Top 5 Markets for Best Shopping in Hue

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Shopping is an essential part of a vacation, especially for shopping lovers, it’s even a highlight for the whole trip. If you are in Hue and look for a place to go shopping for souvenirs that are signature, meaningful, and practical to bring back home, don’t hesitate to follow BestPrice for excellent tips. Through this article, we will not suggest you go to any fancy and luxurious places, just normal exciting top 5 markets where you can find tons of things at an affordable price.

1. Dong Ba Market

  • Location: 02 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 6:00 Am – 6:00 PM

Dong Ba is considered one of the most well-known markets in Hue that you should visit for shopping in Hue. It is situated along the famous Perfume River, which somehow creates the image that represents the symbolization of Hue culture. There is a variety of goods that you can find here that are of high quality and good price (if you know the right way to bargain). As can be known, a majority of tourists come here for its popular and wide-range specialities.

Of course, it’s the most famous market in Hue, so you might feel it’s overcrowded, suffocating, but it’s actually worth the experience. If you want to try a lot of unique cultural Hue cuisine in a short amount of time, please take a little trip to Dong Ba Market. Coming here, you will be able to taste all the most recommended street dishes such as mussels dishes, Banh Khoai, Banh Bot Loc, Hue beef noodles, etc. Besides, it’s ideal to shop for unique and artistic souvenir items such as wooden bracelets, tiny cyclos, bamboo flute, etc.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market


2. Ben Ngu Market

  • Location: Phan Dinh Phung, Vinh Ninh, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 24/24

Another spot that you shouldn’t miss when you are shopping in Hue is Ben Ngu Market. Ben Ngu Market is also situated in an amazing location, which is right next to a river that happens to be a significant exchange of goods in Hue. Visitors who come here enjoy it because it brings out the vibe of an ancient traditional Hue on a daily basis. The best thing is Ben Ngu Market is super famous for selling goods at a very cheap price, it’s even a lot cheaper compared to Dong Ba Market. Normally, people sell basic kinds of stuff that apply for everyday use.

Ben Ngu Market

Ben Ngu Market


3. An Cuu Market

  • Location: 89 Hung Vuong, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

An Cuu Market was founded during the reign of Minh Mang King and a perfect destination for Chinese trading goods. It appeared to be the most crowded market in the south of Hue City. Tourists also know An Cuu Market as one of the major food paradises in Hue City. You can have a taste of almost everything on the list of food you must try in Hue (for an everyday dish) like Grilled Pork Vermicelli, Banh Beo, Banh Ram It. You will have a lot of options to choose what’s for your meal.

They offer all kinds of cultural signature dishes, as well as refreshing sweet treats like different kinds of sweet soups, smoothies, milk tea, etc. Specifically, Hue’s students really do love this spot because the price is incredibly cheap. Also, a huge plus advantage of An Cuu Market is the seller is super friendly and smiley.

An Cuu Market

An Cuu Market


4. Tay Loc Market

  • Location: 209 Nguyen Trai, Tay Loc, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Tay Loc Market is a unique market in Hue. It doesn’t really sell brand new items, the main focus items here are used goods and secondhand items. Honestly, it’s not a giant market in Hue, but it’s quite crowded because thrifting for a good quality product at a cheap price is not only a smart saving money method but also a trending lifestyle.

Sometimes, if you go on a good day, you might be lucky enough to find a brand new item at a price of a used item. Since the price is too good and the quality is decent, people tend to buy more to save more. Normally, it’s been reviewed that shoppers usually go home with an average of at least 3-4 items per person. If you are interested in a second-hand item, don’t walk, run to Tay Loc Market.

Tay Loc Market

Tay Loc Market


5. Phu Hau Market

  • Location: Phu Hiep, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 24/24

Actually, Phu Hau is a wholesale market, which is the place where sellers take goods for retail. As a result, the price is amazingly affordable. Lots of stuff is sold here ranging from fruits, seafood, etc. to household goods. However, be careful and plan in advance because the market starts early. Hence, the stuff might be sold out at a very fast speed.

Phu Hau Market

Phu Hau Market

BestPrice hopes that based on these 5 recommendations, you can decide which one you want to go to and have a delightful and exciting experience for your tour in Hue.

Joy Pham

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