Kayaking in Hoi An: Ultimate Guide

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Looking for a unique experience in Hoi An? As a result, a special sunset river tour will most likely astound you. You will kayak around the peaceful ancient town of Hoi An to enjoy the beautiful romantic sunset. Take a look at the article below to know more about Kayaking in Hoi An and find out the best kayaking spot in this beautiful city.

Kayaking is one of the new activities in Hoi An and interested by most tourist when coming here. Let's learn detail about it below.

Why should you try Kayaking in Hoi An?

Coming to Hoi An (Quang Nam), visitors can not only discover a World Cultural Heritage site with peaceful and quiet old quarters but also have the opportunity to experience many unique and attractive tourist services here. You can expect really special activities like lantern making or bucket boat riding to be included in your Hoi An tours.

However, you can enjoy the little town in a different way, and from a different viewpoint. Go kayaking on Thu Bon river is the best way for you to savour that. Just sitting on the tiny boat and enjoying the city in the sunset. Thu Bon river is like a mass mirror reflecting the yellowish sky and carving all the architecture of Hoi An onto the water, that moment will take your breath away.

The special thing is that when you go kayaking in Hoi An, you will not just be paddling around and enjoying the scenery. Hoi An offers you a really meaningful experience that helps a lot to save the environment. Besides the kayak, paddle, and lifejacket, you will be provided with a net and a big bag to collect all the trash you see on the river.

All this trash will be brought to the garbage disposal and be processed. When implementing this concept, the local's goal is to improve the lives of all those who live in and visit Hoi An. You are choosing to support weekly river cleanups, early childhood environmental education programs, and economic support programs for local tradespeople by participating in this activity.

Hoi An kayaking

Hoi An kayaking

When is the best time to do Kayaking in Hoi An?

Unlike Northern Vietnam, Hoi An is a city of two seasons with warm weather averaging 29°C dominating most of the year. In the opinion of experienced travellers, from February to July is the most suitable time to come and experience the amazing kayaking in Hoi An. The heat amplitude ranges from 18°C to 33°C which is greatly advantageous for tourism activities. During the dry season, Hoi An city experiences the most glorious enchanting beauty because the weather is pleasing and it hardly rains.

Coming to Cham island this season, you can feel the serenity of the sea, and the water is so clear that you can see the bottom. Enjoying swimming and immersing yourself in the cool water is amazing. Moreover, the weather in this season is also very convenient for travelling by canoe, taking pictures and especially ideal for diving and kayaking.

The wet monsoon season spans the months from September through to January and you are not recommended to travel to Cu Lao Cham in this season. During this time, the central climate is quite bad, with a lot of rain, rough seas, and Cu Lao Cham is often isolated from the mainland. The weather is also cold, it is difficult to dive and see the coral and the sea is not clear and beautiful.

Best time for Kayaking in Hoi An

Sunset is best time for Kayaking in Hoi An

Places to experience Hoi An Kayaking

Thu Bon River

The Thu Bon River in Hoi An plays an important role in the geography, culture as well as the history of Hoi An. The city flows peacefully through the ancient city, making it a fascinating spot to oversee the old town of Hoi An, and kayaking is absolutely the best activity to enjoy that view.

Besides, the kayaking service in Thu Bon river allows you to make a really meaningful action to the environment. Besides the kayaking tool kit, you are provided with a big bag and a net to collect all trash you see on the river and bring it back to the mainland. All the income from kayaking services is spent on the garbage disposal process. Go kayaking in such a beautiful place like the Thu Bon river and enjoy the fascinating view of Hoi An ancient town at dawn or sunset is such a one-in-the-lifetime experience.

Kayaking in Thu Bon River Hoi An

Kayaking in Thu Bon River Hoi An


Cham Island

Just 15 kilometres off Hoi An’s stunning coastline rise the Cham Islands—a set of eight granite masses of land. Their turquoise waters provide visitors with so many impressive activities and fishing opportunities, along with many powdery sand beaches to choose from.

And go kayaking is one of the best things to do if you ever have a chance to come to this gorgeous island of Central Vietnam. White sandy beaches, jewel blue water, and breeze wind are everything you need for a perfect kayaking spot, and Cham island is exactly that place..

Tips for the best experience of Kayaking in Hoi An 

- Be ready to get wet, and don’t be scared of the water. The kayaking spots in Hoi An are very safe, there are no big winds or waves, so there’s no way you can drop into the water.

- In case you don’t know how to swim, just put on the life jacket and everything will be good.

- When you go kayaking in pairs, the stronger and heavier one should always sit in the back, the boat is always easier to drive when the top is light and free.

- The best time to go Kayaking in the Thu Bon river is at sunset, when Hoi An city looks so magical with all the yellowish sunshine all over the city and the river is sparkling, carving the whole ancient town into its surface.

Kayaking is such an amazing sport no matter where you do it, but Hoi An offers you the unique experience of seeing the stunning ancient city in the sunset from a very exceptional position. So coming to Hoi An, don’t forget to go Kayaking once, it’s worth it.

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