Scuba Diving in Hoi An: Complete Guide

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Vietnam with more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, is home to many scuba diving places. If you are a scuba diving lover and you are in Hoian, do not miss your chance to dive into one of the best islands Cu Lao Cham. Let's learn all detail about diving in Hoi An in the article below.

Cham island is about 20 km from Hoian ancient town. The island consists of 8 islets with primitive landscapes, wonderful sand beaches, forested hills, a nature reserve, and the sea. An island is a great place for swimming, camping, snorkeling, and scuba diving. A lot of tourists come to this island for scuba diving to enjoy the corals and beautiful marine life. The below article includes some useful information if you plan to scuba dive on this beautiful island.

Why should you try diving in Hoi An?

The best place to go scuba diving in Hoian is Cham island. It is about a 40-minute boat ride from the ancient town, and you can reach an amazing place. The island is home to a variety of fish species and corals. Diving here, you will be able to see an impressive underwater world with the most common species like clownfish, lionfish, seahorses, crabs, and triggerfish.

Cham island is a great diving place for everyone from beginners to advanced divers. There are a lot of diving centers in Hoian where you can sign up for the scuba diving tour. These centers have qualified staff to help you in every stage of diving.

The biggest appeal for the Cham Islands dive sites was the overall environment. There was a large variety of different types and colored corals, which can be hard to find, everywhere. The landscape truly felt alive with numerous different fish, crabs, eels, and various other creatures. 

The best time for scuba diving in Cham island is from June and August when the weather is perfect for diving, the water is clear to see the underwater life. March, April, September are also good times to scuba dive. Outside of these months, the weather in Hoi An can be rough with seasonal storms thrashing the coast and causing unsuitable diving and snorkeling conditions. Most of the dive shops actually close down from October through to February due to these rougher weather conditions.  

Amazing to do Scuba diving in Hoi An

Amazing to do Scuba diving in Hoi An

Is diving in Hoi An expensive?

Hoi An offers various diving places which are mostly located around Cham islands. With the coast teeming with a diversity of coral reefs and tropical fish, it is promisingly good scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. In the town, you can find some dive centers. Among them, Cham Island Diving Center and Blue Coral Diving are the most standing out.

Depends on your level and the dive spots, only from 80 USD with Diving Center and from 90 USD with Blue Coral Diving, you will have a chance to accesses some dive sites around Cham Islands ranging from underwater pinnacles, coral reefs, and gardens, and wild rock formations, experience any dive styles that suit all diving levels, from complete beginners to divemasters. That is such an adorable price for diving in a flawless place with the professional staff who can speak different languages such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and commit to providing the best diving experience in a friendly, safe, and professional way.

Diving in Hoi An is not expensive

Diving in Hoi An is not expensive

Where to experience Hoi An diving?

Hon Thai North and Hon Thai South

Hon Thai North and Hon Thai South are the best places for diving in the Cham Islands thanks to its warm temperature and great visibility. On sunny days, you can dive up to 15 meters under the sea to explore the pure beauty of the marine world here. Diving in these places, you will be able to see different kinds of colorful corals, sea animals including fishes, shrimps, crabs, sea cucumbers, or lionfish.

Hon Nhan

This diving place is for the intermediate level.  You can dive up to 40 meters into the deep sea. Diving here, you will be able to see plenty of ribbon eels, seahorses, pipefish, triggerfish, barracudas, or thousands of nudibranchs that scatter over the seabed.

Diving trip in Hoi An

Diving trip in Hoi An

Hon Mo

Hon Mo is a popular diving spot for everyone from beginners to advanced divers. In this place, you can dive up to 35 meters to see different kinds of fishes, a colorful array of clownfish, seahorses, pipefish, and corals.

Rang Manh

Ranh Manh is another interesting diving site in Hoian. There are fewer corals here than in Hon Thai North and Hon Thai South, however, you will have a great chance to explore the rock formations on the seabed. The water level here is shallow from 6 to 25 meters. Diving here, you will be able to see a lot of schooling fishes, lionfish, barracuda, and large rocks.

best places to diving in Hoi An

Best places to diving in Hoi An

And some more:

Mui Loa: You dive into from 18 meters to 35 meters to see batfish, nudi’s, lionfish

Hon Giai North: You can dive up to 18 meters to see hard and soft coral, triggerfish, lionfish, clownfish, and shrimps.

Bai Bat: The water level is shallow, and you will be able to see the angle, clown, nudi’s, and damsel’s when diving here.

Tips for the best experience of diving in Hoi An

  • You will not need to bring many things for a scuba diving trip, just your swimsuits, and a waterproof camera.
  • Dive close to your diving guide because he knows about the area and the best place to see some unique creatures.
  • Do not forget to check the weather forecast before the tour and choose the date with the best temperature and visibility
  • If you find scuba diving a bit hard, try snorkeling first.

Scuba diving in Hoian is definitely a great experience. If you come to Hoian from March to September, do not miss joining this kind of water activity.

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