Phuket Weather in December: Temperature & Best Activities

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December is a great time to visit Thailand for lively holiday celebrations and a variety of end-of-year activities. This article will give insight into Phuket weather in December, and tourists will find out why this is the best time of the year to visit Phuket.

Characteristics of Phuket weather in December

For many tourists, this is finally the time to hit the beaches in Phuket. The sea temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, and the sea condition is calm, suitable for water activities. Phuket sees an average of 8 hours of sunshine every day.

The change in the weather is apparent as Phuket feels noticeably less humid, with a humidity level at 75-80% due to a decrease in rainfall. The rainy season should be over by December, and if rain does fall, it will usually be short and relatively light showers.

Though tourists can visit Phuket at any time of the year and enjoy a variety of season-appropriate activities, Phuket weather in December perfectly allows an enjoyable, hassle-free holiday of exploring the outdoors.

A cool breeze blows in from the sea, making the weather more pleasant than October and November. In December, fog can occur but does not last more than three days.

phuket weather in December

What to expect in Phuket in December

Phuket in December is the peak tourist season. The beach is full of vacationers. Cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs are open. The splendid nature of Phuket fascinates with the rich colors. Finally, the weather is stable, allowing you to explore Phuket without any obstacles. This month promises travelers an unforgettable experience.

Christmas Day

Although a predominantly Buddhist country, Thailand still celebrates Christmas, at least in a commercial sense. In touristic parts of Phuket, you could catch the colorful Christmas decorations towards the second half of the month. Many hotels and resorts host Christmas dinners with live performances, which will be an unmatched experience compared to your home country. In the daytime, you can soak in the sun and spend a relaxing Christmas Day without snow in one of the serene beaches. Additionally, why not consider joining a Christmas party with other foreigners in Bangla Road?

Karon Beach

Celebrating Christmas on a beach does not seem like a bad idea if you get to enjoy Phuket's tranquil beauty. Karon Beach is a destination that visitors should consider. Source: Salparadis / Shutterstock

Shopping sprees

Both domestic and international visitors love shopping in Phuket and Thailand. There are shopping opportunities at any time of the year, with a vast selection of local products — from cosmetics, home goods to antique collectibles. You can shop in one of many Phuket's shopping complexes or visit the street markets in the evening, which will be filled with people. Phuket Sunday Street Market is a must-see attraction spot when coming to Phuket, and you will return home with gifts at reasonable prices when shopping here.

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Travel tips for Phuket in December

  • Phuket's nightlife scene in December is incredible if you like going out in the evening
  • The roads can be congested at times, but that will not take the fun away from your vacation.

Most people specifically plan a December vacation to go to Phuket. If you need any assistance regarding flight tickets, tour packages, and booking accommodation, feel free to contact BestPrice Travel.

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