Ninh Thuan Province Guide - All you need to know

Already famed for its beautiful beaches and wind power potential, the south-central province of Ninh Thuan is proving one of the country’s most attractive destinations.

Ninh Thuan, a province in the coastal Southern Central region, located in an important geographic position between the 3 major economic regions including Southern Central, Southeastern and Central Highlands. The nearest airport is Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang.

Ninh Thuan lies on the southern end of Central Vietnam in the coastal region. It borders Khanh Hoa in the North, Binh Thuan in the south, Lam Dong in the west and the South China Sea makes up the east. This province and it’s northern neighbor of Khanh Hoa are known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Vietnam. The province of Ninh Thuan has a small plain created by the Dinh River originating from the Lam Vien Plateau. Nearly two-thirds of the province is mountainous which limits agricultural land but adds to the provinces scenic nature.

The population of the entire province is just over 600,000 of which over 35% are lived in urban areas. Being home of Cham minority group, Ninh Thuan has characters culture of Cham ethnic, which stamp in local custom, Cham dance, sculpture, pottery, and brocade and agriculture of Cham towers. While traveling around Ninh Thuan, tourists will be likely to step in a fresh space which comprises a complex of Cham’ age-old towers with highlights as Hoa Lai, Poklong Garai and Po Rome.

Climatically Ninh Thuan is the driest and hottest region of the country. The climate is a combination of the tropical monsoon and dry and windy weather. Ninh Thuan has the highest number of hours of sunlight of any province in Vietnam and is the driest province in terms of rainfall in the country - a mere 700mm. Because of these conditions and the low level of urbanization, Ninh Thuan is still one of the four poorest provinces in Vietnam.

Much potential in Ninh Thuan has not been exploited. Hence, Ninh Thuan beaches, which are clean and warm in the whole year. With the coast being isolated up to now and much of the route inside the Nui Chua National Forest, dozens of undeveloped beaches line the road and you can stop and enjoy your own paradise. Better hurry, it won’t be long before it’s developed.

Ninh Thuan dry land and tropical climate are favorable for growing grape. Ninh Thuan is introduced as a grape producing area of Vietnam. November is a good time to visit Ninh Thuan southcentral province as you will have an excellent chance to admire vineyards in the harvesting season. Every year, Ninh Thuan organises an international red wine festival to introduce different kinds of grapes and products made from grapes. 

Phan Rang is the provincial capital of Ninh Thuan. The most obvious reason to travel to Phan Rang is the beach. Ninh Chu Bay, a splendid 10 km crescent, is considered one of Vietnam’s nine most beautiful beaches. It is safe to swim most times of the year and during the daytime it is nearly deserted. Sunrises are spectacular and it is quite enjoyable to come out and watch the locals go through morning exercises. For those who like their sports on dry land, the area around Phan Rang offers up plenty of adventure. A small resort is being developed near the Mui Dinh sand dunes and will be hosting off-road vehicle adventures. Looking up into the hills and rock formations, it is easy to imagine a cottage industry of hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Trekking tours through the Nui Chua mountain range can already be joined, and the area has great potential for river rafting.

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