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Hue Nightlife: 5 Best Things To Do At Night

July 18, 2022 - 2105 views

Hue City, one of the central coastal cities, has had its own reputation for hidden charm and dreams. The poetic land is on the border with Laos and adjacent to the South China Sea to the East, Quang Nam Province to the South-West, Da Nang Province to the South, Quang Tri Province to the North. Situated in an area under favorable environmental conditions, it offers a great range of abundant biological ecosystems with lush greenery, verdant mountains and hills, and immense sea. Year in, the year our, this place of interest catches more attention from visitors. If you call at this one, don’t miss a chance to experience Hue nightlife.

Whether you set foot in some cosmopolitan cities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi capital, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong City, you would definitely appreciate the bustle and hustle, noise, and overcrowding well. In contrast, Hue nightlife is so absolutely peaceful and quiet that most tourists can feel and enjoy their solitude.

A thing that fascinates a lot of avid visitors and nature lovers is a poetic and romantic view of Huong River. Huong River, a 30-kilometer one, is famous for pure and clean water and lush vegetation along both sides. Especially, people come together to hear melodic lyrics in the evenings. There is nothing more wonderful than walking wordlessly and enriching in the artistic ambiance.

At dust, the whole city lights up and becomes fanciful and vivid with decorative lights. Seen from afar, a panorama view resembles romantic and subtle film footage of earthly paradise. Also, many visitors are keen on sitting on dragon-shaped boats and beholding splendid scenery.


1. Shopping at Hue night market

The shopping market is considered one of the interesting and fun experiences in Hue. An one could have shopped in many markets or supermarkets; however, it will be significantly different. Hue night market is home to a series of foods, mementos, various goods, and exclusive delicately traditional handicrafts.

Tourists can seize a chance to wallow in a mysterious space and wordlessly listen to natural sounds at twilight. In addition, this location is also a familiar pit stop for teenagers who can spend all night long strolling on the sidewalk and chilling out.

The more it is late, the more Hue nightlife is sparkling and colorful. Every stall is eye-catching, regardless of clothes stall, souvenir stall, or seafood one. A lot of people queue patiently for food or other essentials. Besides, it provides an array of clothes with new brands for all range ages, above all for girls.

Shopping at Hue Night market

Shopping at Hue Night market


2. Join bar and club on streets

At weekends, bars and pubs, which are always noisy and crowded, offer a wide range of parties and banquets. Sipping some wine or beer will give customers relaxed experiences after a hard working week as busy as a bee. Following well-known bars will be suggestive of your exciting and cheerful moments:

Le’s Garden Bar and Restaurant

This location provides customers with a series of foods and drinks. Besides big meals with attractive Vietnamese foods, the restaurant serves hundreds of dishes full of Western cuisine.

Brown Eyes Bar

The Bar and Restaurant will definitely be a perfect choice for someone keen on flora and nature. The space of Brown Eyes Bar is really open-air and environment-friendly. Especially, it is a place of fun to escape from the heat and overcrowding on summer days.

Victory Hotel

Victory Hotel is a high-end one in poetic Hue city. Located in the city's heart, it is just a stone’s throw away from Huong River. From every room, visitors can take a panorama view of charming city and emerald green gardens. All foods, as well as drinks here, provide customers multiple choices.

Join Bar & Club on Hue street

Join Bar & Club on Hue street


3. Stroll along walking streets

Like Hanoi City, some walking streets as Nguyen Dinh Chieu or Pham Ngu Lao Streets are also really crowded and bustling at the weekends. It will give visitors an ample opportunity to take part in interesting outside activities. Moreover, they witness eye-catching art performances at night.

Additionally, tourists can join traditional games or enjoy mouth-watering street foods while the others mingle themselves in an artistic space and snap a lot of memory photos.

Stroll along walking streets

Stroll along walking streets


4. Listen to Hue traditional music on Huong River

If one drops in Hue City without listening to melodic tunes on the Huong River, it seems as if he has never been there before. Bobbing on boats and mingling in catchy tunes as sweet lullabies. These tunes have captured a ton of visitor’s hearts. Each tune exudes its own emotions, which may be happy, sad, or sweet bitter after hearing it.

Hue traditional music has been considered an indispensable “spiritual meal” of people here. Every song or tune reflects practically daily life or familiar things. In addition, songs as non-verbal communication to express one’s love, feeling. It can be love among family members, friendship, patriotism, or affection.

Listen to Hue traditional music on perfume river

Listen to Hue traditional music on perfume river


5. Taste Hue street food at night

Stopping off a food stall and tasting some Hue street foods will make your journey more exciting. Many high students in specific and the young in general make a circle and eat street foods together. They even play musical instruments, sing, and dance heartily all night long, making their youthfulness emotional and unforgettable.

Almost all street foods are so yummy that every visitor can’t stand passing food stalls on the sidewalk. Besides baked street foods such as sweet potato, corn, pork, squid, and many more, tourists can enjoy a lot of beverages, juices, or smoothies as well. Buying several street foods, taking away and enjoying near Huong River, and you will feel nothing except relaxation and comfort.

Taste Hue street food at night

Taste Hue street food at night

Hue City is one of the most beautiful places where tourists can wallow in poetic and musical spaces for pleasure. Experiencing Hue nightlife will be a must-have thing for your memorable and meaningful trip.

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