May is the season of flamboyant flower, a kind of red flower, and purple Lagerstroemia flower. Walking along the Hanoi streets in the afternoon, listening to the sound of cicadas is one of the great things to do in Hanoi in May. This meaningful moment can let your mind rest, forget the busy life, and enjoy peaceful moments.


Try local drink

In Hanoi hot weather and climate in May, cold drinks such as ice cream, pickled fruits, Tao pho are great choices to dispel the heat. You can enjoy coconut ice cream, lemon ice cream in Trang Tien next to Hoan Kiem lake, or try popular folk dish of Hanoi people- Tao Pho which fluctuates from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND. Sweet soup is another popular street food in Hanoi. There are numerous sweet soups for you to try such as Khuc Bach or sweet lotus with seed.

ice cream in Trang Tien


Refresh at Ho Tay Water Park

Ho Tay water park is a perfect escape from the heat of May. The water park is a modern entertainment complex where you will find water attractions like pools, slides and a lazy river… Dozens of games for adults, youngsters, and even children varying from thrilling games namely high-speed train, dropping down from height to the games for kids like driving carts, bubble house, bumping cars… are available for you and your families to choose.

Ho Tay Waterpark

Ho Tay Waterpark


Stroll on Hanoi streets at night

Hanoi is known as a busy city at night. Many night activities happen during the nights, especially around Hanoi Old Quarter. The heat during day time prevents people from explore Hanoi, but when the night falls, many people find cool places to enjoy the wind blowing through. Strolling on the street at night becomes favorite thing to do in Hanoi. Ta Hien street is very crowded at night as a lot of tourists come here to drink Cold beer, hang out with friends, or find the new one.

Stroll on Hanoi Street at Night

Stroll on Hanoi Street at Night


Events & festival in May

Together with more than 80 countries all over the world, International Labor Day or May Day in Vietnam, is a public holiday of Vietnam. It is celebrated on the first day of May, right after the Reunification Day; therefore, the two days are joined together into one long holiday vacation. This time of the year, many local people travel, so it will be very crowded. There will be surcharge if you book hotel, cruise this occasion.

19th May is President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday when Hanoi is delighted with some monumental events both inside and outside Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and on the streets of Hanoi.


Tips for traveling Hanoi in May

It is not hot all time during the day in May as showers can occur at any time of the day. This type of rain does not last very long, but it can ease the heat, and you can enjoy the romantic moment of walking in the rain with your partners, enjoying the peaceful moment in life. Do not forget to bring raincoat with you

While many people avoid to visit Hanoi in May, some choose to travel in May to get good price, great customer service. If you do not to wait long time to be served in peak season, traveling in May would be a great choice.

What to pack?

  • Pack clothes made of light materials such as cotton and linen. You had better wear long -sleeve shirts to avoid the heat of May.
  • Do not forget to bring sunscreen before going out
  • Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Bring the raincoat and insect repellent frequently in case of rain

In general, Hanoi in May is interesting to visit. If you have your Vietnam tour in May, do not miss Hanoi. Try to get best Hanoi tours on our website now!

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