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Phi Phi Island Weather And Best Time to Visit

August 30, 2022 - 905 views

Phi Phi Island is one of the most well-known islands in Thailand. You are planning to go to Phi Phi Island but do not know about the weather and the best time to visit. Find out through the information below.

For those who love Thailand, Phi Phi Island is an island that is not too strange to anyone. This is one of the beautiful islands, attracting lots of tourists every year. If you are looking for a beach destination in Thailand, Phi Phi Island is a great choice. So what the Phi Phi Island weather is like and when is the best time should come here, the article will be an experience for you

1. What is the weather and climate like Phi Phi island?

Phi Phi Island has the typical weather of Thailand like other regions, which have a tropical, hot and humid monsoon climate. The climate here is divided into two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy season, in which the dry season lasts from October to April and the rainy season lasts from May to September. With this weather, you come here every month. will be able to travel and feel many different things. Each season will have a unique beauty, but there will be a time when it is really beautiful that you should come. So you should find out when visiting Phi Phi Island at the best time.

Phi phi Island - What is the weather and climate like Phi Phi island

Beautiful scenes of Phi Phi island

2. Which time should I go to Phi Phi Island and have any suitable activities?

Through the climate and scenery of Phi Phi Island, it can be seen that the best time to travel is from November to February. Coming to Phi Phi Island at this time, the weather is quite good. Cool, not too hot and rainy. You can visit the island tour. Activities you can do when you come here are participating in surfing, sitting on boats to the island and many other activities. At this time, fewer people come, so the space will be more comfortable and quiet. You can go with your lover or your family.

When visiting Phi Phi Island, you can visit Monkey Island, kayak, dive to the world of beautiful coral reefs, seaweeds beneath Koh Phi Phi ocean or swim with hundreds of beautiful fish. beautiful or with friends to experience the beautiful sunset and immerse yourself in the feeling of being tried as a fisherman, rocking the waves, smelling the salty taste of the sea and the sweetness of seafood.

Kaykaing - Interesting activities on Phi Phi island

Interesting activities on Phi Phi island

3. What event takes place at this time when visiting Phi Phi Island?

From November to February in Phi Phi island, there will be many events that you can attend. Those are the games and festivals that take place here. Sometimes you will encounter boat races, windsurfing on the island. Here you can see many bays, sandy beaches, coral reefs, reefs, cliffs, extremely beautiful. Moreover, the scenery of the people here is fishing and other activities.

Fishing Village - What event takes place at this time when visiting Phi Phi Island 

Fishing Village, the tranquillity of Phi Phi island            

On it is information about the weather and some tourist activities for Phi Phi Island. Hopefully, that is useful information for you to have an enjoyable trip for yourself. Let's plan a beach holiday in Thailand and be ready to go

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