Hanoi Weather in September: Temperature & Things to Do

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September is the end of the rainy season and the beginning of autumn when Hanoi is wonderful with flower blossoms. Therefore, September becomes one of the best months to travel in Hanoi, and there are many songs, poems writing about Hanoi in September. The following article will help you feel more clearly about Hanoi's autumn as well as Hanoi weather in September.

Hanoi weather in September

Hanoi weather in September

Hanoi weather in September

The weather in Hanoi in September is pleasant with little rain, not too hot or not too cold. The sky is bluer, the golden sunlight stretches across the street corner, on the treetops. The breeze blew through, blowing along with the falling yellow leaves like notes, giving everyone a pleasant and refreshing feeling.

  • Average Temperature: The average temperature of September ranges between 26°C - 31°C.
  • Sunshine Hours: 7 hours per day.
  • Rainfall days: 14 days. The second half of September receives a much smaller amount of precipitation than the first.
  • Average rainfall: 160 mm
  • Wind speed: Days are much windier than nights when the wind blows with a speed of up to 3.7 m/s.

Hanoi weather in September

Autumn in Hanoi

September weather is moderate and very comfortable with beautiful blue sky and soft sunlight. This month brings a perfect opportunity for doing sightseeing trips as your plans are less likely to be interrupted by sudden torrential rains or big storms.


Things to do in Hanoi September

Explore Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is home to a lot of ancient houses with classic architectures, famous historical sites, pagodas and Buddhist temples, eye-catching shops. Hanoi’s Old Quarter is best explored on foot as there are plenty of great spots to stop, grab a drink at a local café, or try street food along the way. Staying in Hanoi over the weekend, you have the chance to join Night Market in Old Quarter where you can enjoy more activities including traditional games, street foods, traditional art, singing, and dancing on the streets.


Take a cup of beer or “bia hoi”

Every afternoon, you can see Hanoi people head to the lakeside or sidewalks restaurants to enjoy a cup of cool beer. Try to drink a cup of Bia Hoi on the sidewalk in Ta Hien beer street and see the hurried life of local people on the street; you can feel the enjoyment of the slow life and beauty of the old city. Drinking beer has become the culture of Hanoi, which is not only the place to ease the thirsty, but also where both local and foreigners come to drink with friends, strangers, talk about any topic, and refresh after a working day.

Drink Bia Hoi at Hanoi Old Quarter

Drink Bia Hoi at Hanoi Old Quarter


Watch Water Puppet Show

The water puppet show is one of the most unique traditional arts of Vietnam, which has existed for more than thousands of years. This reappears in the daily life of Vietnamese farmers such as cultivating, catching fishes, tending buffalo, and so on. Watching water puppet shows, tourists can learn more about how Vietnam, especially the rural area looks like.

Watch water puppet show

Watch a water puppet show


Events & festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular public event in Vietnam. The festival takes place around the end of September and the beginning of October. During the festivals, Hanoi’s streets are colored in red with lanterns and children's toys. You should not miss eating moon cakes when being in Hanoi at this festival. Hang Ma Street in the Old Quarter is a great place for sightseeing and shopping. You can also walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, or visit the Temple of Literature to enjoy the joyful atmosphere or join various entertaining activities.

Hanoian also celebrates Vietnam’s Independence Day on September 2nd with many events organized around the city. There are speeches, parades, fireworks, and other festivities in Hanoi, with a large march in Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi, where the Declaration of Independence was made. Traveling this time, many customers get the benefit of discount offered by the shopping center.


Tips for traveling to Hanoi in September

During the Mid-autumn Festival and Vietnam’s Independence Day, local people will travel a lot within Vietnam. Therefore, the price for the service like hotels, the transfer can be increased. You had better sort out everything in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Booking a Hanoi package tour to travel is highly recommended as it ends up at a cheaper price than you book all the services individually. For a great vacation in Hanoi, contact Bestprice travel.

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What to pack?

September is the transition season of weather so you had better bring both summer and winter clothes such as T-shirts and shorts as well as light sweaters

Sunscreen is not really essential but it can protect you from the UV while being out for a long time. You also need to bring a bottle of water with you all the time.

September is also the wet season, prepare an umbrella or a raincoat if you are in outdoor activities

It is no surprise that Hanoi in September is beautiful and becomes the topic for many local songs and poems. Besides having wonderful natural scenery, September also has a cool and comfortable temperature that is a feature of the transition between summer and autumn. Planning a trip to Hanoi sometime in the future, choose Hanoi for the best experience.

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