Mo Luong Cave Vietnam

Mo Luong cave is located in Pu Kha mountain system of Mai Chau town, Hoa Binh province. This is a very unique tourist destination, ideal for travelers who like to explore and find strange feelings when coming to Mai Chau.

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Mo Luong cave has 4 main caves with a depth of about 500 m. The first cave is 60m long, 16m wide, and the ceiling is 20m high. The cave is arranged as a large living room, each stalactite beams like decorative ceiling lights.

Mo Luong Cave

Mo Luong Cave

The second one is 10m higher than the first cave, when stepping into the cave, visitors feel like have just stepped into a wonderland of stone. On either side of the cave are stalactites like fairies and Buddha statues, on the walls are white, yellow, blue, gray streaks like sparkling clouds. The floor has stone veins like a silver carpet.

Going through the second cave, visitors will enter the third cave. This is a large cave with an area of about 400m2 and is cooler than the other caves. This place is very quiet with stalactites come down from the ceiling like huge teeth. The last cave is very wide with a height of 25 m, a length of 15 m and a width of 12 m. In this cave there are many stalactites and stone pillars with unique shapes. At the end of the cave, there is an underground stream flowing into Mo Luong Lake in the front of the mountain.

Worshiping Inside The Cave

Worshiping Inside The Cave

Visiting Mo Luong Cave, visitors not only admire the beauty of stalactites with unique shapes, but also hear the legend about a snake turned into dragon bringing rain to the village. In order to show gratitude to the snake, the villagers worship the snake in Mo Luong cave.

Mo Luong Cave Map

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