Top 7 Hostels in Cat Ba Island to Save Your Trip 2024

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If staying in a hotel or resort is too expensive for you young budget travelers, then a Cat Ba Island hostel will be worth considering due to its low cost but equal comfort.

Cat Ba Island Hostel

Every year, thousands of tourists come to Cat Ba Island to enjoy their vacation. Due to the increasing demand, there stand many hotels, resorts, and hostels. Therefore, tourists are provided with a wide range of selections, when it comes to accommodation. While most Cat Ba hotels and resorts target those who are looking for great comfort and willing to pay for the best service, hostels mainly serve budget travellers.

Though not as high-end as the others, Cat Ba Island hostels are still widely chosen by tourists due to their budget price but almost the same quality. Besides, each boasts a different feature that might interest you. If Cat Ba Island hostel is your choice already, let’s have a look at the top 7 below to make the best decision.

1. Le Pont bungalow hostel - from $21.58/night 

About 1.4 km from Tung Thu Island, Le Pont Bungalow hostel Cat Ba provides tourists with one-star accommodation and restaurant service during their vacation on the island. The hostel itself features about 4 rooms that are fully furnished with modern and convenient furniture, even personal items like coat hangers, hairdryers, etc. so that tourists can have the most comfortable experience.

Besides, the services available here are quite good. There is free parking, free WiFi, daily room cleaning, laundry, money exchange, tour booking, and bike renting. Especially, within Le Pont Bungalow hostel, you can find Le Pont restaurant&bar, where delicious Asian foods are served. Here, breakfasts are free and offered in à la carte menus, so you can choose the dish that you like.

During your stay in Le Pont bungalow hostel, you can take part in activities such as cycling, trekking, snorkelling, fishing, and water sport,… Also, the hostel is close to tourist spots like Cannon Fort, Cat Ba Bay, Cat Co Beaches, so you can easily get access to them to visit and have fun. Remember to bring along a camera, as Le Pont Bungalow Hostel Cat Ba overlooks the sea and is elaborately decorated with bundles of straw.

Le Pont bungalow hostel


2. Central backpackers hostel Cat Ba - from $9.32/night

Farther from the town than LePont Bungalow, Central backpackers hostel Cat Ba offers tourists almost the same service. Here, you will also find rooms that are fully furnished with modern furniture and a variety of services such as free pick-up from the airport, free WiFi, free parking, daily room cleaning, laundry, money exchange, and tour booking.

Besides, the restaurant within the hostel serves a wide range of food choices including Asian, American, and continental à la carte. Breakfasts are also free. Things that make the Central backpacker's hostel special are that it features an outdoor swimming pool and is close to many tourist spots (Cannon Fort, Ben Beo Harbor, Dap Nuoc lake, Tung Thu Beach, Cat ba 1 2 3 beaches). This has diversified activities here. Besides cycling, trekking, snorkeling, fishing, you can take part in water sports and swimming.

Central backpackers hostel Cat Ba


3. Cat Ba pod hostel - from $7.77/night

Located at no.224, Mot Thang Tu St., Cat Ba Town, Cat Ba Pod Hostel will not only serve you as a convenient accommodation but also be the place where you can take part in interesting activities and see the whole beauty of Cat Ba Island. Cat Ba Pod hostel features rooms that are simply styled and decorated with wooden furniture; thus, feels so soft and cozy.

Especially, each boasts a big window, which will make it full of sunlight during the daytime and allow you to see some stunning scenes of Cat Ba Island. Besides, other facilities such as parking lot, family room, no smoking room, gaming room, bar, and open terrace… will make your stay more comfortable and convenient.

You can also find and use services like daily room cleaning, laundry, tour booking, and bike renting. Besides, Cat Ba Pod Hostel is close to Cat Co 1 2 3 beaches and Tung Thu Beach, so it is quite easy to go swimming on the beaches. Other activities that you can get involved in are cooking class, cycling/ trekking tour, canoeing, and karaoke.

Cat Ba Pod hostel


4. Secret garden hostel Cat Ba - from $7.77/night 

Uniquely styled and designed, Secret garden hostel Cat Ba is not only an accommodation but also, as its name suggests, a dreaming garden that anyone can have chances to be close to nature and enjoy the fresh air. In the secret garden hostel, furniture is all made of wood and painted with intricate patterns, giving tourist an artistic vibe on their first time coming here.

Besides, the open garden is full of trees, flowers, and furnished with desks and chairs, creating a social space so that people can talk to each other, which is quite suitable for those who lead an active social life. On sitting outside talking with your friends, you can be served with the signature healthy juice or cocktail which very cool and delicious.

Also, there are many other interesting activities. In the morning, you will be taught how to do yoga. At night, live music, movies, and games are available for you to relax and have some unforgettable moments with your friends or family. Secret garden hostel is located at no.169 Nui Ngoc street, on the way from Cat Ba Island to Cat Ba Cove (including Cat Co 1 2 3 beaches). Therefore, it is quite convenient to get around.

Secret garden hostel Cat ba


5. Woodstock hostel Cat Ba - from $5.52/night 

About 9 km from Dau Be Island, Woodstock hostel or Woodstock Beach Camp provides tourists with accommodation, restaurant, garden, and bar service. Here, you can be offered many interesting things such as fully furnished rooms overlooking the beach, an open fresh garden, a camping area, and a bar that features delicious drinks. Besides, fascinating activities are always available for you to enjoy in Woodstock hostel.

During your day here, you can have a Yoga class early in the morning to refresh your body, then eat the appetizing à la carte breakfast for which you can choose between Vietnamese and European styles. After that, you can take in activities such as trekking, cycling, canoeing, billiard, or pay a visit to tourist spots nearby like Hospital cave, Cat Ba National Park, Ben Beo Harbour, and Cannon Fort.

At night, live music, DJ, movies will be served to you, Especially, golden hour is held for you to try your luck. After a day of having fun, it will be great to lay yourself on a comfortable bed and sleep till the next morning.

Woodstock hostel Cat Ba


6. Victor Charlie hostel - from $8.20/night 

Victor Charlie Hostel has been tourists’ first choice, when it comes to a pet-friendly accommodation, as here, animals are allowed and kindly treated. Besides, the hostel features cozy rooms that are fully furnished with modern furniture and overlooks the garden, provide tourists with an ideal atmosphere to relax during their vacation.

In Victor Charlie Hostel, you can also find convenient services such as daily room cleaning, baby-sitting, pick-up, car/bike renting, etc. Especially, breakfast, snack, dinner, and tea-party are served outdoor with a wide range of menu styles (African, American, English, French, Vietnamese, Australian, Asian, and European), promise to bring you the best dishes.

The hostel is located at 16/3 Nui Ngoc street, quite close to Cannon Fort, Cat Co 1 2 3 beaches, and Tung Thu Beach, so you can easily get access to them to have fun. If you are not into outside activities, karaoke and billiard are available for you.

Victor Charlie Hostel cat ba


7. Cat Ba De DiTa hostel - from $19.42/night 

Cat Ba de dita Hostel is situated on Tran Chau street, Cat Ba town, and has been one of the most chosen accommodations on Cat Ba Island due to it high-standard service. Each room here is fully furnished with brand new modern furniture and overlooks the sea, creating a cozy atmosphere for tourists to relax. Especially, within the hostel, there is an outdoor swimming pool for you to swim and have fun with your friends or family.

Besides, during your stay in Cat Ba de dita hostel, you can take part in activities such as cycling, karaoke, and night entertainment. Tourist spots like Hospital Cave, Ben Ben Harbor, Cannon Fort, and Cat Ba National Park are quite close, so paying a short visit to them is convenient. After a day of visiting places, and having fun, you can enjoy the delicious meal in dita restaurant.

At night, bar or outdoor BBQ party is always available. If preferring something that is not too noisy, you can join in the night entertainments which is very interesting and funny.

Cat Ba De Dita Hostel

Above are our recommendations on the best Cat Ba Island hostel to stay in during your vacation. For more detailed information or booking, please contact us through our website or call. Hope you have a great time on our pretty island.

Duc Anh Tran

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