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A Guide to the Cambodia Weather

How many seasons does Cambodia have? What is the weather like in Cambodia? What is the best season to travel? Let us answer all the above questions in the article below about Cambodia weather. 

Cambodia weather is greatly affected by the tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, it is rather hot and humid here. In particular, the average temperature falls between 27 and 30°C. Tropical rains are not rare. 

Generally, Cambodia experiences two seasons around the year. The rainy season lasts from May to November. Then, the average temperature in Cambodia ranges from 25 to 30°C. The other takes place between December and April. It is called the dry season, which features high temperatures from 27 to 38°C. You can get detailed information about both in the following lines. 

  • Dry season 

In Cambodia, there are only two seasons. However, during each, the climate can change from month to month. In the dry season, the temperature in Cambodia can be very high, but it does not feel too hot. At night, it is even cool with the temperature around 18°C. Besides, March - April often has dry southwest winds in the morning and late afternoon.

  • Rainy season 

In contrast, the rainy season in Cambodia experiences a lot of rain. It can account for 80% of the year's rainfall. The rains last from at least a few days to a whole week. The peak rainfall in July and August every year and this time also often has flooded. 

There are almost no real sunny days as it rains continuously. The rainfall accelerates with the appearance of heavy showers. Seashore areas have extremely high humidity. Cambodia weather then seems to be quite unfavorable. However, it is this factor that makes the trees here grow very well. Plants are green and luxuriant, making the scenery even more stunning. 

All in all, Cambodia's weather is hot and humid. In fact, it is quite similar to Southern Vietnam weather as the two countries lie in Indochina. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Cambodia, take the chance to explore Cam - Lao - Viet tours.  

Monthly Weather in Cambodia 

As previously mentioned, Cambodia's weather features only two seasons. However, in each season, it changes from month to month. Getting to know Cambodia weather by month will help you find the best time to spend your vacation. 

January's weather is the driest of the year in Cambodia. The temperature then is about 26°C. It is the perfect time to explore the temples in Siem Reap or relax on the beaches of the south coast. Besides, in Mondulkiri, it is not sunny at all, suitable for outdoor activities. 

At this time, popular tourist attractions such as Angkor Wat and the banks of the Phnom Penh river became more congested than usual. Hotel room prices in Cambodia are also the highest of the year. To avoid the crowds, you can move past the Sihanoukville beach of Kep, skip the sunset at Angkor Wat but enjoy it at Ta Prohm or the riverside town of Kampot.

In February, Cambodia's weather expects fewer rains. The weather is pleasant for long walks around the temples. It is the perfect travel time to comfortably explore every corner of the great ancient temples like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, or the irresistible beauty of nature endowed Tonle Sap.

Coming to Cambodia for Valentine's Day can be a good idea. It is because the celebration has been increasingly welcomed by Cambodians over the past few years. You can find heart-shaped balls, bears Giant stuffed animals, and huge bouquets of flowers dominating the landscape.

The peak tourist season comes during March. The temperature in Cambodia can rise to 30°C. Rains are pretty rare. People usually spend their vacation on beaches, joining in outdoor activities. Another suggestion is to spend a lazy weekend on the river on the outskirts of Kampot town. At this time, you should book a hotel in advance to avoid room shortages.

In April, Cambodia weather is quite hot. The temperature can reach 33°C. If you choose to travel this month, it is best to wake up very early in the morning to visit the outdoor tourist spots.

In Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong, it is sunny and beautiful. In April, the Chaul Chnam festival, Cambodia's Lunar New Year will take place. Therefore, you will have more fun and memorable experiences. 

The rainy season comes in May. Also, this is a good opportunity to easily receive more incentives when traveling during this season. Because it rains, the weather will be cooler and less touristy, so it will save your trip a lot of money.

The rains come suddenly in June. However, it will not be a problem for the trip to explore the country, if you are well prepared. Sometime during the day, there is still a glimmer of bright sunlight. At this time, temples and other tourist attractions are quieter. Therefore, you can take advantage of many of the biggest promotions of the year.

  • Cambodia Weather July 

The continuous rain will cause flooding in some areas of Cambodia in July. The temperature will begin to drop by an average of 27°C. Then, some unspoiled outer temples attract more backpacking tourists who love to explore. Many foreign tourists choose to visit Cambodia at this time of year because it coincides with the Asian summer vacation.

  • Cambodia Weather August 

In August, the drop in temperature makes the weather in Cambodia more pleasant. Then, rain lasts only a few hours and takes place in the north of Cambodia. It is the best time for you to see Tonle Sap with its rich and lush flora and fauna, suitable for those who love nature, and passion to explore the wildland.

If you choose to travel to Cambodia at this time, bring along a raincoat or umbrella. It is because the rain can still fall at any time. However, if you forget, don't worry much. Along the way, there will be many stalls selling disposable raincoats for about $1.

  • Cambodia Weather September

September in Cambodia still experiences continuous rain throughout the country. Flooded fields and rising river water is the right time for you to explore the countryside in Cambodia. It will be very suitable if you take a trip to Tonle Sap lake, visit floating villages and mangroves

In October, the rainfall starts to drop and the average temperature is 27°C. Cambodia's weather is more pleasant and comfortable to explore the temples and admire the green landscape, making October the most interesting time to visit the country.  

During the month, the most important Buddhist festival of Pchum Ben in Cambodia is not to be missed, which takes place this month for 15 days.

This is the time when people flock to visit Cambodia, because of the wonderful weather, and low temperature of about 25°C. This is the perfect weather to explore the blue Tonle Sap Lake and Bon Om Touk water festival. Equally attractive, it always attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to have fun this month. During the peak season, hotel prices will be more expensive than on weekdays.

As the last month of the year, December is when tourists relax, celebrate Christmas, and prepare for an exciting new year. This is also the peak month, so you should book your hotel in advance.

Best Weather to Visit Cambodia

What is the most beautiful season in Cambodia? What to do during then? It depends on each demand and preference. Your trip can include participating in famous ancient temples, unique festivals in Cambodia, discovering food, swimming in the sea, or playing outdoors on the islands.

Usually, the most favorable weather is in the dry season, between November and April. Cambodia's weather this time is very little rain, the sky is clear, and it is also the peak tourist season here.

Besides, the weather in Koh Rong Samloem, Koh Rong, Sihanoukville, and Kampot from mid-late November to May is very nice to enjoy Cambodia cruises at sea. The remaining months often experience a lot of rain. However, it is suitable to visit the quiet and mysterious temples in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. In Tonle Sap, late summer weather is the highlight of nature. Therefore, you can come to Tonle Sap in May. 

Generally, there are good things that you should explore in Cambodia every month. Therefore, according to what you want to do during your vacation, you can choose the most suitable time. 

Besides, Cambodia has a lot of temples and dignified places for indigenous people. Please note that formal, polite and discreet clothes are required when you visit these places. During then, you will have to move a lot between tourist attractions, so prepare yourself a pair of sports shoes, soft soles or sandals.

Hope that we can give you useful information about Cambodia's weather. If you have any questions, please go to Bestprice Travel for detailed answers. Besides, we are providing the best travel guide for those planning to choose the best time to visit Cambodia. Let’s check it out!