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Cambodia Weather in August: Temperatures & Travel Tips

February 26, 2024 - 106 views

Many people think that traveling during the rainy season especially in Southeast Asia countries like Cambodia should not be because it is a waste of time and money. However, we cannot predict how the weather will change. Let BestPrice Travel show you what it would be when traveling under the weather Cambodia August.

Is August the best time to visit Cambodia?

August has seen a drop in temperature, making the Cambodia weather more pleasant because rain usually lasts a few hours. It's the best time for you to visit Tonle Sap in its lush flora. Those who love to explore the wilderness will be excited to dive into nature.

August is in the rainy season; thus, you can pick up a lake tour instead of a beach vacation. Once tourists visit, they will be surprised to see a giant python wrapped around people on several boats. Perhaps it is the most exciting and impressive thing about the tour in Tonle Sap. The ship will take you to see the surrounding scenery. Don't forget to enjoy a cool coconut right on the boat and pass through the fruit-selling vessels.

Cambodia Weather August Boat Tour

Cambodia Boat Tour in August

Nothing could be more wonderful than sitting on a sightseeing boat on the Lake of Cambodia, enjoying the cool breezes and discovering the scene of daily life. And don't forget to enjoy the famous delicious dried snakehead fish and other unique dishes made from fish at the lake!

Besides, many temples with architectural styles of Angkor and Buddhism in Battambang are also must-see destinations. To explore this city thoroughly, you should travel by bicycle or foot. You will quickly come across many statues of animals and gods, showing the beauty of Khmer culture.

Another site of the August voyage is Kratie, a small town located on the banks of the Mekong River. As expected, the city possesses the pristine, ancient and mysterious beauty of buildings with bold French architecture. Although Kratie is not a prominent tourist destination in Cambodia, many tourists choose this place as a stopover because of its beauty. You can not only admire the ancient architecture but also see the rare Irrawaddy dolphins found only in the Mekong River.

Cambodia Weather August Kratie

Visit Kratie in August

Although it rains mostly all day, the weather Cambodia August is lovely enough for you to have a fun time.

How is the Cambodia weather in August?

Overview of Cambodia's weather August

August In Phnom Penh balances cloud cover, with the percentage of the time that the sky is cloudy or cloudy in places remaining around 91% throughout the month. Daily lows of approximately 26°C, rarely falling below 25°C or exceeding 32°C. The 31-day precipitation throughout August remains about 259.4 millimeters. When you travel to Cambodia in August, you can expect chronic rain and thunderstorm; thus, most days in August are rainy. The length of sunny hours does not change significantly over the year, remaining within 6 hours.

The weather in Cambodia in August is so lovely as every climate criteria are primarily stable.

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours


Sunny hours per day



Rainy days

Chance of rain

25°C - 32°C

 6 hours


259.4 mm

14 days



Pros & Cons


  • Pleasant climate

For young customers, the rainy season is a time of many experiences to conquer their challenges. Therefore, tours to explore forests and mountains are still considered quite suitable, especially tours of tropical forests and lakes.

  • Affordable budget

There is no wonder that the prices in August are lower than those of others.


  • Health problem

After all day long in raindrops, some people may catch a cold. Thus, you still have to bring warm clothes and cold medicine to prevent abnormal fever due to body changes under the influence of the weather. In addition, cotton bandages are also indispensable in your luggage.

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in August

  • If you do not know how to swim, you should not boat alone. In a group, there should be someone who can swim. Before setting foot on the boat, the first thing is to put on a life jacket. Hence, many famous tourist attractions, such as Siem Reap floating market, require tourists to wear a life jacket before boarding the boat to visit.
  • Moreover, it would be best if you prepared raincoats and umbrellas. Regarding luggage, you should prepare light baggage for easy movement.
  • When sailing on the river, you should also take care of electronic devices to prevent damage from falling into the water.
  • River and garden tourism is very developed and loved. However, there are often many mosquitoes and insects here, so visitors should wear long-sleeved clothes and equip with insect spray.

Life goes on in a hurry every day, and we are still engrossed in our work. But take the time to slow down and enjoy life's simple, peaceful moments, which you will find when taking a holiday to Cambodia in the rainy season. Romantic scenes and rustic meals are what the country brings to visitors on a rainy day in August.

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