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Hanoi Weather June: Temperatures & Things to Do

May 29, 2021 - 569 views

June carries a unique beauty of Hanoi that can not mix with other months of the year. For anyone who has ever step on land here this month, probably can not see the soul of Hanoi this month. If you have a summer vacation in June, do not hesitate to book the trip to Hanoi this month as June has many things waiting for you to discover. Let learn more about Hanoi weather in June and prepare the best for your trip to Hanoi.

Hanoi weather in June

Hanoi weather in June offer hot & dry, you will feel very uncomfortable because the temperature outside can come up to 40°C. Let's learn the detail below.

The temperature: June is the hottest month of the year in Hanoi. The temperature ranges from 25°C to 36°C.

Sunshine Hours: The average sunshine hours in June is 7 hours per day, making June is one of the longest months during the year with sunshine hours. The day starts earlier and ends later than other months. The day seems to be longer as people have more time for activities in the daylight. All the city is sparkling, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Rainfall: June is the rainy season in Hanoi, the rain can occur more frequently than other months, it can last half an hour or even a few days. The rain comes and eases the heat, so you will feel more comfortable if it rains.

Humidity: The average of this month is around 75%.

Hanoi weather in June

June is not the best month to visit Hanoi as it is hot, humid, and unpleasant. You are not recommended to visit Hanoi if you are not used to this kind of weather. However, the clear and blue sky in June will allow you to take the best pictures of places you will be visiting. High temperature, a lot of sunshine, sudden rainfalls are typical features that bring a unique experience, and you will love it. It is a great feeling when the rain comes at the end of the hot day, and you will have it when visiting Hanoi.

Although June is the peak season for domestic travel, you still can get great deals when booking tours, hotels, flight tickets, and other services in June. 


Things to do in Hanoi in June

Admire many kinds of flowers

Coming to Hanoi in June, you will have a chance to see colorful Hanoi with many kinds of flowers such as Lotus, purple Lagerstroemia, red flamboyant flowers. Purple Lagerstroemia and red flamboyant flowers are considered “the flowers of student” as when they bloom brightly on the streets, the school ends, and we welcome June. Strolling in Hanoi streets in June, you can take the best pictures of this city with these flowers. The Lotus flower is the national flower of Vietnam which can be found in Dam Sen in West lake. The flower symbolizing optimism, dedication, purity, and calmness, appears in pictures of Hanoi.


Try Hanoi specialty

June is the season of many kinds of fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, lychee, mango, and so on. You can try these kinds of fresh fruits, which can only be sold in June. Dong Xuan market and night market in the Old Quarter are places where you can easily find these kinds of fruits. They are cheap and do not forget to bargain when buying it


Chill out at a Rooftop Bar

One of the best ways to see the capital of Vietnam is to find a rooftop bar to chill out, enjoy a lively atmosphere and stunning views overlooking the shimming city. There are a lot of rooftop bars in Hanoi with modern music in the background, amazing cocktails, and a 360-degree view of all Hanoi, you can just take one, order a bring to forget the Hanoi in daily life, stay away from traffic congestion, and messy crowds. Being at the rooftop bar at night, you can feel Hanoi after dark more beauty than whatever you have ever thought.

Chili out at Hanoi rooftop café

Chili out at Hanoi rooftop café


Tips for traveling to Hanoi in June

June is hot, humid, and annoying, you should be aware of this kind of weather before deciding to visit Hanoi. Preparing to travel in such kind of weather helps you not to be socked when being in Hanoi. Therefore, no matter what kind of weather is when you arrive, you will be able to enjoy the beauty.

What to pack?

Clothes: As it is hot and humid, so you are recommended to bring light clothes such as a couple of T-shirts, baggy trousers, thin jumpers, and long skirts. You had better bring clothes made of cotton and linen as they dry quickly and are not heavy.

Right bag: Prepare a small bag and always keep it in front of you when walking in the streets of Hanoi to avoid being robbed.

Footwear: Wearing light walking shoes, you will feel comfortable walking on the streets of Hanoi and they can protect you from the gunk of the streets. For a leisure vacation, popular sandals are a good type of footwear to choose from.

Sunscreen & mosquito spray: They are necessary, as Hanoi is very wet and hot in June

In general, there is no wrong time to visit Hanoi. Each month during the year, Hanoi has its own beauty, only come to visit Hanoi can you experience the best of Hanoi. Your next vacation is in June; it is the perfect time to explore. it's time for you to looking for the best Hanoi tours now.

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