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Discovering Tranquility in Maha Bandula Park

Yangon is the biggest town in Myanmar and was also an ancient capital of Burma. This place is famous for its modernity and development, adorned with vibrant colors that captivate a diverse array of tourists.

A tourist destination not to be missed when visiting Yangon City is Maha Bandula Park. Known as the Independent Monument of Myanmar, Maha Bandula Park currently is an ideal place for locals to practice Tai Chi Sessions.

Maha Bandula Park (Myanmar)

Overview Of Maha Bandula Park

  • Location: Yangon, Myanmar
  • Other name: Mahabandula, Mahabandoola. 
  • Opening hours: 9:30 - 19:30 
  • Entrance fee: Free Entry

The Maha Bandula Park is a beautiful park situated in the heart of Yangon, named after the Burmese hero who fought against the British during the First Anglo-Burmese War from 1824 to 1826.

The impressive 48-meter length of the Independence Monument is surrounded by smaller columns and bronze lion statues.

Discover Famous Maha Bandula Park Of Yangon City

Discover the Famous Maha Bandula Park Of Yangon City

Maha Bandula is a popular garden enclosed by four main roads including Maha Bandula Street to the east, Sule Pagoda Road to the west, and Konthe Road and Maha Bandula Road to the south and north, respectively. With its stunning appearance, Maha Bandula Park provides an ideal escape from the bustling city life.


Things To Do When Visiting Maha Bandula Park 

Attend Tai Chi Session

Maha Bandula Park has some famous attractions around Yangon Town such as  Yangon City Hall, the Supreme Court, and Sule Pagoda.

Surrounded by popular tourist destinations in Myanmar with its rose gardens, trees, and expansive lawns, Maha Bandula Park is the perfect place for leisure and entertainment, especially for Tai Chi practitioners.

Try Street Local Foods 

Experience Myanmar Food when strolling around the Park. Visitors can easily try many delicious cuisines of Yangon including grilled chicken legs, baked potatoes, noodles, skewers, etc. Besides, the night market along Maha Bandula Park is always open to serve travelers.

Try Street Local Foods Around The Park

Try Street Local Foods Around The Park

Picnic Time With Friends 

Maha Bandula Park has a comfortable atmosphere that helps you release stress in your busy day. You can spend a day for a picnic on the grass with your nearest, and enjoy the colorful place and diverse beautiful scenery of Yangon City.

The park brings a serene atmosphere in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city.


How To Get to Maha Bandula Park From Yangon Airport

The distance between Yangon Airport to Maha Bandula Park is 17 km. There are several ways to get to the park you can refer to for your trip. 

By Taxi

  • Price: around $14 to $18

There are many taxis you can find in the Yangon Airport, so it is easy to catch one right away. Moving by Taxi can be faster in just about a 30-minute drive. 

Note: The price doesn’t include surcharges, tolls, or delays. Charges will differ depending on the brand of the taxi, always check the price with the operator before traveling.

By Bus

  • Price: around $16 to $24

It is quite cheap to transfer by bus to Yangon City. Also, riding the bus allows you to interact with locals and observe everyday life through the window, providing a unique cultural experience. 


Explore Nearby Attractions of Maha Bandula Park

Yangon City Hall 

With its distinctive Burmese architectural style, featuring traditional roofs known as Pyatthat, this place is adorned with unique details.

Explore Special Architecture Yangon City Hall

Explore Special Architecture Yangon City Hall

The building showcases exciting elements such as a green peacock ornamentation above the central entrance, along with artistic motifs of Burma on columns and roofs.

Visitors are free to explore colonial architecture and learn about the history of Yangon and Myanmar. Take photos of the building, highlighting its unique architectural details and surroundings.


Sacred Sule Pagoda    

Sule Pagoda is an important Temple in the heart of Yangon, Myanmar. Gleaming golden stupa that stands proudly amidst the city's bustling surroundings.

Witness The Brilliant Grow Of Sacred Sule Pagoda

Witness The Brilliant Glow Of Sacred Sule Pagoda

Built over 2,000 years ago, the pagoda is not only a religious site but also a symbol of Myanmar's rich cultural heritage.

Its unique shape sets it apart, and the gold exterior a brilliant glow, especially during sunset. Visitors can discover its peaceful surroundings with shrines, making it a captivating destination for both spiritual experience and cultural exploration.


Local Tips When Exploring Maha Bandula Park 

  • Political Problem: The Maha Bandula Park was closed due to the military coup and political issues since February 2021 then was opened recently. Follow updated news about Myanmar tourism for your safe trip. 
  • Be respectful to local culture: Myanmar is a diverse religious country including Buddhism, Islam, Muslim, etc. But the most is Theravada Buddhism, claiming 89% of the population. You should be civility when visiting famous public attractions.

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