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Phuket Taxi: Must-know Informations Guide

November 25, 2020 - 1847 views

Travel by taxi in Phuket is complicated. We will give you all the information you must know about Phuket taxis when traveling in Phuket so that you can have a safe and fun island paradise travel experience.

Thinking about the most beautiful islands and beaches in Southeast Asia for a trip, you cannot miss Phuket Island, Thailand. Phuket Island with incredible blue beaches, rich nature and dozens of luxurious resorts are the best places for you to spend a short summer vacation. If you are going to take a trip to Phuket, you must know the information about taxis in Phuket.

1. Why should you choose a taxi to travel in Phuket?

This is the most popular way that everyone chooses because traveling by taxi is simple and comfortable. After a long journey with loads of luggage, you don't have the strength to negotiate or transfer all kinds of stations, but just want to climb a smooth taxi to take you into the city center. From Phuket International Airport, it takes about 30-45 minutes by taxi depending on the area you go to. The fare for the 45-minute section will be about 800 baht (600,000 VND). If you go to more remote areas in the south of the island, the fare will be quite expensive. Note that taxis in Phuket are often seen in red and yellow. Travel by taxi is fine as long as you can. However, because the section from the airport to the center of Phuket is a quiet car, so the taxi fare is expensive but not everyone is accepted.

Fun travel by Phuket Taxi

Fun travel by Phuket Taxi

2. Metered taxis in Phuket

In Phuket, you need to be careful with mafia taxis with expensive cars with insurance. The best way is to catch a metered taxi from the airport (the easiest place to find them) as soon as you land. Metered taxi counters are located outside of domestic and international terminals at Phuket airport. The Phuket airport meter taxis have limited luggage storage space. If you have large and bulky luggage and more than 2 passengers, consider a limousine or minibus transfer. When exiting the airport, the metered taxi is located about 50 meters to the right. Transportation costs are both 50B for the first 2km, 12B for the next 15km, and 10B for each subsequent kilometer, plus an amount of 100B for the airport tax. The taxi fee will not exceed 700B to anywhere on the island from the airport.

 Phuket taxis

Phuket taxis are typically yellow and red

The Uber taxi booking application is available in Phuket. It opens you up to more reputable transport options, even though the prices aren't lower.


3. Note when taking a taxi in Phuket

There are honest drivers but should also negotiate the price before getting in a taxi. Visitors should also bring change because many drivers sometimes do not change money because they say there is no change, whether or not. Also never argue or openly oppose a taxi driver, there is some news about their use of force on tourists. If you find that loud noise is imminent, you should pay the required amount but record the number plate and report it to the tourist police.

 Phuket taxis

Having fun traveling on a taxi from Phuket international airport

Hopefully, the information you need to know about Phuket taxis will be useful for you when traveling in Phuket. If you are looking for a private transfer, don't forget to contact a travel agent or book a Phuket Tour. Let's enjoy your Phuket vacation!

Jenny Tran

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