Phnom Penh Weather in June

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Due to its breathtaking two-season scenery, Cambodia has long been a popular tourist destination. However, many people are reluctant to travel since they are unsure of the best time to do so. Check out the information in the travel guide below from BestPrice Travel about Phnom Penh weather in June if you're also planning a trip here.

Is June the best time to visit Phnom Penh?

The month of June in Phnom Penh is the wet season, with an average temperature of around 30°C. The temperature is, nonetheless, relatively high. Indeed, the best time to travel is not when it is hot and rainy.

Even though June marks the start of the rainy season, rain frequently falls in Cambodia's north, so you can still vacation in Phnom Penh. The rainy season in Phnom Penh is ideal for visiting historic buildings. Visitors can explore a large variety of plants in the capital area. The temples are in an old setting created by the rains, which frequently emerge sporadically throughout the day.

Phnom Penh Weather June Best Time To Visit

June is the best time to visit historical buildings in Phnom Penh

Don't let June disappoint you, though! It might be a hassle to visit Phnom Penh during the rainy season because inclement weather can ruin your holiday, especially if moving is involved. You can still go during the rainy season because not every day has rain, but be sure to check the weather first.

Because of the constant high rainfall throughout the season, the high humidity during this time, up to 90%, is the most noticeable characteristic. It can significantly aid in the growth and development of plants, resulting in a stunning landscape.

As a result, even if it is not the best time to visit Phnom Penh, you will be able to enjoy the country's incredible and vivid landscapes. You can visit Phnom Penh without worrying if you have no interest in outdoor activities, especially if you want to learn more about the local way of life.


How is the Phnom Penh weather in June?

Overview of Phnom Penh weather June                     

With an average temperature of 29°C, Phnom Penh weather does not have very high temperatures. The temperature ranges from 26°C to 33°C at its coldest point. About 171.6 mm of rain fell, about a day's worth of rain and high humidity (90%). You can become a little monotonous amid the muggy and persistent rain. Therefore, compared to other months, June weather is rigorous when going outside without water protection. Anyone who fears rain will have a terrible time in June in Cambodia.


Sunny hours per day



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

26°C - 33°C




28 days



Phnom Penh Weather June


Pros & Cons


  • Positive budget

When the low season begins and fewer visitors, restaurants offer discounts. Go for it, and you may eat without breaking the bank because the cost is one of the primary factors influencing your choice of restaurant.

  • Time-saving

The low season allows you to take your time, reflected in the pace of special guided tours. Tour guides take smaller groups so they may address queries in greater detail and spend more time at certain monuments.


  • Inaccessible locations

The management board will automatically close if specific tourist locations are too empty. As a result, you should acquire all the necessary information to avoid dealing with the problem of disappointment.

  • Bad weather

If you visit Phnom Penh in June, you will have to deal with rain. Phnom Penh weather in June is unpredictable, so be ready for all cases! But if you use the advice listed below, it's no longer a problem.


Tips for traveling to Phnom Penh in June

  • Be adaptable

Visitors should use public transportation instead of self-driving as they usually do for trips with various transportation options to protect their safety. The risks of self-driving in the rain are numerous.

Visitors should thoroughly inspect the automobile before leaving if it's hard to find a new vehicle and bring a repair kit in case anything goes wrong. Please always remember to follow the road rules while it's raining, and go a little slower to keep your vision under control.

  • Don't dry items in front of a light

Your goods may unintentionally become damaged when dried under lights. To dry damp clothes, use a fan or hairdryer instead. If it's a shirt, thoroughly wash it before rolling it up in a dry hotel towel to absorb the water.

If you are too lazy to do such things above, why don't you get assistance from a hotel room cleaning service? 

  • Take care of the rain

Please don't be concerned if you find yourself alone in the rain. The best action is to seek shelter and calmly contact the authorities to request safety instructions.

  • Pick up some essential attire

When traveling during the rainy season, guests risk becoming soaked. Therefore, avoid wearing heavy knit tops or pants; instead, choose light clothing, such as tank tops. It will be a disaster if you get wet while wearing tight clothing. Additionally, it takes a long time to dry, itches, and becomes red. Visitors should also pack lightweight, quick-drying clothing for ease of mobility.


Many organizations have focused more on off-season products after mainly being active in high-season tourism. And you, who enjoy traveling, have the chance!

When you wish to enjoy a peaceful vacation after spending a lot of time working, you must pay expenses. The last issue is figuring out how to create a travel plan that is both rewarding and affordable without being overly pricey. If you have a Phnom Penh tour in June, it is entirely resolved!

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