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Cambodia Weather in December: Temperatures & Travel Tips

June 11, 2022 - 449 views

Cambodia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country with diverse landscapes from stunning coasts to vast countryside and ancient cities. When reaching december, the country's weather becomes dry, sunny and warm, marking the start of the high season. This makes the weather Cambodia December an ideal time for sightseeing, exploring, and relaxing on the beach.

Is December the best time to visit Cambodia? 

The best time to visit Cambodia is during the dry season, from November to April, which is cool and windy, suitable for a Cambodian tour. Especially in Koh Rong, Sihanoukville, and Kampot, the weather is perfect for any activities. 

December is among those peak months. During then, you will experience favorable weather with slight sunshine and less rain. The average temperature in December ranges from 16°C to 29°C which makes it the fitting time for traveling, sightseeing, and joining traditional festivals. 

Besides, many families choose to come to Cambodia this time to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays. Therefore, December is always highly suggested for a Cambodian trip. 

Weather Cambodia December New Year Festival

New Year Festival in Cambodia


How is the Cambodia weather in December?

December is still the beginning of the dry season when cool and dry Northeast winds come to ease the heat, making it more comfortable. The Cambodia weather then alters slightly from the North to the South of Cambodia. 

Overview of Cambodia's weather in December 

In the North, it is extremely pleasant with cool wind and light sunshine, making many tourists want to immerse themselves and enjoy the scenery. During this time, you can get to see the bold architecture of Cambodia. 

Weather Cambodia December In The North

The weather of Cambodia in The North

In fact, it is a great time to visit Banlung - the capital of Ratanakiri known to be a wasteland, inhabited by ethnic minorities. This city features beautiful majestic scenery along with Wat Rahtanharahm temple, Yeak Laom volcanic lake, etc. Besides, you can get to Phnom Penh - the capital of Cambodia with many famous landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Wat Phnom, Museum of Cambodia country, Stadium, etc.

Meanwhile, the December weather in Southern Cambodia is a bit hotter. As the area is quite close to the equator, its climate does not change severely throughout the year. If you are a sea lover and enjoy the freshness of Cambodia's beaches, surely Southern Cambodia is a great destination for you at the end of a year. Visitors can get here to swim in the blue ocean water comfortably and freely or just to enjoy the year-end holiday.

Weather Cambodia December In The South

The weather of Cambodia in The South

Southern Cambodia beaches that you can get to explore are Koh Rong, Koh Rong Salem, and Sihanouk. You can bask in the sunshine and swim in the warm sea waters along Sihanoukville coastlines which is also the entry point to the offshore islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem. With dry long days and beautifully warm temperatures, these islands are perfect for water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling, or scuba-diving, as well as parties from sunrise to sunset. 

If the crowd is not your thing, swap SihanoukVille and party islands for the laid-back Kep’s beaches, or head to the tranquil riverside town of Kampot. You can travel with your family to enjoy a warm Christmas together. It will be an interesting experience. 

Average temperature, humidity, rainfalls, rainy days, sunny hours

Temperature Humidity Rainfalls Rainy days Sunny hours

22°C - 30°C


17.7 mm

2 days

8 hours 

If you visit Cambodia this month, make sure you’re careful in the strong sun by seeking shade, applying sun cream regularly, and drinking plenty of water.

Pros & Cons


  • It is comfortably warm, so you will feel relaxed
  • Rains are quite rare, so you can take part in outdoor activities 
  • As it is the end of the year, there are many festivals in Cambodia


  • Random rains can come anytime
  • The humidity is quite high, which is sometimes uncomfortable
  • 7.8 hours of sunshine can get you to heat exhaustion

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in December

  • You should book all the services early in advance because December is quite a busy time for tourism. Book a hotel near sightseeing areas, and train stations for convenient transportation if you book all the services separately.
  • When traveling on public transportation, store your luggage carefully and be wary of strangers on the road. It is because it is the peak season. 
  • The weather in Cambodia in December will never disappoint you. If there is anything you need to know about Cambodia or you need help booking any holiday tours to Cambodia, do not hesitate to contact BestPrice Travel for the best support.

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