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Ong Lang Beach Phu Quoc

Unlike other famous beaches in Phu Quoc, Ong Lang beach seems to be out of the flow of life, unspoiled and strangely peaceful. It is "Maldives in Vietnam”, attracts tourists with its wild, splendid and peaceful beauty. Let's find out all the details below.

Ong Lang Beach is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc, takes about 10 minutes to drive for 7 km from Duong Dong town. It is not very far from the center but just a few Vietnamese come, most of them are foreigners. Ong Lang is a very unique beach that does not stretch continuously, it is interrupted by rocky interspersed with sandy beaches. You will be impressed by the poetic beauty of cool row green trees running along the coast, golden sand beach, turquoise color seawater.


Best time to visit Ong Lang Beach Phu Quoc

With the mild weather as well as the position to avoid the wind and waves, so the sea is always calm, you can visit Ong Lang beach every month of the year. 

The most beautiful time to visit Bai Ong Lang beach is from October to March every year in the dry season. This time the beach is wonderful, the sun is gentle and not harsh, the temperature is cool and pleasant, the waves are calm which is very suitable for a beach vacation. It is also an amazing time to admire the sunset.

The rainy season from May to October is also not too bad to visit Ong Lang beach. The rain usually appears in the morning and does not affect your schedule. Also, this is a quiet time in Phu Quoc so you can easily find good hotels, resorts with great price offers.

Best time to visit Ong Lang Beach Phu Quoc

Best time to visit Ong Lang Beach Phu Quoc


How to get to Ong Lang Beach

Ong Lang Beach is not too far from Duong Dong town so you can easily transfer there. The path is quite easy and beautiful, you can choose to get there by motorbike or taxi.

Motorbike is suitable for adventurous tourists, the price for renting a motorbike is about 120,000 VND - 150.00 VND/day. You can use google maps to find a way and it takes you about 15 minutes to drive.

Take a car or taxi if you go in a large group or do not want to self-drive. The taxi price in Phu Quoc is 14,000/km, and costs about 100,000 VND/ way from Duong Dong Town.


Best things to do in Ong Lang Beach

Coming to Ong Lang beach you will not be surprised with the peaceful beauty, the whispering poplar trees, the fine golden sand, and the clear blue sea. Let's explore the best things to do here following activities.

1. Swimming & sunbathing

Ong Lang Beach is always calm with blue water, that's why you should not miss immersing yourself in the mesmerizing beautiful water. Besides, if you want to have healthy brown skin, you can also choose to sunbathe on the shore, lie down on the smooth sand, or loungers. It will be a wonderful relaxing moment after the chaos of life in a quiet, peaceful, and full of shimmering sunshine, right? You should remember to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes & sunscreen to protect your skin.

Swimming & sunbathing in Ong Lang Beach

Swimming & sunbathing


2. Snorkeling or scuba diving

Ong Lang beach has very clear blue seawater and the rocky beaches are home to many species of fish, snails, and corals. Snorkeling or scuba diving is the best way to see coral. You are delighted to see the beautiful coral reefs, showing off their brilliant colors on the ocean floor. It is easy to rent diving gear and swimming goggles in restaurants, hotels, and resorts nearby.

Snorkeling or scuba diving in Ong Lang Beach

Snorkeling or scuba diving


3. Kayaking

Kayaking is also an interesting activity for those who like to exercise and float on the water. You can easily rent a kayak at a restaurant nearby, if you stay in the resort you can use it for free.

Kayaking in Ong Lang Beach



4. Admire beautiful sunset

Ong Lang is one of the best places to admire the beautiful sunset in Phu Quoc. The sunset scene here is truly outstanding. Among majestic nature with mountains, green trees, in front of a vast, calm sea, the waves crashing on the rocky beach, the sunset sky with romantic pink and orange tones appear will be the perfect highlight. Let's come and immerse ourselves at that moment.

Admire beautiful sunset

Admire beautiful sunset


5. Have a seafood BBQ party

Ong Lang Beach has many specialties of fresh and attractive seafood. How amazing is it for a barbecue party right next to the beautiful beach? You can easily buy seafood at a nearby restaurant or prepare it on your own. Then start your BBQ party together, it will be a great plan to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Have a seafood BBQ party

Have a seafood BBQ party

Some tips to have the best trip to Ong Lang Beach

  • You can organize a seafood barbecue on the beach, but after finishing, remember to clean up the garbage.
  • The rocky beaches are very beautiful but also covered with moss, so it is very slippery. If you climb up to take pictures, remember to be careful not to fall.
  • Try once to watch the sunset and have dinner at On The Rock restaurant. It will not disappoint you.
  • Do not bring too many unnecessary tools because there are many grocery stores, restaurants.
  • You should prepare a waterproof bag for the phone, camera
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Ong Lang Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that you should put on your pocket list when planning a trip to Phu Quoc. Let's sign up for Phu Quoc tour packages with us now to enjoy your wonderful vacation.

Ong Lang Beach Map

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