Hanoi Weather in August: Temperature & Things to Do

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August is one of the most beautiful months to visit Hanoi when the city wears a new and attractive coat. The city attracts a lot of tourists from all over the World. This article: Hanoi weather in August will help you to discover unique features of Hanoi in August and top things to do, and some tips for your trip to Hanoi.

Hanoi weather in August Overview

August is the last month of the summer in Hanoi when many kinds of flowers such as milky flower, white baby daisy, and heart bell are blooming. The weather is not as hot as the previous months, and tourists visiting Hanoi this month feel comfortable with the gentle wind blowing more often. August, the time of summer-autumn transition is one of the most beautiful times in Hanoi. See more detail of Hanoi weather in August below:

Temperature: The average temperature is 29oC, with the lowest temperature of 26oC, and the highest temperature of 32oC.

Sunshine Hours: The average sunshine in August is 7 hours per day. On average, Hanoi experiences around 33% of sunshine and 67% of cloudy weather this month. The beginning of the month usually is cloudier than the end.

Rainfall: August is one of the wettest months in Hanoi with the number of rainy days ranging between 16 and 18, and typically aggregates up to 200mm of precipitation. Heavy downpours can appear anytime during the year, some showers do not last long, but some others can last up to a week. The day is much rainier than the night.

Humidity: is around 75%, and humidity at the end of this month is always lower.

Sunrise and Sunset: The length of the day decreases slowly from the beginning of August toward the end of the month. Sunrise is from 5:30, and sunset is after 17:30. The average length of the day in Hanoi is 13 hours.

Hanoi weather in August


Hanoi in August is colorful and pleasant. It is hot, but when the rain coming, often in the afternoon the weather is much more comfortable. The streets become clean, everything looks brighter after the rain. Therefore, August is still a good time to travel to Hanoi if the wet weather is not your big concern.

Moreover, August is not the peak season for tourism in Hanoi. The hotel, tours, and other services are at reasonable prices. Visiting Hanoi this time, tourists will be able to enjoy the good price from promotion and get the best customer service from restaurants, hotels, sightseeing sites…


Things to do in Hanoi in August

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a bustling city that boasts attractive sightseeing, colonial architecture, and many things to do in Hanoi for both day and night. Walking, cycling, self-balancing scooters, and riding motorbikes are ways to explore Hanoi. When it rains, you can change your plan, get in the car to spend your time in the buildings as Hanoi is home to many historical and cultural sites, and shopping centers. Let see what Hanoi has to offer to you.


Stroll around Sword Lake and the Old Quarter

When in Hanoi, you cannot miss a walk around Sword Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter. There are many historical monuments around the lake such as turtle towers, Ngoc Son temple, The Huc bridge. The lake becomes shimmering with sparkling lights at night, you can enjoy the famous cool Trang Tien ice-cream sticks with friends and relatives, walking around the lake, passing the quarter, or stopping at Dong Xuan Market, Ngo Dong Xuan, Bach Ma Temple, O Quan Chuong or 87 Ma May houses for a visit. When hungry, try the famous sidewalk delicacies in Hanoi like Pho Ly Quoc Su, Hang Buom noodles, spring rolls, La Vong grilled fish….

Stroll around Hanoi Old Quarter

Stroll around Hanoi Old Quarter


Kayaking or Swan ride in West Lake

West Lake also known as Lake of Mist, is another charming lake in Hanoi. There are many diverse activities you can enjoy there, including nightlife, boating, biking, and shopping. The lake becomes crowded in the afternoon when people local people coming here to enjoy the cool weather, go fishing or cycling… Coming to visit the lake, you can try the best food in Hanoi by stopping at some local restaurants, staff around the lake. In the southeast corner of West Lake is Tran Quoc pagoda, an impressive pagoda, which is worth a visit.


Explore Hoa Lo prison - Maison Centrale

Maison Centrale (Hoa Lo), a former prison is a place to see how Vietnamese, and American prisoners were treated during the war. It is a must-see place if you want to learn more about Vietnam's history. The most famous things in Hoa Lo Prison are the guillotine and Cachot. The guillotine was designed from 2 to 4 m high by wooden columns, and above is a large blade held by latches. Cachot is considered the hell of hell, a horrifying nightmare with prisoners. It is extremely dark, cramped, and airless, a place to detain prisoners who have opposed behaviors, or dangerous offenders.

Explore Hoa Lo Museum

Explore Hoa Lo Museum


Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Located a bit far away from the city center, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is the best place for you to discover the outstanding characteristics of 54 ethnic groups. The Ethnic Museum has over 15,000 artifacts including photographs and other multi-media. Besides indoor exhibitions, there are priceless antiques on display, everyday objects such as pipes, baskets, and knives which belongs to ethnic groups such as Viet, Muong, Tho, Chut, Tav, Thai, Ka Dai, H’Mong-Dao, Tang, San Dui, Ngai, Mon-Khmer, Nam-Dao…The museum is a great effort of Vietnam to preserve cultural heritage and promote sociology-cultural diversity within the country.

Visit Museum of Ethnology

Visit Museum of Ethnology


Events & festival

There is a celebration in Hanoi in August which is August Revolution. On this day, the city is full of flowers, slogans…Every street in Hanoi, we can see national flags, there are some exhibitions at the museums that showcase documents, pictures, and artifacts of the historical revolution in 1945.


Tips for traveling to Hanoi in August

The weather at the end of August is much better than in the first half. You can both enjoy the comfortable weather of August and the cheap price of the hotels, tours service by planning to travel in the second half of August. There are a lot of promotion for visiting Hanoi and Vietnam in August, visit Bestprice travel website and look for promotion tours to get the best deal and further information

What to pack?

  • Bring with you light jackets, short-sleeved shirts, a hat, a pair of shoes for your walking
  • Do not forget to bring sun cream.
  • Have a raincoat in your bag in case it rains
  • Pack a camera to catch stunning views you see in your journeys.

Hope that the above information about Hanoi in August is helpful for your plan to Hanoi. If you like Hanoi weather in August, want to take the most beautiful pictures of Hanoi let's plan to come to here. This city will never disappoint you.

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