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Nem - Cha - Tre

July 12, 2023 - 738 views

Have you heard the name of Nem - Cha - Tre specialities of the ancient capital of Hue? Join us to discover interesting things about this speciality.

Each locality has a different cuisine and has its characteristics. Likewise, Hue cuisine brings the idyllic and quintessential to any diners coming here. No stranger to the people of Hue Imperial Capital is the Nem-Cha-Tre dish. This culinary trio has a lot of places to sell and this type of speciality is everywhere you can buy it as a gift. Our article will provide the most detailed information about Nem - Cha - Tre right now.

Nem - Cha - Tre Hue

Nem - Cha - Tre specialities of the ancient capital of Hue

Origin of Nem - Cha - Tre

This trio dish originated from the ancient capital of Hue. Perhaps for that reason, the taste of Nem - Cha - Tre in Hue is the most delicious and unique. In the ancient capital of Hue, the Dao Duy Tu neighborhood is the oldest and most famous place to preserve 3 generations as Nem, Cha, and Tre in Hue.

Origin of Nem - Cha - Tre

Origin of Nem - Cha - Tre

Ingredients of Nem - Cha - Tre

Nem Hue is different from other regions in seasoning. What is strange about Nem Hue (spring rolls) is the fact that each spring roll always appears around pepper in the middle. Pepper is not pureed and mixed into spring rolls, but it is located right on the rolls, which creates a pungent smell mixed with the sour smell of Hue spring rolls. The flavors are dissolved in small rolls, sour with a strong taste.

Nem - Cha - Tre is made mainly from pureed pork, pork skin, pork ears, garlic, galangal, chilli, sesame, and other spices such as delicious fish sauce, sugar, salt. All these ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed or fermented. The secret to creating delicious tea packages is in the "seasoning". Chefs must taste spices so cleverly to bring a rich flavor to Tre for visitors so that they eat once and remember forever.

This dish is best when served with chutney, beer, and wine. The taste of Nem - Cha - Tre is both strong and sour. This trio of specialties can be stored for ten days. 

Nem - Cha - Tre in Hue

Ingredients of Nem - Cha - Tre

Some good places to enjoy Nem - Cha - Tre in Hue

1. Nem - Cha - Tre - Ba Ngon:

  • Address: 222 Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, Hue City
  • Price: 0.86 - 15.48 USD

A special thing about Nem - Cha - Tre - Ba Ngon is that all kinds of spring rolls are wrapped in banana leaves, boiled with charcoal creating a unique flavor for its dish. 

Nem - Cha - Tre Ba Ngon

Nem - Cha - Tre - Ba Ngon

2. Dong Ba Shop

  • Address: No 25 Dao Duy Tu Street, Hue City
  • Price: 2.15 - 9.14 USD, you can buy 1 pound of Nem / Cha / Tre depending on the type

Nem - Cha - Tre in Dong Ba Shop (Dao Duy Tu street) brings the traditional flavor of Hue. The spring rolls are wrapped neatly, beautifully with banana leaves. 

Nem - Cha - Tre Dong Ba

Nem - Cha - Tre Dong Ba

3. Hao Hao Shop

  • Address: near the intersection of Dong Ba Bridge and Dao Duy Tu Street
  • Price: 0.86 - 6.46 USD

Hao Hao has another name, which is Vinh's shop. Hao Hao's Nem is made from the main ingredient of meat and pork. You will certainly love Nem of this shop. 

Nem - Cha - Tre is a specialty that you should not miss when visiting Hue. This trio of specialties is also suitable to buy as gifts for everyone. If you have the opportunity to Hue, don't forget to taste Nem - Cha - Tre.

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