How to Get the Cheapest Flights to Bangkok

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For most trips, air tickets are the most expensive part of the trip. Therefore, the following article will give you some tips for a cheap flight to Bangkok

How to Get the Cheapest Flights to Bangkok

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Obviously finding the cheapest flights will involve a large amount of detective work. Initially, it was a good idea to try different comparison sites like Expedia, EDT, and Travel Supermarkets, but it was well worth checking the airlines themselves because they sometimes had exclusive deals. on their own websites.

4 ways to get a cheaper flight

1. Use your phone

You should use your smartphone to investigate flights. Many of the sites listed above seem to offer more favorable deals for iPhones and Android handsets than laptops and desktops. After you look at the prices, take notes, then review the website on your PC. You may not always see a big gap between prices, and sometimes nothing, but at least you will narrow your chances of missing out on a good deal to get to Bangkok.

How to Get the Cheapest Flights to Bangkok use your phone

Using a phone to book a flight ticket to Bangkok @travelandleisure

2. Use Incognito mode on your browser

All browsers have a built-in privacy mode that allows you to surf anonymously. Basically, these modes prevent the storage of your browsing history, which is said to be one of the things that can affect the price. These modes are easy to turn on and off, in addition, you can run an incognito tab next to a normal mode without it and affect your PC behavior.

3. Clear your cookies (for that particular website)

Whenever you use a website, your browser stores small digital records called cookies. This allows the site to remember your preferences and keep you logged in as you move from page to page. Overall, they are a very useful feature. In some cases though, they can be used to track your sessions, so that the site builds a record of your behavior.

An example we saw was that this could be detrimental when someone returns to the same website multiple times and looks at the same flight, while they consider deciding whether to Buy Buy. Some websites record this behavior and raise prices or warn of shortages to encourage you to buy now instead of waiting until later. To prevent this from happening (unless of course there is a real shortage), you can use the Incognito mode mentioned above or delete your cookies.

How to Get the Cheapest Flights to Bangkok clear your cookies

Clearing your cookies for cheap flight@thriftytraveler

4. Use VPN

Another factor that can change the price you are offered is your location. Sometimes this can be regional, but often it comes down to the country you live in. The website can detect your location due to the unique IP address that identifies your network connection.
Using VPN is a way of fooling the system by allowing you to use a virtual network address located in another country. Sometimes this can have a big impact on the price you give your trip. VPNs are fairly easy to set up, but will require a bit of focus, As with any retail purchase, make sure to check the terms and conditions when buying online and keep in mind that while a VPN is virtual, you're not. So if a ticket request is that you live in a certain country, you won't be able to do it

Do not always Fly Direct

This method is effective and effective. You have to find different routes and check different airlines to get to Bangkok. But it can lower your flight price, which is worth the extra effort if you end up saving a few hundred dollars on a flight to Bangkok.

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