Rainy Season in Cambodia: Perfect Guide for Traveling in Monsoon

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Are you planning to visit Cambodia? If yes, let's explore some essential picks to enjoy the many wonders of the land of smiles! Before deciding what to do and how to move, please see the weather guide below on Cambodia raining season!

About the rainy season in Cambodia

Cambodia raining season (May to October) will not become a problem for the trip if you are well equipped. At this time, the temples and other tourist attractions are quieter when you can take advantage of many of the biggest promotions of the year.

The constant rain in July will cause flooding in some areas of Cambodia, and the temperature will begin to drop by an average of 27°C. Some unspoiled outer temples attract more backpacking tourists because the time coincides with the Asian summer vacation.

Raining Season In Cambodia

Raining season in Cambodia

At the end of the annual monsoon, the rain drops; the Cambodia weather is more pleasant and comfortable. It's the best time to explore the temples and admire the green landscape, making October the most exciting time to visit Cambodia. If you are interested in Buddhist beliefs, the most important Buddhist festival is not to be missed, which takes place this month for 15 days.

Why visit Cambodia during the monsoon season?

  • Beautiful landscapes

Cambodia rainy season has a romantic beauty with roads full of yellow Rumdul - the national flower. Along the hillsides, flowers bloom in yellow, attracting visitors to stop and take a photo to save beautiful moments. It's entirely true with the natural tourist attractions. Every landscape is covered with a nostalgic color, fully showing the ancient charm.

After the rain, you will be surprised by the charisma of the land. The bright sunlight shines brightly on the tree arches and the green lawns. The sky is clear, deep, and vast. Birds dance on the branches of starfruit trees, chirping happily as if they are welcoming the sky and earth to change color.

Raining Season In Cambodia Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful rainy season in Cambodia

  • Fewer tourists

This is a rare time to enjoy everything that is not too noisy and bustling. You won't have to rush to buy tickets or wait in line to take photos anymore. Worrying about running out of rooms is nonsense!

  • Angkor Wat empties

Angkor Wat temple discovery must be the highlight of a Cambodia trip. This province will welcome the rainy season from July to October. That is also when the area has the fewest tourists as everyone is lest of rain. It is challenging to go out with no idea where to check in and no chance to participate in outdoor activities.

However, you can experience the cold feeling on the days when this city is rainy. In the pine forests, the fog covered the way, making the space more magical and mysterious. The daytime air is fresher thanks to sudden downpours, and the pleasant weather in the evening creates favorable conditions to explore other attractions.

Raining Season In Cambodia Angkor Wat Empties

Angkor Wat in raining season

  • Plenty of things to do

Locals have to use boats and boats to move in deep flooded places. In the eyes of many tourists, this is a strange, even exciting experience of the best things to do in Cambodia. Only when they witness and experience these things can they deeply understand the hardships of people living in areas frequently affected by natural disasters.

In addition, you can also find yourself at a tea shop to sip a cup of hot tea, watch the rainfall, and enjoy a different trip for yourself. The ideal places to enjoy tea are hotels and coffee shops located along the banks. Let yourself order a little cake is also a lovely trial when coming to Cambodia on a rainy day.

  • Budget-saving cost

Obviously, in this low tourist season, guests always enjoy special incentives from travel businesses such as saving a lot of time, lower prices than announced, and more assistance from the professional team staff. Room rates at standard hotels are always lower from 30% to 50% than the retail price if contacted directly.

The hotels will offer promotions to reduce room rates, complimentary spa services, and preferential prices for catering services - gym - laundry to attract customers. In addition, hotels will reduce conference room rates and provide all-inclusive services, prioritizing the depth of program content.

Things to do in Cambodia during the rainy season

  • Visit the floating village

The first experience that you should not miss is sitting on a boat to admire the floating village of Kompong Phluk to see the peaceful lake surface, feel the cool breeze and watch the local activities in the most rustic way.

Kampong Phluk stands out for its spectacular tall houses built on wooden stilts. Why do the locals make that kind of house? Because Tonle Sap lake water level can reach up to 14 m during the rainy season resulting in flooding of large parts of nearby villages. Cambodia's villages and hamlets are the highlights of extremely realistic landscapes and ghost-generating atmospheres. 

If you want to see the vast green mangrove forests, then rent a boat to go along the lake and walk around the mangrove forest! This mangrove forest surrounding the floating villages looks so beautiful and charming! You will have a relaxing time in the middle of a peaceful and beautiful natural place, sitting on a boat in the middle of the beautiful lake.

You can rest at the house of the indigenous people in the river and have the opportunity to learn about their life with a unique culture. Some skills you can learn are local cooking and playing traditional instruments.

  • Attend the Water Festival

The Water Festival will take place annually from April 13th to 15th of the lunar calendar. Especially in tourist cities, the festival can last up to 7 - 10 days. People will dress beautifully and go to the temple early in the morning. There are also many special rituals, such as bathing Buddha statues on this day. This is also when the water festival officially begins. Besides water, some people also use colored powder to throw at each other.

In addition, colorful street art performances will make you unable to leave this place. A small note is that there are large moats for you to freely splash, so don't forget to visit these places when traveling to Cambodia in April.

Raining Season In Cambodia Water Festival

Water Festival in Cambodia

  • Learn art & craft culture

The Khmer in Cambodia inherits an invaluable cultural heritage, with many unique art forms, such as parachute drama, sculpture, decoration, painting, and folklore. Traveling to the traditional craft villages, you will admire countless unique and sophisticated products with their very own beauty.

One of the most must-do activities, when the raining season in Cambodia comes, is learning the Rom Vong dance. It is also known as community dance with a simple form. The dance is associated with ethnic culture, is a vital art and close to the cultural life of the Khmer people, and has a community character that reflects the reality of life.

Another thing for you is Rohash-a type of court dance of the ancient Khmer people. Rohash stage uses the body language in dances to re-enact legends, and is an artistic combination of costumes, musical instruments, old scripts, and stage staging. These stories come from myths, legends, and histories of the Brahmins of the ancient Khmers.

  • Appreciate the gorgeous landscapes

Rain can make photography difficult, but sometimes, downpours can be a blessing to help you capture great moments. When it rains, water vapor condenses, and steamy windows make for picture-perfect photos, turning everyday scenes into dreamlike scenes. On rainy days, you look for these moments in shop windows or bus stops.

It will be highly romantic when you take an umbrella in the rain and hold your loved one's hand for a walk in the pouring shower. It will be memorable when any corridor or bridge has a roof where visitors can stop to shelter from the rain, watching each raindrop on the porch fall.

Raining Season In Cambodia Visit Angkor

Captivating Angkor temple in the rain

Tips to travel to Cambodia in the monsoon season

Things to prepare

  • Waterproof backpack

The biggest problem with standard backpacks is that the things you carry will get wet when it rains. However, with waterproof bags, you will not need to worry because the gear contents are protected by a waterproof film, no matter how much rain does not affect your belongings.

Waterproof backpacks will usually have a moderate size with enough area to hold the necessary items. It helps the user move flexibly and comfortably thanks to ultimate support in many activities.

  • Raincoat

Cambodia raining season is quite erratic, making it difficult to travel. To avoid getting wet and keep yourself from getting cold, you should bring a raincoat every time you go out. Under heavy rains, a raincoat is the most suitable protection.

  • Slippers

Please remember to bring a pair of slippers in case other shoes get wet. In addition, you need to prepare canvas shoes for easy walking and ignore high heels. On stormy days, it's best to choose non-slip shoes for safety to keep your feet from getting wet in the rain. 

Raining Season In Cambodia Packing List

Prepare the essentials to avoid sudden rain during Cambodia monsoon season

  • Umbrella

A double or triple umbrella is not the wrong choice for short travel. If the number of people is from 2 to 3 people or you need to walk long distances, you should choose a straight umbrella with a large diameter to better cover yourself from the rain.

  • Contact lenses

Rain is always an obsession for people with poor eyesight. The feeling of wearing glasses in the rain is terrible, and you even have to accept slow crawling with poor eyes than seeing everything blurred with a glass full of water. Always carry your contact lenses with you to ensure you are sure of your eyesight when participating in traffic on the road.

Booking tips

  • Register for a booking account

Please register for an account before entering the reservation. When you have an account with complete information, you will save a lot of time and effort in terms of payment. 

  • Hunt for a budget price

It is advisable to stick with some booking sites to make price comparisons between them. The rainy season in Cambodia is the best time to hunt for special offers at reasonable prices for your trip. Please refer to the best deals on bestpricetravel.com to save your travel cost.

Cambodia tour suggestions

The blend of modernity and antiquity gathers in this tour. The capital of the ancient Khmer empire still carries many mysterious and ancient features of one of the most glorious civilizations. Siem Reap owns many remarkable attractions, such as the Angkor National Museum or Wat Bo Temple - a mixture of French architecture and Thai-influenced Buddhist details.

Raining Season In Cambodia Siem Reap

Siem Reap after the rain (Credit: In Memoriam Ngaire Hart)

On the other hand, Phnom Penh is a noisy city with modern features only found in the Mekong Delta. Cambodia's royal palace is one of the destinations that you shouldn't pass over. This place is a complex of buildings - the residence of the Kings and royal families in Cambodia. It is also the site where Cambodian ceremonies and diplomatic meetings take place.

Raining Season In Cambodia Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh in the monsoon

Except for the modern and brilliant capital Phnom Penh or the mysterious Siem Reap with the color of historical ruins, Cambodia also owns the city of Sihanoukville- a characteristic coastal land. This place is suitable for a night of windy camping and cozying up in thick blankets by the firelight.

Don't let go of a chance to blow away fireworks and sky lanterns. It is a gentle and romantic pleasure that is not difficult to find along the coastlines of Sihanoukville. You can buy fireworks for $1 or drop sky lanterns for $5. Quite reasonable, right? 

If you are planning to discover the Angkor land, BestTravel Price assures you that the Cambodians will be conquered again and travel in Monsoon! It's high time to revel in the very present magic of the Khmer countryside, buddies!

Let's make a plan for Cambodia Tours & Holiday Packages during the monsoon season to get the best offers!

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