What to Know About Bangkok Railway Station

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If you want to travel around Thailand by train, you need to go to Bangkok Railway Station. The Hua Lamphong station has many travel options for tourists and it is also easy to get there.

To travel around Thailand from Bangkok, most locals and tourists go to the Bangkok Train Station, Hua Lamphong. From here, you can go to the North, the South or the East of Thailand. Hua Lamphong Station connects with the MRT underground system so it is very convenient to get here.

1. About Hua Lamphong station

Gare Hua Lamphong Bangkok Railway Station

Hua Lamphong is the main railway station in Bangkok/https://commons.wikimedia.org/

This railway station in Bangkok has been in operation since 1916. Because of its elegant design, many tourists come here and take a selfie to check-in. Bangkok train station looks like government buildings and public monuments. You will see this design somewhere else in Bangkok such as the Bank of Thailand Museum and Parliament building. The station features the half-dome façade. You will see a huge clock on the front gable and there are open-air passenger galleries. The ticketing area is right in the entrance with 26 ticketing booths and 2 electronic information display boards. There is also a waiting area, fast food outlets, and shops in the station.

2. Ticketing and fares at Bangkok Train Station

Tourists can buy train tickets in advance or on the day they travel. The fares are different depending on the type of seat and train. You can select a train and a seat then pay. Keep in mind that you can not return the purchased tickets, however, you can change departure time, seat, or train one time only. You can also purchase online with the first and second class air-conditioned sleeper tickets.

3. Types of trains at Hua Lamphong Station

There are 6 types of trains in the station

There are first-class seats, second class seats, and third-class seats from most types of trains. In this station, there are 6 most common types of trains.

  • Special Express: This is the train for traveling a long distance, such as from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, to Yala, or Butterworth (Malaysia). It offers first-class air-conditioned sleepers and second class sleepers (with and without air conditioner)
  • Express: This is another option for long-distance trains to major destinations in Thailand. It has first-class air-conditioned sleepers, second class sleepers (with and without air conditioner), second and third-class seats (with and without air conditioner)
  • Rapid: This type of train is also for long distances, but it has more stops and not as luxurious as the Special Express. It offers second-class sleepers, second and third-class seats.
  • Ordinary: It only has second and third-class seats (non-air-conditioned) for long distances.
  • Bangkok Commuter: This train is for short distances (within the 150km radius), and offers non-air-conditioned third-class seats
  • Rural Commuter: This train connects Bangkok with rural provinces with non-air-conditioned third-class seats.

Thailand Newsleeper 1st Large Bangkok Railway Station

1st class 2-bed sleeper train in Hua Lamphong/https://www.seat61.com/

4. How to get to Hua Lamphong Train Station?

You can get here by taxi, local city bus or MRT. If you choose to travel by taxi, you have to pay more, but it is the most convenient and comfortable. Otherwise, you can get on Bangkok MRT which is connected to the Hua Lamphong Station. The other option is to travel with BTS Skytrain, but you have to stop at the interchange points and get on an MRT to get to the station. There are also local city buses to Hua Lamphong Train Station, but it makes a lot of stops.

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