Oan Lagoon

Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, which is voted as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia besides Halong Bay, Oan Lagoon is a fantastic islet with a unique shape that attracts various travelers to visit, especially French tourists.

Unique Oan Lagoon

Amazing Oan Lagoon

  • From far away, you can see its shape looks like a Vietnamese offering to the Buddha (Oan Cake)
  • French tourists really addicted to this land
  • A famous French actor  Catherine Deneuve came here in 1992 for some film scenes in the movie L’indochine (Indo-China)
  • Some film scenes were built on the small corner of the islet that remains till now



Oan Lagoon is an islet located in the less touristy area of Bai Tu Long Bay. This islet is 22 meters tall, 300m from Bai Tho mountain, Bai Chay tourist port is about 5km to the East. Come to this lagoon, you not only have a chance to admire the stunning islet with fantastic French film scenes in the past but also take a deep breath in wonderful nature and immerse yourself in the peaceful sense of this Dragon Land.

Oan Lagoon Location

Oan Lagoon Location


What to see?

This has been known to many tourists since 1992 when the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve came to play some scenes in the movie L'indochine (Indochina), produced by Paradis Film. In the corner of the small island, the scenes built for the movie still remain

  • The rocky road to the sea is called the slave pier
  • The house of the prison camp, where the lovers have painfully parted

Visiting this fantastic Islet, besides exploring exciting famous French film scenes in real life and reliving with the flow of time, you also blow your mind with the peaceful atmosphere of nature and fresh air.



The best way, and maybe also the only way, to admire the unique Oan Lagoon is to participate in the cruise and have a glimpse of this small islet from onboard while the lovely cruise sails leisurely in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Magnificent Swan Cruise In Bai Tu Long Bay

Magnificent Swan Cruise In Bai Tu Long Bay

With this option, besides exploring this fantastic feature, you also can visit various other wonderful destinations in Bai Tu Long Bay and participate in interesting onboard activities, such as kayaking, squid fishing, enjoying Vietnamese Cooking Class, etc.

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Extra Tips visit

  • Don't forget to take pictures of a unique point on the islet
  • Catch the right moment when the cruise passes through the Islet to sightsee
  • Remember to bring sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to avoid the sun and heatstroke when outdoors for too long

Hope the information of BestPrice above will be valuable for you and help you have a general glimpse of one of the most unique Islets in Bai Tu Long Bay!

Oan Lagoon Map

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