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Cambodia Weather in September: Temperatures & Travel Tips

July 11, 2022 - 189 views

Among the many tourist attractions worldwide, Cambodia is a destination not to be missed. If you have the opportunity to set foot in the land, please keep in mind the information about the weather Cambodia September that we share below.

Is September the best time to visit Cambodia?

September is the rainy season in Cambodia. The rainy season can make it difficult to tour since you have to bring along umbrellas and other waterproof items. However, it brings out the rare and colorful beauty of the landscapes as they are reflected in the surrounding lakes. The tropical forest and the green rice fields are things you can't turn back on!

The moment when flooded fields appear is the right time for you to explore the countryside in Cambodia. It will be very suitable if you take a trip to Tonle Sap lake, visit villages and mangroves.

Cambodia Weather September Tonle Sap Lake

Cambodia Tonle Sap Lake

Visitors can go camping in the shady garden, take a boat ride along the river to see many white storks, and enjoy the fresh air. Besides, you can go fishing, visit the nearby crocodile farm, enjoy a fresh meal and rest in the hammock. For tourists who do not have enough time to travel far from the city center, having a good time in the water park is a choice on hot days.

How is the Cambodia weather in September?

Overview of Cambodia's climate in September

September weather is considered to have a relatively high level in both temperature and humidity. The average temperature is 28,3°C (74.9°F), with the lowest temperature falling to 23°C and the highest temperature can reach 33°C with a relative humidity of 85%; there are 12 rainy days in a month with a rainfall of 225mm. 

Although the temperature is relatively high, the sudden downpour, which usually lasts only a few minutes, makes the atmosphere more extraordinary and refreshing. The cool weather at night is ideal for visitors to immerse themselves in the shimmering beauty and enjoy a wonderful dinner on the calm river bank. 

Most half of the month is rainy. Thus, it can cause floods, so umbrellas and raincoats are always your companions. However, the other is filled with sunshine, and tourists still have the opportunity to participate in exciting festivals and other outdoor activities.

Therefore, the month is considered one of the good months to plan a tour of Cambodia.

Average temperature, humidity, rainfall, rainy days, sunny hours

If you feel unsure, please follow the weather Cambodia September overview.


Sunny hours per day



Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 

32°C - 25°C 

6 days



15 days



Pros & Cons


  • Maximum cost savings

As September doesn't belong to the tourist peak season, service prices are more reasonable. Travel agencies, hotels, and transportation companies have launched many promotions to stimulate demand.

  • Easiness to book service

Bad weather means fewer visitors. This helps you avoid jostling with crowds. When there aren't many tourists, you don't have to worry about running out of slots. Even if you don't need to book anything in advance, you can easily book a motel or hotel when you arrive. Of course, you should pin some addresses in mind to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Most entire exploration of the destination

It allows the guests to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere where not crowded with many people. The chance to admire the true face of the destination is obvious. No color, no pomp, natural beauty as inherent is the vibe you can see! Not afraid of being self-conscious when taking a photo with hundreds of eyes looking at you, you can freely take it slow and pose, even doing crazy shots.


Dangers such as strong gusts of wind can cause big waves and high winds are apparent. Therefore, you should not climb mountains or camp overnight outside.


Tips for traveling to Cambodia in September

Watch out for the weather

Before each trip, remember to check the Cambodia weather forecast to plan in choosing destinations and activities and calculate the scheduled time accordingly. It helps you prepare mentally; even consider canceling tickets and changing schedules to ensure safety.

You should avoid going to the beach and climbing mountains on stormy days. The weather is erratic, and sometimes difficult to predict. If you come to the sea on a rainy day, it is forbidden to swim in the ocean. Climbing on a rainy day is also very dangerous because the road is slippery and often encounters many uncertainties such as landslides and rock slides.

If you choose to ride a motorbike but encounter rain, avoid going in the dark, you can stay in the morning to continue. Or you need to go urgently; you should rent a bus to ensure safety. Bad situations such as lightning strikes, fallen trees, and flash floods can be life-threatening if too subjective.

Prepare yourself neatly

  • It's necessary to bring along a waterproof backpack or a nylon cover for the pack; if it rains, make sure the furniture is always dry, limiting water absorption.
  • Clothes and items are always wrapped in a thick and large plastic bag; even if you put them in a backpack, the clothes will still dry in case the gear gets wet.
  • Raincoat sets are inseparable objects. It is recommended to wear a raincoat to make it easy to move, not entangled, and help your body and feet not get wet.
  • Do not forget to prepare a personal medicine bag if you catch a cold or stick in an unexpected accident in a strange place.

Typically, people will avoid traveling to Southeast Asian countries in the rainy season. No one wants to have the sudden rains or storms that come and ruin their sightseeing plans. Thus, the actions to choose a time that suits your individual needs, preview the weather forecast and pay special attention to climate will help you have a reasonable travel schedule.

However, tourism in the rainy season is not necessarily a complete disadvantage. The weather in September has its distinctive features and beauty. Come and join our Cambodia Tours & Holiday Packages to get full of experience in the Angkor land. BestPrice Travel hopes that you will have a fancy trip!

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