How to Get Around by Thailand MRT Subway

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Bangkok Subway (known as the MRT) has similarities with other subways around the world. It links central Bangkok with important areas of the city making it very useful for exploring Bangkok. If you are not familiar with it, bellow information will help you.

1. Overview of Thailand MRT

The MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) system in Thailand has been opened to the public since 2004. Currently, it has 19 MRT trains, more than 18 terminals, and two main lines throughout the capital. The MRT Blue Line which runs underground from Bang Sue to Lak Sang, covering some central locations is preferred by most of the tourists while the MRT Purple Line which runs from Tao Poon to Khlong Bang Phai is mainly used by local to the suburbs. The Thai government is planning to expand 6 more lines.
Operating time: 6:00 AM to midnight daily
Frequency: every 5 mins at peak hours, every 10 mins at off-peak hours
Price: 16-42 bath depending on the route. It is up to 70 Baht if you’re changing lines on your journey.

Thailand MRT Subway Updated 6 June 2020

Thailand MRT Subway Updated 6 June 2020

2. How to buy MRT tickets

There are 2 ways to buy MRT tickets: Buying at the ticket counter & Buying at automatic ticket machines. It is highly recommended to buy a stored-value card if you stay in Bangkok for a long time and use the ticket for more than one time because queuing to buy the ticket can take time.

#1: Buying at the ticket counter

At the metro area, after going through the security checkpoint, you can go to the ticket counter Just stand in a queue, proceed to one of the windows, tell your destination and a number of tickets, pay money and you will get a token and change if any.

How to Get Around by Thailand MRT Subway

MRT ticket

#2: Buying at automatic ticket machines

It is the most common way and the machine accepts both coins and banknotes. The machine is easy to use and displayed in both English and Thai language on the touchscreen. Tickets must be bought one by one on the automatic ticket machines. There are 3 boxes on the screen which are steps to buy the ticket.
Box number 1: Choose the station you want to visit and click the station name on the screen. The price will be displayed on the screen.
Box number 2: Insert coins (1, 5, and 10 bahts) or paper money into the slot. The amount of money you insert can be exact or higher than the price.
Box number 3: You can get the change and tickets at this box. The ticket (token) is coin-sized, plastic, and quite easy to lose, so be careful and keep them properly during your journey. You will need them to exit the station. If you lose them, you will have to buy a new ticket to get off the station.
If your destination is not listed on the screen, you need to swap lines. You can do it by clicking the blue or purple button on the top left of the touchscreen. The exact fare will appear on the screen.

Ticket Machine mrt thailand

Ticket Machine


3. How to use MRT

Step 1:
Going through the metallic gates: Having the ticket (plastic coins) in hand, you need to proceed to the metallic gates. Green arrow signs indicate entry points; you need to choose one of them. Touch your ticket to the indicated place on the metallic part of the gates. The red gates will open then. Quickly walk through as the gates stay open for just a couple of seconds.
Step 2:
Determining the direction: On the ground, you need to determine the direction of the train. If you need to change the line, you should choose Tao Poon station where 2 lines meet. If you choose the wrong direction, just swap the platforms. You do not need to buy the new tickets or get out of the station.
Lining up: When lining up, you will see that MRT platforms have yellow arrows pointing towards and back from the track. You should wait in a line behind the yellow arrows pointing to the track. Give way for people on the train to get off and then go up. Do not stand too close to the railroad tracks.
Going up: When going up, notice the space between the train and the platform.
Being on the train: When on the train, there is a map above the door which shows all the stations on the line. The name of the next station is clearly announced in advance.
Going down: MRT moves very fast and the stops are often very brief, so make sure you are near the door to exit on time.

Mrt thailand

Queueing Arrows Painted On The Floor for MRT using

Step 3:
Getting out of the station: Time to get out of the station. Some are quite big so read the signs, as they point the main landmarks of each exit or find local area maps on the station, and on the website of Bangkok Metro to find the correct exit. At the exit, you will insert the coin into the slot, the gates will open. The machine will keep the coin.

It is easy to use with MRT. Hope that you enjoy traveling with MRT. MRT stops at some particular interests to visitors like Kampaengphet (Chatuchak Weekend Market Or Tor Kor Market and Rod Fai Market), Sukhumvit (Asok BTS Skytrain), Silom (Saladaeng BTS Skytrain, Pat Pong Night Market, and Lumpini Park), and Hua Lamphong (Chinatown and Central Railway Station). Do not miss them.

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