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Phu Quocoffers many beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue water. Bai Truong or Long Beach is the longest beach that combing rocky rapids interspersed with small fishing villages. The article below will give you detail why Long Beach is unique and what attract. Let's explore it now!

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Long Beach is located in Duong To Commune and is 15 minutes drive from Duong Dong Town, parallel to Tran Hung Dao Street - one of the busiest tourist streets. It takes: 5 minutes drive from Phu Quoc airport, 15 minutes drive to Sao Beach and Thom Island.

Long Beach is famous for its golden sand, and the blue sea, located in Duong To Commune, has a length of more than 20km from Dinh Cau to North An Thoi. The beach is divided into two small beaches: north & south Long Beach. It is connected by rocky rapids, coconut trees, and hidden fishing villages.

Long Beach is a nature favor with many beautiful sceneries, wide & golden sand beaches, incredibly fantastic sunset views that photographers dream of. This beach is also the only place where nature favors and bestows favorable conditions to cultivate pearls.

Long Beach Phu Quoc

Long Beach


Discover the fairy-like beauty of Long each

Long Beach has a pristine beauty; strange charm attracts a thousand tourists every year. It is known as the watercolor here can change sometimes blue, sometimes jade green creates incredibly beautiful.

The sand here has a golden color combine with clear blue sea, green poplars & coconut trees are exceptionally pleasing to the eyes. This fantastic natural scenery offers a peaceful & relaxing atmosphere that is suitable for a beach vacation.

People said Long Beach is most beautiful at sunset when the sun slowly sank into the sea like a great watercolor painting. Every photographer wants to catch this fantasy scene.

fairy-like beauty of Long each

Fairy-like beauty of Long each


Best time to visit Long Beach

Phu Quoc's weather is divided into two distinct seasons rainy (May-Oct) and dry (Nov - Apr). So the best time to visit Phu Quoc in general and Long Beach, in particular, is the dry season with little rain, beautiful sunshine suitable for outdoor activities, and beach vacation. However, you can still visit Long beach in the rainy season went interesting things like less crowded, promotion hotels & other services. Let's plan your trip and decide your travel time preference.

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Best time to visit Long Beach

Best time to visit Long Beach


Top activities in Long Beach Phu Quoc

What to do in Long Beach is a wonder of many tourists coming here. Let's explore the top things to do below.


Going to Long beach without swimming is a big missing. During summer days, swimming is a quick way to cool off. Deep yourself under clean, cool seawater dispels the heat and helps you go out of all worries and stress.

Swimming in Long Beach



Admire sunset

Coming to Long Beach Phu Quoc you must witness the scene of the sun slowly sinking into the sea. The sunset here looks like a dreamy watercolor painting to admire or take great photos. It is also a romantic moment for you with your lover hand in hand walking along this beautiful beach.

Admire sunset

Admire sunset



There are many massage parlors located along Long Beach at a suitable price. How great it is after walking explore beach then enjoy relaxing moment under the shade of green coconut trees. The mind and whole body are completely liberated.

Massage in Long Beach




Kayaking is one of the best activities that you can admire the whole beautiful scenery of Long Beach. It is a great moment when floating on the water,  touching the cool water, watching colorful fish swimming close to the side of the boat. Because of it pleasant so attract many tourists to do. Let’s rent a kayak and enjoy this activity.


Taste seafood dishes along the beach

Long Beach is one of the best places for your culinary discovery journey in Phu Quoc. It will be great memories when you immerse yourself in the pristine beach and enjoying delicious foods. You can find many Phu Quoc specialties dishes such as Grilled onion, herring salad, king crab, stir-fried noodles, shrimp, sea cucumber... All the seafood here is fresh and offers an original taste. 

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Taste seafood dishes along the beach

Taste seafood dishes along the beach


Sonasea Shopping center walking street.

Sonasea Walking Street is the first walking street in Phu Quoc located right Long beach. You can find many entertainment activities here such as enjoy food parties, music, shopping. Not only fresh seafood but also local products, handmade souvenirs can easily find here.

This walking street is more beautiful at night with designed lights and motifs with a "the sea" theme. It will be more colorful on public holidays like Christmas, New years, National day. Do not miss visiting this street when traveling to Long Beach.

Sonasea Shopping center walking street

Sonasea Shopping center walking street


Travel tips when visiting Long Beach

Before starting the trip to Long Beach, you should take note few things below.

- Should prepare enough clothes, swimwear, skirts, ... to have fun and take great pictures.

- Should bring a wide-brimmed hat, eyeglasses, sunscreen, makeup... to protect your skin.

- Do not drive to see the coral without being equipped with protective gear.

- Do not swim near places where signs are prohibited.


Long Beach Phu Quoc has many beautiful landscapes and diverse marine ecosystems, unique cuisine for you to explore. You also can easily find a beach resort here. Do not forget tobook Phu Quoc tourswith us to enjoy your fantastic vacation.

Long Beach Map

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