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5 Must-try Water Sport in Hoi An

June 25, 2021 - 889 views

Summer comes with harsh sunlight that seems endless. Why don't we escape from the indescribably uncomfortable heat and the chaos amid life? And, of course, Hoi An becomes an ideal place for summer tours. Don't suppose that this destination has only ancient heritages, the ocean is available for you, too! Today, we will introduce to you 5 Must-Try Water Sports In Hoi An that you should not miss to give you a hint of fully enjoying your beach trip in the most interesting way this summer.

1. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving (Cham Island - Cu Lao Cham)

Welcome to time for discoveries of clear beaches and turquoise water. And more specifically, it is these wonderful factors that have created an extremely attractive coral diving activity. A system of corals of all shapes and types will break up your mind!

Thanks to the deep enough coastline and the blue water surface, you can see the green moss that creates conditions for visitors to fully explore the nature of the seabed.

Swimming in the cool water, watching the majestic and poetic mountain space of Cu Lao Cham. Not only can you float on the water, but you can also directly walk on the seabed to admire the beautiful and colourful coral reefs. Discover a new sea space for yourself, see fishes, and touch snails that you have never seen before.

The guide will instruct you on a few rules to participate in snorkelling and scuba diving safely with life jackets and diving goggles. If you join Hoi An scuba diving, you will be accompanied by an expert. Before immersing, you will learn briefly about manoeuvres under the sea as well as some symbols for your companion.

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving


2. Kayaking (Hoai River And Coconut Forest)

Hoi An Kayaking will help you feel the waves crashing, the strong shaking when the boat crosses the big waves or the feeling of the precariousness of seasickness. Visitors can participate in an extremely new and interesting journey experience called a trash pick-up tour. On a journey lasting about 6 km from palm forest to the old town, visitors join the tour while kayaking to admire the beautiful scenery, while swinging oars to go around the corners of the river to find nylon bags or plastic bottles.

Environmentally responsible tourism activities such as garbage collection tours will greatly contribute to building Hoi An into an ecological city. The local government always encourages individuals and organizations to combine economic activities and environmental protection.

Hoi An Kayaking

Hoi An Kayaking


3. Swimming (Cham Island)

In Cu Lao Cham, there are seven beautiful beaches, bold in nature, with a length of 100 - 700m, a width of about 20m, so you can choose one of these beaches to bathe and take pictures of. The sea here is extremely clean because the people and local authorities are determined to keep the environment green, not allowing the use of plastic bags on the island, and at the same time not littering indiscriminately to protect the marine environment.

The island has the most developed tourism service for lunch and rest. With smooth white sand stretching, blue seawater, cool straight coconut trees, it's time you relaxed!

Cham Island is famous for its long and clean coastline, golden sand, suitable for all ages to chill out every day. In addition to swimming activities, you can visit other tourist areas not far from the beach such as the lighthouse or numberless historical pier.




4. Stand-Up Paddling (Coconut Forest and Cham Island)

Just relax after hard working days by stand-up paddling. Sitting on a board in the middle of the ocean surrounded by quiet space will help you enjoy the extremely fresh air. The moment you surf down the quiet flow to admire the sunset will cleanse your soul and wipe out all stress!

If you think about space green, Coconut Forest is a fine choice. Visitors can admire and discover many mysterious things inside the coconut forest by floating aboard.

Once joining, it will connect friends and family when traveling together. One wear is safety when traveling in crowds for unexpected circumstances. On the other hand, traveling together in nature on a day off will bring more teamwork. In addition to relaxation, this sport also helps you have a healthy body. It will help if you keep your balance in a standing position so your waist, hips, and legs will work hard, so you don't fall. Thanks to that, you will have a great figure.

Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling


5. Underwater Walking (Cham Island)

Sea walker is a type of scuba diving that appeared recently. It is a new type of tourism service allowing visitors to leisurely walk in the ocean. These are schools of fish swimming around; colorful coral reefs; sea creatures with new shapes that you have only seen on TV before. You will experience scuba diving in a completely different way as you do not need fancy tools such as fins, air tanks, or oxygen masks. Accordingly, visitors will be given a hat to supply oxygen and follow the guide's instructions; you can fully participate in this seabed walking experience.

Another benefit is that guests who do not know how to swim can still participate. Why is that? Sea walker tour includes all measures to ensure complete safety for visitors. A team of well-trained and experienced professionals has built up safety principles, assuring visitors have a great experience walking on the seabed. Not only that but also the good news is that kids can also join the sea walker tour! So for the upcoming trip to the island, you can experience this exciting activity with the whole family!

Underwater Walking Cham Island

Underwater Walking Cham Island

Hoi An - a great destination for those who love the sea and island nature and want to explore the immense ocean. Tourism is an attractive activity all year round, especially in the summer, when the sun and heat make everyone feel uncomfortable. It's your option to get familiar with swimming games, walking on the beach, building sandcastles, or canoeing on the sea. Book Hoi An tours and enjoy an exciting vacation with water sports in Hoi An!

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