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Old Hanoi people said: “Glossy silk from Yen Thai, pottery from Bat Trang, goldsmiths from Dinh Cong and bronze-casting from Ngu Xa”. Famous with casting bronze for many centuries, Ngu Xa Village is a traditional village of Vietnam.

Ngu Xa Village is located in Truc Bach Lake which through West Lake, belongs to Ba Dinh District of Hanoi. So it makes Ngu xa Village like a small peninsula which covered by water.

Ngu Xa Village has a long history, about 500 years old. “Ngu Xa” means five villages, including: Dong Mai, Chau My, Long Thuong, Dien Tien and Dao Nien which have good technique in casting bronze. People in these five villages moved to Thang Long and established a new village called “Ngu Xa” to remember their old villages. People of Ngu Xa Village do not grow crops like other villages in Vietnam. Since the time set up the village, they only do jobs related to cast bronze such as: manufacturing, transporting and trading village’s products.

Ngu Xa Village

Ngu Xa Village

The cast bronze techniques of Ngu Xa’s people reached peak. To make a perfect product, they not only need the creation, high standard eyes but also base on secret keys of the family in business which transferred generation to generation and experience owned. What makes the unique in products of Ngu Xa village is the technique of bronze monolithic-casting. Monolithic-casting is very sophisticated, special with big size products. To cast a small or medium size product, it spend about three to four months to complete and more than one year with a big bell or statue.

Ngu Xa Village

Ngu Xa Village

Bells and statues are the most famous products of Ngu Xa Village. You can find Ngu Xa’s bells in every Vietnamese pagoda. Buddha Statue in Thien Quang pagoda is a famous statue of Ngu Xa’s product with 3.95m in height, 11.6m in diameter and 10 tons in weight. Tran Vu statue in Quan Thanh temple casted in 1677 and the bell in One Pillar Pagodar are also typical examples of Ngu Xa’s products.

From West Lake, you walk along Thanh Nien Street then turn right to Truc Bach Street until reaching Ngu Xa Village. Tourist can also book a motorbike tour to have an easier trip and tour guide will give you more information about the village.

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