Things to do in Hoi An

Visit Hoi An Town

Hoi An is so attractive with ancient houses, souvenir shops, tailor shops, cyclo drivers, street vendors, lantern-sparkled nights, performances of folk songs and arts. All these make Hoi An more beautiful and friendly. Every time visitors visit the town, they always have different impressions. Coming here, tourists can see a series of old-architectured lanes and houses with mossgrown walls, deeply plain roofs, old furniture in their cristine past arrangment. The majority of beautiful buildings were constructed from the 15th to 19th centuries and be preserved today. These houses are spacious and harmoniouswith nature because of skylight.It makes house become cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Building material are stones, precious wood that can suffer the harsh natural conditions. 

Local street foods

If you are a foodie, trying local food is must do activities. All the food is balanced in texture and flavor. Let take your time to enjoy some famous dishes in Hoi An such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Cao Lau, Chicken rice, White Rose, Mashed Rice pancakes.

Cyclo tour

Take a cycle is an ideal idea to explore Hoi An ancient town. The driver will take you to all streets of ancient town; you will have chance to see old house with yellow color, value historic building and different overview about Hoi An local life style. 

Eco tour

Hoi An is a peaceful land, let take your opportunity  to experience first hand the authentic daily lives of the local fishing and farming communities in and around Hoi An. Forget all stresses in work, busy like to immerse yourself in new air. It is really unforgettable experience in your life.

Biking tour

Renting a bicycle has always been a good way to explore Hoi An and its surrounds. You can take sight to rural of Vietnam, visits a fish sauce factory, a rice wine business, a peanut product plant, a woodworking village and a village specialising in making reed mats.

Making lantern

Hoi An is so high light in the night with colorful lantern. These colorful lanterns are not only the symbol of Hoi An old town but also a part of the spirit of the Hoi An. Why don’t you spend your time to learn how to make the lantern as small memory & gift in Hoi An? 

Cooking class

Hoi An is undoubtedly one of the most famous places in Vietnam by cuisine. All dishes conquer prissy gourmet. If you want to become an acknowledgement about Hoi An food, joining one cooking class is one choice.

Visit Cu Lao Cham - Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham island belongs to Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, far away from  Cua Dai beach 18km towards to the East, about 30 minutes by speedboat. Cu Lao Cham is considered as an precious pearl with natural forests, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and many other valuable species.Visiting Cu Lao Cham, visitors can join some activities like swimming, diving to see dynamic and the majestic world underwater. Do not miss to go to Cu Lao Cham when you visit Hoi An.

Shopping In Hoi An

There are many clothes store in Hoi An where you buy favorite clothes for yourself. Here you can easily find some materials, silk, with favorite colors. We are pleased to give you some address for shopping in Họi An.

- Shop 45: 45 Hoang Dieu Street, Hoi An 

- Trang Tailors: 43 Trang Hung Dao Street, Hoi An 

- Yaly Fashion: 358 Nguyen Duy Hieu