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What Is The Best Time To Visit Thailand?

August 27, 2022 - 452 views

Thailand is famous for a multitude of vivid destinations from palaces, temples to shopping centers. Each year, this country attracts thousands of customers worldwide to contemplate its beauty. If you want to visit Thailand but do not know when is the best time to go, we recommend traveling during the cool season, which means the best time to visit Thailand is from November to April.

1. Best climate to visit Thailand

From late November to early April, you will see all the flights and hotels in Thailand are the most expensive of the year. Because this is the perfect time when there are lots of fun activities and exciting festivals for tourists to enjoy. As you can see, tourist season can be the best time to visit Thailand with calm weather but not budget at all.

From late November to February, you will not have to suffer from the rainy season. The average temperature is between 22°C and 29°C. Therefore, in the southern peninsula, the weather is dry and cool. In the north, the temperature ranges at different levels. The temperature is lower at higher altitudes (avg daily temp: 17°C - 26°C). So, it is the best month to visit Thailand for camping and hill tribe trekking in a couple of days.

In March and April, the weather is quite hot, which can reach around 35°C in Bangkok. As a result, most Thailand travel guides will recommend you to go to the South to enjoy the stunning beaches. The weather here is more consistent along with many low-flowing rivers, so it is very suitable for you to play some water activities like water rafting and kayaking.

Best climate to visit Thailand

From late November to early April, you will see all the flights and hotels in Thailand is the most expensive of the year

2. Events and festivals

During the period between November and April, there are a lot of interesting events and festivals for visitors to join. It is considered the festive time in Thailand as the period of New Year offers the best time to visit Thailand and learn more about Thai culture.

The first one is Loy Krathong Nationwide, celebrated on November 1st annually. To prepare for this day, Thai people will make so many baskets of flowers as well as lighted candles. Then, they will put them on lakes, rivers, seashores, canals, and ponds to honor water spirits. In addition, people will also release many beautiful paper hot-air balloons into the night sky. Almost every town will hold a big show with fireworks, public entertainments, and bazaars.

Secondly, on the third weekend of November, there is the Elephant Roundup Surin festival. This is a cultural festival in Surin province, Thailand. It is held in two days with a wide range of different shows demonstrating the skills and physical prowess of the animals including tugs of war and soccer games. Also, at the show, elephants will paint pictures, whirl hula hoops on the trunks and play polo.

If you want to celebrate your New Year, visiting Thailand in late December is truly a great idea. Almost all big cities in Thailand will welcome tourists with fireworks, beauty contests, food festivals as well as outdoor performances.

Regarding the biggest festival in Thailand, we cannot miss the Songkran festival, which is known as the Thai New Year’s national holiday. It lasts for 3 days every April. People will welcome a New Year with massive water fights along the streets. There will be a lot of sandcastles in temple compounds and also, “Miss Songkran” beauty contest along with inevitable parades.

Events and festivals - Best Time to visit Thailand

Loy Krathong is annually celebrated to honor water spirits

3. Top attractions to visit in Thailand


Of course, when coming to Thailand, the first place you should visit is Bangkok, the capital of the country. Here, you can choose to experience a lot of interesting activities such as catching a tuk-tuk around the city, visiting the gleaming temples, taking a boat on floating markets, or enjoying local dishes at street stalls. If you like shopping, luxury malls are always open for you.

Bangkok - Best Time to visit Thailand

You can choose to experience a lot of interesting activities


If you are looking for a relaxing place in the south of Thailand, you should not skip Krabi, which is famous for its breathtaking sceneries. There are more than 150 islands together with a wide range of caves, limestone cliffs, exotic wildlife, and waterfalls.

Krabi offers tourists around the world so many leisure activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing, island-hopping, sea kayaking, and snorkeling. Thus, go to Krabi, Thailand in summer to enjoy the best of beach activities here.

Krabi - Best Time to visit Thailand

Krabi - wonderful destination for leisure activities


Kanchanaburi is an awesome destination for anyone wanting to get some tingles of reflection and discovery from its World War II history. When coming to this city, you will be appealed by lots of delightful diversions like bamboo rafting journeys, gemstone villages, or Khmer temples. At night, a leisurely stroll along the riverside area is ideal for you. And if you want to make the atmosphere more loudly, you can go to some bars and discos available here.

Kanchanaburi - Best Time to visit Thailand

Kanchanaburi is an awesome destination for anyone wanting to get some tingles of reflection and discovery from its World War II history

Totally, Thailand is such a beautiful country that is worth your visit every season of the year. Let's take a tour of Thailand. Also, at different times of the year, there will be different events and festivals for you to join. However, for the most comfortable weather, you should go between November and April, as we have recommended above. 

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