Pad Thai Bangkok - Should Not Miss When Coming Here

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Pad Thai ( Thai-Style Fried Noodles) is a famous dish of the country of the Golden Temple and is known by many international visitors. Going to Bangkok without trying Pad Thai Bangkok is a big mistake. So do you know what Thai-Style Fried Noodles consists of ingredients and how are they processed? In the following article, let us find out what Pad Thai is and how to make this dish.

Although the name sounds like it belongs to Thailand, actually this dish originated from China. Both noodles and the concept of 'stir-fried, fried' were introduced by the Chinese. Thai chefs have combined the two and add the sauce with ingredients of the homeland like fish sauce and tamarind. And to this day, this is the most famous dish in the world of Thai cuisine.

Pad Thai Bangkok- a dish not to be missed when coming to here

Pad Thai in the restaurant in Bangkok

Ingredients of Pad Thai

  • Seth (Pho noodles)
  • Fresh shrimp
  • Dried shrimp
  • Pieces of tofu
  • Chicken eggs
  • Jaggery
  • White sugar
  • Bean sprouts, chives
  • Shallot, garlic, chili
  • Peanut
  • Tamarind
  • Fish sauce, lemon

In addition, chefs can also add crab, squid, and chicken to Thai-Style Fried Noodles dishes depending on the restaurant.

How to make Pad Thai Bangkok

Step 1: Make Pad Thai sauce

Put tamarind in a cup, add a little warm water, and use a spoon to mash. Then filter through a sieve to get tamarind juice. Next, put the pan on the stove, over medium heat, then add the jaggery, fish sauce, white sugar, tamarind juice to cook. Cook until the ingredients dissolve, then lower the heat to simmer cooking for thick gravy, turn off the heat, let cool.

Step 2: Processing of raw materials

  • Pho noodle is soaked in cold water and then picked out to drain.
  • Tofu you cut into small squares and then put in the hot oil pan, fried golden crispy.
  • Dried shrimp soaked with warm water to soften shrimp.
  • Fresh shrimp you wash and peel off the tail leaving shrimp only.
  • Bean sprouts and shallots you washed with saltwater and drain.

Step 3: Cook the Thai Pad

Heat the pan, then add oil and garlic. Next, add the tofu and stir-fry, add all the shrimp to the pan.
Seasoning with salt and pepper. About 3 minutes, you add noodles, shrimp, and tofu.
Stir well and fry the noodles. When the noodles are hot, break the eggs into a stirring bowl. Stir fry well so that the eggs are evenly spread on the noodles.

 Pad Thai Bangkok- a dish not to be missed when coming to here

Cooking Thai Pad

Step 4: Complete

Then, you add the sauce mixture, stir well, and season again to taste. A standard Thai-Style Fried Noodles will leave little water and marinade to create a salty, sour taste.

Step 5: Enjoy

Now, you just need to put the dish on a plate with spread banana leaves, sprinkle roasted peanuts and crush on top of a few chives to enjoy it!

How do Thais enjoy Thai Pad?

To enjoy the deliciously delicious Pad Thai, you should eat it properly. Thais eat Thai Pad as the main dish, the spice of this stir-fried noodles is made according to traditional methods, with a sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and bitter taste.

The ingredients of Thai-Style Fried Noodles are not spicy, so you should put the dried chili in when enjoying it. You will feel the bitterness of chives and the acrid taste of banana flower and the sourness of lemonade. To eat the best Thai Pad, you should add fish sauce, sugar to taste.

Places to enjoy the standard Pad Thai Bangkok

To enjoy the full delicious taste, visitors should not miss Thip Samai - a food address for those who love Thai-Style Fried Noodles. It is a famous restaurant with lots of special Thai dishes, and they have maintained the recipe for these dishes for more than 50 years. In Thailand, you can find Thai Pad anywhere, but the taste is not comparable to Thip Samai.

Places to enjoy Pad Thai Bangkok

Thip Samai - Places to enjoy Pad Thai Bangkok

The most prominent here is the Thai Pad dishes such as Pad Thai Sen Jan Man Goong (Pad Thai shrimp) and Pad Thai Hor Kai Goong Sot ( Pad Thai wrapped in a thin omelet).

Each pan corresponds to 10 servings, but it is still never enough for diners lining the door. However, if you are a Thai Pad lover, waiting to enjoy a Thai-Style Fried Noodles at Thip Samai is worth it.

You can eat Pad Thai with drinks like Coconut Water ($ 0.65) according to the formula of King Rama's mother 9. Coconut water is very sweet and contains coconut in every drink. The other drink you can enjoy is orange juice ($ 4.85).

  • Address: 313-315 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Thailand
  • Opening hours: 17h - 2h
  • Price: $ 1.94 for a small Pad Thai and $ 6.47 for an extra Pad Thai with shrimp.

So, do you know what Pad Thai is and where to eat the best Thai-Style Fried Noodles Bangkok? Hopefully, you will experience the unique cuisine in Bangkok with the most wonderful things.

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