Phuket Weather in April: Songkran Festival and Similan Islands

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Choosing a good time to visit Phuket will make your trip more enjoyable and meaningful. If you want to immerse yourself in traditional Thailand in a cultural atmosphere, you can choose to visit Phuket in April.

Phuket has always been an attractive place for visitors from all over the world, thanks to its beautiful 4-season scenery. It is also a tourist paradise in Thailand, where you can unleash soaring under the clear blue water and picturesque white beaches. However, many tourists are concerned about visiting Phuket each time of the year. So let us give you a suggestion: Phuket weather in April is quite ideal for you to experience the most typical cultural holidays here.

Characteristics of Phuket weather in April

April weather is described as exceptionally sultry heat, sometimes diluted with torrential rains, which occurs mostly in the evening and at night. Phuket temperature in April has an average of nearly 30 degrees Celsius in the daytime, and the heat can sometimes feel like it is 40 degrees.

The rainy season begins. At the beginning of April, rain is still rare, but the weather has become more cloudy. In the end, there should be downpours that do not last for too long throughout the day. The humidity level of 80% might make travelers feel uncomfortable at times.

Still, after the rain, you are rewarded with pleasantly cool weather, ideal for exploring the attractions and going to markets or cafes. In such weather, especially enjoyable when touring the city, you will not be tormented by the heat and heat. At this time, the scenery in Phuket is beautiful, and if you like watching the sea, this is an ideal time for beach fun.

Phuket weather in April

What to expect in Phuket in April

April is the month when the high season ends, except for the duration of Songkran, which brings in a lot of domestic and international visitors.

Songkran Water Festival

Songkran Water Festival is among the biggest and most celebrated festivals of the year in Thailand. The festival is organized to celebrate the beginning of the Thai new year. During the festival, everyone on the streets happily splashes water on each other with the desire to bless and send good luck for the incoming year.

Songkran water festival

It is almost impossible to escape from the water celebration during April. Source: The Thaiger

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Similan Islands

Also, the main attraction in Phuket is Thailand's Similan Islands. The Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea are famous for their incredible scenery, crystal clear water, delicate white sand, and exotic animals. Book a tour with us and see the beauty for yourself on a relaxing holiday! Phuket weather in April allows you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Similan Islands

The exceptionally scenic Similan Islands is a great destination in Phuket in April. Source: Sunrise Divers

The Similan Islands National Marine Park closes down officially on May 1st, so April is the last month before monsoon season that you can see Similan.

Moreover, Thai cuisine in the summer is also rich with many fruits such as durian and mango. You can freely enjoy the fruits in this golden temple country, as they are especially tasty and abundant at this time of the year.

Travel tips in Phuket in April

  • Many people fly to Phuket specifically to join in the Songkran celebration, which means you should book flights and hotels early.
  • During Songkran, even if you are not actively participating in the event, be mindful when going out on the streets as the traffic might be more dangerous than usual.

To sum up, if you want an eventful trip to Phuket, consider visiting in April. You will have a fun-filled experience with taking part in the festivals.

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